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Probe of leak sought in McInnish case in Alabama

Fingers pointed at Sharon Rondeau, Post & Email One of the attorneys who successfully represented the Democratic Party in Alabama recently has sent a letter to the Alabama Supreme Court to request an investigation into a potential disclosure of confidential … Continue reading

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Past Show Index for Reality Check Radio

Dr. Conspiracy has put together a nifty index of past RC Radio shows dating back to 2010. The lack of a good index to past shows has always been a weakness on the Blog Talk Radio site. Many thanks to … Continue reading

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Fogbow is down. I will post any updates from the Grinols hearing here.

The Fogbow forum crashed just now from too much traffic. I will post any updates I have and we hope to have a full report at 9 PM EST  on RC Radio. I will uypdate this post as necessary. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rcr/2013/01/04/rc-radio–special-report-grinols-v-electoral-collegeContinue reading

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Frank Arduini: “The Annotated Zullo”

My guest last night was Frank Arduini aka “Epectitus” and “Historian Dude” on blogs and forums and a long time nemesis of Birthers everywhere. Frank recently sliced and diced Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo’s so called affidavit that … Continue reading

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Thank You John Woodman

I first heard of John Woodman in the late spring of 2011 when Foggy at the Fogbow forum posted links to a YouTube video authored by someone with the handle “Springfield Computer Guy”.  Almost immediately after the White House released … Continue reading

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Special Show Monday November 5th

Reality Check Radio will air a special election eve show on Monday night at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. My guests will be California attorneys Jay Ritt and Scott Tepper and Mississippi attorney Sam Begley. Mr. Begley and Mr. Tepper … Continue reading

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Collette v Obama Case Dead

The case filed by the gadfly paralegal and author of the “Do it yourself ballot challenge kit” appears to be dead in Pasco County, Florida. As previously reported on RC Radio and here on the blog the case was declared … Continue reading

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Why Jerry Collette is Wrong on Venue and Will Lose Again

Jerry Collette is a Birther from Pasco County Florida who filed a novel lawsuit against President Obama and the State Executive Committee of Florida Democratic Party earlier this year wherein he claims to have been “injured” because he has been … Continue reading

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Jerry Collette on Reality Check Radio 6/19/2012

Jerry Collette, the plaintiff in the Collette v Obama ballot challenge case in Florida, appeared on the show last night. Thanks very much to Jerry for appearing and spending over two hours answering questions about the case. My shows with … Continue reading

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Arthur Goldwag author of “The New Hate – a History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right” will appear on RC Radio

My guest on the Tuesday March 20th Reality Check Radio program will be Arthur Goldwag, author of a several of popular books on conspiracy theories. His latest work, published by Pantheon books, is The New Hate: A History of Fear … Continue reading

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