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Xerox Theory Consistent with Ivan Zatkovich Report

Now that we are certain that the PDF file containing an image of President Obama’s long form birth certificate was produced by first scanning the original on a Xerox WorkCentre then rotating and printing the file to PDF on a … Continue reading

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Thank You John Woodman

I first heard of John Woodman in the late spring of 2011 when Foggy at the Fogbow forum posted links to a YouTube video authored by someone with the handle “Springfield Computer Guy”.  Almost immediately after the White House released … Continue reading

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Did Jerome Corsi Just Admit the Cold Case Posse Created Evidence for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

It would certainly seem so. This might be the funniest Freudian slip of all time! At the 8:00 minute mark of the following YouTube video that WND reporter Jerome Corsi posted earlier this week he made a very interesting remark. … Continue reading

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Jerome Corsi – Ass Ace Reporter

WND Reporter Jerome Corsi Jerome Corsi has published a series of articles on the extreme right wing blog World Net Daily that purport to expose what he deems to be a vast network of paid Obama operatives who congregate at … Continue reading

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