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Immigration Attorney Charles Kuck Says Apuzzo is Wrong on NBC

This morning our good friend Foggy (Bill Bryan) appeared on the radio program “The Immigration Hour” with Georgia immigration attorney Charles Kuck. The program streams every Tuesday on the America’s Web Radio Network out of Sandy Springs, Georgia. Professor Kuck’s … Continue reading

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Thank You John Woodman

I first heard of John Woodman in the late spring of 2011 when Foggy at the Fogbow forum posted links to a YouTube video authored by someone with the handle “Springfield Computer Guy”.  Almost immediately after the White House released … Continue reading

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Birther Attorney Mario Apuzzo chalks up another loss

Last week New Jersey Attorney Mario Apuzzo kept perfect his record of all losses in Birther cases. RC Radio can confirm that the New Jersey Supreme Court has denied his petition for certification for appeal of the denial of his … Continue reading

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Funk & Wagnalls: President Obama is Eligible

While searching for information on the Wong Kim Ark decision this week and Mario Apuzzo’s convoluted incorrect interpretation of the case I was wondering what contemporary attorneys might have  had to say about the case. I came across an article … Continue reading

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Mario Apuzzo’s Amazing Birther Legal Adventures

I stirred up quite a hornets nest at Mario Apuzzo’s blog by posting an item that the Democratic Party in Tennessee had cited the infamous Kerchner v Obama case in a motion for sanctions against attorney Van Irion and the … Continue reading

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Mario Apuzzo Comments on RC Radio’s Report on the Strunk Hearing and Gets It Wrong Again

Birther Mario Apuzzo left two comments at his blog concerning the report by “Intrepid Reporter” that was published on this blog on Monday. Rather than deal with Mario’s less than friendly comment system with the stupid CAPCHA and no preview … Continue reading

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The Daily Pen: Yes We Lied and Our Blog is Irrelevant

The Daily Pen blog has been caught lying again. At least this time they admitted they lied and conceded that their blog is irrelevant. The astonishing admission came in a comment by Penbrook Johannson, one of the two frequent contributors … Continue reading

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No Pro Hac Vice for You Mario

Just when Mario Apuzzo thought he had found the proper case to get back into the game of creating legal mischief for the Democrats and the President our second or third favorite Birther Attorney had his hopes dashed in Pennsylvania. … Continue reading

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Where’s Scott? – Top Ten Reasons that Scott Erlandson Skipped the Debate on Tuesday Night

As you probably know by now Scott Erlandson was a no show Tuesday night for the Reality Check Radio presidential eligibility debate with Frank Arduini. I was both surprised and disappointed that Scott chose to not even call or email … Continue reading

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A Tardis – Yeah that’s the ticket!

A post by  Nathanael at The Fogbow yesterday hit the nail right on the head: I2ANAL: I thought the contempt dance was a three-step: subpoena-compel-contempt. How can one be found in contempt if there was never an order to be … Continue reading

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