Senator Mae Beavers from Tennessee is clueless about her own "Birther" bill

Sen. Mae Beavers (R) TN

My guest last night was Senator Mae Beavers (R) from the 17th district in Tennessee. She is the chairperson of the Judiciary committee (always one of the most powerful committees in any legislature). It was an eye opening interview. We learned she doesn’t understand what is in her own bill. That would be SB1091, a bill that completely bastardizes the requirements in Article II for the presidency into something that neither Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, anyone born in Tennessee, nor Barack Obama could meet. Of course, we all know it is all about the last name on that list. Never fear however because Ms Beavers told us that it will be all fixed in committee. See, that is what committees do. They fix stupid bills that people like Senator Beavers submit without even reading – at least that is what we hope they do.

Ms Beavers was anxious to talk about her great Health Care bill but thanks to caller Mike repeating his Birther BS over and over she decided she had to leave. Never fear, however, caller Georgetown JD gave her health care POS a quick read and it is unconstitutional too! Thank doG I don’t live in Tennessee and have someone like Mae Beavers trying to fix imaginary problems for me.

You can download the show here.

[Update 3/1 – Removed the silly video and added a new post with transcript of the interview.]

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13 Responses to Senator Mae Beavers from Tennessee is clueless about her own "Birther" bill

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why don't you invite Ms. Beavers to come back? I am willing to take her at her word when she said that she understood that the show was going to be about the Health Care bill.It seems to me that now that she's been given a couple of heads-ups about the implications of the bill she submitted, she may be in a better position to defend it, or she may be able to explain how she thinks it ought to be changed in committee.She came off sounding terribly ignorant about her own bill, and I would like to see her have another chance, one for which she would hopefully be much better prepared.

  2. AnonymousThanks for the suggestion. I would love to have Sen. Beavers on again. If she only wishes to discuss her health care bill I would abide by that request. I was about to cut off the discussion on eligibility when she apparently had to go. There is a fine line between letting callers have their say and keeping the show moving along. I tend to err on the side of giving the callers lots of time.

  3. Mary Adams says:

    All I can say is I wish I lived in a smaller state where I'd have a chance to get a cushy job like Ms. Beavers'.Great pay and bennies and you don't have to have a clue about what you're doing!Sooooooo different from a job like say, nursing, where you run your ass off and have to make split-second decisions that are life or death.

  4. Remember the poor dear lady said she had submitted over 100 bills. Why should she know anything about such a minor bill as like, you know, one that determines who will be our future presidents?

  5. Kate520 says:

    the poor dear has only been in a government post of one kind or another for 16+ years. she needs a bit more time to figure out how things work.

  6. SueDB says:

    I think she needs an extended vacation next election cycle.

  7. Skeptic says:

    @Kate520Never fear, the committee will figure it all out while Mae concentrates on repealing health care for all the poor schmucks in Tennessee. She has to spend her waking hours appeasing her corporate masters.

  8. Obsolete says:

    Good show- I would have asked Mae Beavers if she realized the bill was crafted as if by someone who deliberately wanted it to exclude President Obama. It is way too specific and obvious.Have you heard about Google's "beer goggles" feature? If you set it up on your gmail account, it won't let you email late at night unless you can perform simple math problems. In theory, it keeps you from posting something you might regret later while wasted.MichaelN should see if they make something similar for his telephone. Maybe it does simple history questions- "Is Hawaii a state?""NO"BZZZZZT!!"You are not allowed to make a call at this time"

  9. Ms Daisy says:

    Looks like to me Beavers must have written SB1091 by copying and pasting from Orly’s clap trap. What a Birfoon!

  10. @ ObsoleteI thought about asking her that very question because several of these bills seem to be written that way either by going the full de Vattel or in this case pushing no dual citizenship. However, Sen. Beavers claimed she didn't know her own bill would make President Obama ineligible so I didn't go down that path. You may form your own opinion as to whether she was that ignorant of the provisions of the bill and the President's background.

  11. James says:

    I heard the interview. It sounds like Senator Beavers was purposefully being evasive about her bill. I suspect she knew this was an Obot radio show and wanted to keep her cards close to her chest and not reveal much information.

  12. TracyinMD says:

    Yeah James, that's it! Coming off as an ignorant buffoon was all part of the plan, from the outset! Mae Beavers is a crafty one. You figured it out!

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