Is Birther Radio on Life Support?

Maybe it is a coincidence or more likely it is a symptom of a growing realization that the cold hard fact is that they are not going to remove Obama from office but Birther radio is an endangered species of nuttiness.

From late 2008 through early 2009 Birther radio flourished at least as measured by the number of shows per week. Ed Hale and his Plains Radio Network was king for a while after the ex Hillary supporter and Big Foot slayer cum birther appeared on  CNN in late 2008. Only Ed knows what his real number of listeners were at the peak (he claimed 20 million but that is Ed-speak for 200). Ed ran 3 or 4 shows per week for months. Several of Ed’s minions also had regular shows including Ken Dunbar who was one of the original two parent citizen birthers. Ed also ran auction shows where he sold seeds and crank operated radios at inflated prices. Other regular hosts were Caren Hale, Phil “Morals Man” Detrick, and Dr. Mike. Ed eventually drove away his hosts and listeners with his scams, drama queen antics, and lies about evidence on Obama he claimed to have. Ed’s health also became an issue.

The final nail in the coffin for Plains Radio was driven when, after Ed had shut down PRN for the fourth or fifth time, he sold the equipment to Fred “Silver Surfer” Shaffner. Fred ran the new network as Texas Broadcasting for a few months. The friendly takeover didn’t last long, however, after Ed claimed Fred had refused to pay him for the equipment. Ed claimed he won a judgment against Shaffner in small claims court but never seemed to recover his equipment. Ed came back on the air briefly but only for a show or two. The audio quality was of the can and string variety. TBN didn’t last long either and Silver Surfer hasn’t been heard from or seen on line in almost a year.

Ed Hale provided some of the classic moments in Birfer radio. My favorite is the night that Ed had a * huge * show about Orly Taitz filing request for an emergency TRO in Texas on behalf of CPT Connie Rhodes. This was hot breaking news. Unfortunately, Judge Xavier Rodriguez denied the request within 30 minutes and several “Obots” in PRN chat passed along the somber news. Ed didn’t believe it, of course, and of course the Obots turned out to be right as they always were.

Blog Talk Radio was once the home of several regular Birther shows including MommaE’s Radio Rebels, Mark McGrew, and the Patriots Heart Media Network run by Sharon Meroni under the pseudonym of Chalice Jackson. Chalice had several hosts under the PHMN banner including Chalice herself, CJ and Tallulah, David and Melissa, Reuben Torrez, and Lady Libertas. In peak months Chalice and her gang aired over 20 shows per month. Now Chalice and her hosts are MIA. Gone are the giddy days of trips to Washington DC to drop off American Grand Jury “Presentments” at disinterested Congressional offices and agencies followed by nightly shows regaling of the exciting adventures of Chalice, Dr. Penny, and Mac Ellis.

MommaE had to put her her show on hold for months due to health issues and has not returned to the air. She says she is no longer a Birther and is now a regular poster at the anti-birther site The Fogbow of all places. Mark McGrew of  Sentinel radio hasn’t had a program since July 2010. Andrea Shea King still has an hour show every weeknight on BTR. Andrea spends most of her air time pushing anti-Obama World Net Daily inspired tripe. She still dabbles in Birtherism from time to time since it fits her Obama hating meme. She was caught recently deceptively editing the archive of a show with Dr. Greg Lakin and family mouthpiece Mario Ciavolino when a  caller got Greg to admit Terry had tried and failed to obtain a long form Hawaiian birth certificate for his daughter. When King was called out in chat the following night for the editing she laughed it off and lied about it.

I could say “How the mighty have fallen” but Birther radio was never mighty so it didn’t have far to fall.
I am sure I have missed a player or two in the Birther radio saga. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments.

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12 Responses to Is Birther Radio on Life Support?

  1. SueDB says:

    Could be they are all hunkering down in a bunker somewhere???I know President Obama cuts a "Presidential Appearance", but the birfers all seem to have such a hard on for him…

  2. SueDB says:

    The amount of hatred that is virulently dispensed coupled with the basic willingness to showcase some true psychotic behavior (ex. estrangement from family due to nuttiness – Dr. Hate's…err Kate's group) to true worldwide audience makes me really wonder about whether they are going to go "quietly".It seem that the birfers will surmount many obstacles except lack of donations – (you don't think they would dare use their money do you?) to slander (vocal) and libel (print) the President LAWFULLY elected by the Electoral College of the United States of America (of course representing the 52% of the voters that cast ballots in the last National Popularity Contest for President)…I just bet all that nuttiness is just being stockpiled somewhere like all those $200.00 (for for $20.00 worth of dried food from REI) "Emergency Food Kits" they keep hawking.

  3. Yeah, I agree re: Dr. Kate. She is really ramping up the vitriol lately.

  4. I forgot to mention Dr. Kate and her "Revolution Radio". She is certainly pumping out the nuttiness and hate. If anything, she has ramped it up since came up with the idea she lost her job because of some sinister action by Obama.

  5. James says:

    I do agree that birthers need to be resigned to the fact that Obama will not be removed – Obama will serve his term.The primary focus now should be the 2012 election and keeping the birther issue forefront.If just one birther bill can get passed which can keep Obama off the ballot then Obama is finished and will not be reelected.Certainly if one birther bill passes which calls for Obama's long-form BC, Obama is history since Obama hasn't been able to produce the long-form BC.I am sure such law may be challenged but we only need one state to say Obama is off ballot because Obama can't produce his papers and its over.Hence, in conclusion the passage of a birther bill should be the primary goal. Certainly Dr. Corsi's book "Where's The Birth Certificate" will be big when it comes out in May.

  6. Skeptic says:

    First it was Phil Berg. He was going to keep Obama from taking office. Then it was Orly. She was going to have Obama removed in 30 days. Then it was the American Grand Jury. They were going to indict Obama. Then it was Terry Lakin. The military was all going to join him in refusing to obey orders. Now it is the Birther bills. I think I see a clear pattern here.

  7. SueDB says:

    Birther Bill – snicker – Unless you get up a Birther bill that bans blacks – Obama can beat any one of those bills, as none will ever make it 1 minute past some idiot governor's signature. I mean he has beat up the birthtards about what 80 cases to nothing plus popping a LTC to Kansas in the process. I would say the bithtards keep ending up with the fecal contaminated end of the proverbial stick.

  8. James says:

    The birther bill in Georgia in probably the best one of them all. Regardless of whether the bill requires the COLB or the long-form BC and whether Obama can produce it or not, the bill provides the holy grail the has been denied by the courts, STANDING, the ability for any citizen to challenge the eligiblity of a candidate. Rest assured, if the bill passes, and Obama produces something to get on the ballot, he will have to deal with about 50 lawsuits which according the bill will not be dismissed on STANDING.

  9. SueDB says:

    Sorry numbnuts It would only be effective in one state and would only cover that state's court. We are talking federal level here not state. It would not confer one of the holy grails since the suits have to be pursued in FEDERAL COURTS where FEDERAL SUITS are heard since the office in question is a FEDERAL OFFICE.Sh*t out of luck, again there James.Stupid BirfersGet used to it, there isn't any way that GA Legislature can write a bill excluding our present President that would be judged Constitutional.Heck the court challenge will follow by less than a minute after some hick governor signs crap like this. This will keep it from being enforced – and endless appeals – gee maybe we will see the challenge get to SCOTUS…in about 6 years (give or take) or about 1 year after President Obama finishes his SECOND TERM.ROTFLMFAO

  10. AnyMouse says:

    Sooooo James, When do we get the thunderclap and lightning from Heaven??

  11. Anonymous says:

    James,You have been told, repeatedly, why these birther bills will all fail. Since you choose to continue your delusions, please put your money where your mouth is, and donate all of your income to the birther cause.

  12. SueDBJames is speculating that once a birther bill passes that gives the birthers DISCOVERY, President Obama will be shown to be a foreign born person. James believes that a birther bill requiring President Obama to go to Hawai'i and beg for his original long form birth certificate, with doctor's signature and witnesses, and the humbly personally present it to a secretary of state as a penitent supplicant, is all that needs to be done.This infantile wish-thinking also animates Orly Taitz and the other buffoons who push birferism. But it's a little bit different from disqualifying President Obama in any paricular state. It's the idea that the whole house of cards will come tumbling down, IF . . .There is no IF however.

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