Stunner! – World Net Daily was lying about Hollister!

WND Article on the Hollister v Soetoro Case
From today’s Supreme Court Orders

Well, actually it wasn’t a stunner; it was completely predictable. On February 17th the joke of a “news” source ran this article  with a glaring headline that the Supreme Court in a “stunner” had agreed to reconsider the Hollister v Soetoro case that they had earlier denied a Writ of Certiorari. The truth was that the plaintiffs in the case had gone through the motions of paying to file a petition for re-hearing under Supreme Court Rule 44. However, SCOTUS has rarely agreed to hear a case once it has been denied in conference. As expected the petition was denied without comment in the orders list published this morning. We know that they case never actually made it to the “discuss list” at either conference because the acting US Solicitor General waived the response in the original petition and the court failed to request a response on the the original petition and on the rehearing. This is SOP for cases that never make it past the screening process provided by the pool clerks. Sorry Birthers you failed again!

So will WND tell us the real story that not a single justice was inclined to hear this bucket of stupid either time? Don’t hold your breath. The rehearing petition however provided WND a chance to pimp Jerome Corsi’s new book on Obama. How do these folks sleep at night? Do they give training on lying with a straight face before turning their authors free to write this tripe?

With this denial thus ends this strange case that was in reality brought by Phil Berg. (Not just my opinion, that is what Judge Robertson said too.)  Phil partnered up with John Hemenway, a retired attorney who could file the case for Phil in the DC District court. The plaintiff was retired Air Force COL Greg Hollister who claimed he was “tortured” by the fact that he might potentially be called up to serve for an ineligible president (sounds familiar? See “dumbass Terry Lakin”, currently residing at Fort Leavenworth,KS).

Attorney Hemenway was sanctioned by Judge Robertson for being Phil Berg’s stooge and filing a frivolous case. Something else to file under the category of “it’s a small world” is that attorney Hemenway is the father in law of Margaret “Ducky” Hemenway who was the spokesperson and behind the scenes agent provocateur in the Terry Lakin case until Lakin parted  ways with his attorney Paul Jensen, Ducky Hemenway, and the American Patriot Foundation. Of course, the APF is still shamelessly raising money off Lakin.

[Updated 3/7/2011 4:45 PM]
WND posted a link to a CNN story about the denial of the Hollister petition. Apparently the denial was not so stunning. 

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