Loren’s AJC Article on the Georgia Birther Bill

Bravo to my guest Loren the other night for his editorial piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that appeared on Thursday: ‘Birther’ bill won’t pass muster

“Ten months ago, I took Rep. Mark Hatfield to task for proposing an absurdly narrow bill in the Georgia House. HB 1516 would have required eligibility-proving affidavits from only two candidates out of every general election race in Georgia: the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates.

I pointed out that the only way the bill could have been more directly targeted at President Barack Obama would have been for it to identify him by name.

Hatfield now has resurrected his proposal as House Bill 401. Although the bill no longer omits third parties or vice presidential candidates, it is still limited to just the presidential race.

Worse yet, the new bill is even more directly targeted at Obama. Hatfield’s list of mandated information reads like it was copied straight from a “birther” Web site. Of what legal significance is the name of the candidate’s delivery doctor? Or the birth places of the candidate’s parents?
Why would Hatfield desire the production of this irrelevant information? Because these are precisely the pieces of information that birther conspiracy theorists have demanded from Obama.”

Wouldn’t it have been great if Rep. Hatfield would have kept his appointment and appeared on the show?  Oh well…

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1 Response to Loren’s AJC Article on the Georgia Birther Bill

  1. SueDB says:

    Why is it that Obots are always trying to sit down an educate folks while the Birfers seem to spend their time covering their ears, eyes closed, and screaming incoherently until they pass out???

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