RC Radio March 31 – Timothy Adams

Tim Adams

Timothy Adams, a former Hawaii election clerk is my guest tonight. Tim caused a stir last year  when he claimed people in the election office knew that Obama was not born in Hawaii. Just who were those people and what did they know? Why was the election office checking out Obama if he was registered to vote in Illinois? I will ask Tim these questions and more.

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[Updated 4/2/2011]

I will posting a transcript soon. In the following clip Tim Adams talks about the “affidavit” that appeared in World Net Daily. It turns out that the document was prepared by an attorney for World Net Daily for Adams to sign. Is this ethical journalism? At least one journalist, Bill Bowman, writes that is was not at Turning the Scale.


You can download the complete show here: RC Radio 03/31/2011

Thanks to several members of the Fogbow forum including listeme, twinx, mimi, and LM_K,  here is a transcript of the show:

About Reality Check

I have been following politics since my teens a very long time ago. I began debunking the Birther myths since late 2008. I commented an Birther sites and also fine sites like Obama Conspiracy Theories and Politijab. In 2009 I noticed that even though there were probably a dozen Birther run radio programs not a single anti-Birther program existed. Therefore I started "Land of the Obots" on Blog Talk Radio. I later changed the name to Reality Check Radio. The program ran weekly until sometime around 2016. This blog was originally begun to provide a place to discuss the radio show, my guests, and topics covered on the show.
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6 Responses to RC Radio March 31 – Timothy Adams

  1. James says:

    may be it's Donald Trump???

  2. Not Donald but I will ask him for a future show. 🙂

  3. SueDB says:

    "Mr. Clean"Thanks everyone, yes even Tim for a great show. I had threatened to get on the air on a post on TheFogbow.Com and got one for the last couple of minutes…I got the last word….Yippie Skippie!

  4. SueDBYes, you got the last word! Literally.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a transcript yet?

  6. A transcript is in the works. I will post it soon.

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