Jonathan Kay on Reality Check Radio

  If you missed the show with Jonathan Kay last Thursday I think you will be very pleased if you take the time to catch the archived version of the show. (The player on the right side of the blog will do that for you 😉 ).  Mr. Kay was an outstanding guest. Jonathan is the author of Among the Truthers – A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground. He began work on the book in 2008 and originally it was to be about the so called 911 Truth Movement. However, as the Birther Movement spread following the nomination and election of Barack Obama he decided to include a discussion of the Birthers.
   When Jonathan talked about the 911 Truthers reaction to contrary evidence I found myself nodding my head several times to myself and thinking yes that is exactly how the Birthers have reacted the mountain of evidence against their claims. Some of the characteristics he attributed to the Truthers included avoidance of news sources with contrary information, clannish behavior and exclusion of “non-believers”, and estrangement from other family members. We have all seen similar behavior from the Birthers.
  He also talked about how conspiracy theories have arisen in the last decade particularly in America due to traumatic events such as the September 2011 attacks, two wars, and the economic crisis of 2008. I suppose one could by extension assume the Brithers were traumatized by the election of a black man as their President.
  There is much more on the show including some great questions from several callers that Kay handled with interest and skill. He complemented the show and particularly was impressed with the intelligence of the callers. So was I, but I am every week. If you would like to contact Jonathan Kay and thank him for spending an hour or so with our little group I beleive you can reach him at this email, info@amongthetruthers dot com

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