Transcript of the interview with Mark Hatfield and Kyrsten Sinema

Thanks to Fogbow members Twinx and Listeme for their great effort to provide a transcript of the interview with the two state legislators who appeared on the show last week. This is not guaranteed to be accurate and is for entertainment purposes only. 😉

RC Radio 03-10-2011

This part was pretty remarkable: (Loren asks Representative Hatfield if one has to be a citizen to be a representative in Georgia. Rep. Hatfield is not familiar with the requirements but Senator Sinema and Loren know Georgia law better that Rep. Hatfield.)

LC: If I – I’m going to change subjects here a bit if I could, wanted to ask something slightly different. The bill, of course, is just limited to the president and the vice president. I was looking for the code section earlier, couldn’t stumble across it. I believe to serve in the Georgia House you have to be a U.S. citizen.

MR. HATFIELD: No, I’m not aware of any U.S. citizenship requirement. Now, I wouldn’t tell you you’re wrong on that, but I haven’t looked at that issue. But I wouldn’t argue the point. I mean, I think you should be a U.S. citizen. If it’s not required, you should be.

RC: Hey, Loren, let me step in here. I want to bring on Kyrsten Sinema. She’s my second guest of the evening. We’re running a little long. I know it’s a great discussion.
Kyrsten, can you hear me okay? This is R.C.

MS. SINEMA: Yes, I can hear you just fine. I actually have an answer to the question that was just posed to Mr. Hatfield. Now, I’m a senator in Arizona and not in Georgia, but I do know the rules in Georgia, and you indeed do have to be a United States citizen to be an elected official in the state of Georgia, because you have to be qualified to vote, and as we know, only U.S. citizens are qualified to vote. So while Mr. Hatfield may not know the answer to that, it’s pretty clear, and it’s spelled out pretty clearly in Georgia statute.

LC: I actually just managed to pull this up.
Members of the Georgia House must be citizens of the U.S., at least 21 years old, a Georgia citizen for at least two years, and a legal resident of the district they are running in for at least one year.

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  1. SueDB says:

    Eggcellent…Thank yous to Twinx and Listeme

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