Hey, Jerry Corsi, while you are filing criminal complaints how about filing one against your boss

Jerome Corsi the author of the instant comedy classic, Where’s the Birth Certificate, said Sunday night on the Bill Cunningham radio program that he will be “filing criminal charges against the White House for releasing a fraudulent birth certificate”. You know the one the State of Hawaii says is valid? Just how does a building commit a crime? RC Radio strongly encourages Corsi to follow through on his pledge. Please call the FBI today and report this heinous crime. While you are at Jerry, we hope you could take the time to report an actual crime that might be in progress in your own house at World Net Daily. Is your boss Joe Farah committing fraud? He solicited donations to pay $15,000 to the hospital where Barack Obama as born. Now your lying weasel of a boss is welshing on that claim and pocketing the money that the poor fools donated. So Jerome, let’s get cracking! Call the FBI. Do it today. Time is a wasting. If you need advice on how a citizen can file a criminal complaint we refer you to Walter “Cordwood” Fitzpatrick III and Sharon “Harpie” Rondeau. They both have lots of experience that they can share with you.They can even help you put together a “Fifth Amendment Grand Jury” to do the job.

If you report these crimes today I will forgive you for not naming the person in the press you say was involved in making the fake long form birth certificate and releasing those 25 Kenyan documents that prove someone tampered with Obama’s “Kenyan birth records”. All that stuff you promised to release yesterday can wait. Reporting crimes is obviously more important. Please tell us what the FBI has to say.

Update: Corsi appeared on the nutty Alex Jones radio show today (yeah that 911 Truther so insane that even Freeper owner Jim Robinson can’t stomach him). He completely wimped out and said that World Nut Daily had hired a “world famous scanner expert” and that he would let the scanner expert file the criminal complaint. I guess Corsi would rather not known as the person filing groundless criminal complaints with the FBI.

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12 Responses to Hey, Jerry Corsi, while you are filing criminal complaints how about filing one against your boss

  1. Foggy says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but it doesn't add up. Farah doesn't have to give one penny until a complete investigation with the whitehouse and the Hawaii DOH is done and a complete forensic examination is done on Obama's alleged long-form BC. If after all that, the BC is valid, I would be inclined to believe that Farah needs to pay up.

  3. So a document certified by the state of Hawaii that would be accepted by every court in the United States is not good enough for you? Shouldn't Farah have said that up front? You are an idiot Anonymous.

  4. Anonymous says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmmqaXn6S90BombShell!!! Obama BC 100% Forged!!!Insider Mole revealed to WND that Hawaii and the Whitehouse conspired together to produce forged documents.

  5. Sure, I want to watch 45 minutes of that idiot Alex Jones swapping lies with Corsi. Is this the same mole that Tim Adams couldn't name? I thought Corsi was going to name the guy from AP who he claims was part of the forgery?

  6. Anonymous says:

    the mole has been identified, Corsi turned arond and bent over, WALA the mole.in other news Trump claims he did not tell Corsi Obama's BC is "FAKE, he said he was misunderstood, it was about the faked moon landings

  7. obsolete says:

    What exactly is a "world famous scanner expert"?Are we to believe that there is a person who is so good at scanning that he became famous for it?If so, how come we never heard of him?Birthers always fall for people who claim to be stupid terms, such as "technology expert"…Any day now…. He''ll be arrested and out any day now…

  8. obsolete said…"What exactly is a "world famous scanner expert"? Are we to believe that there is a person who is so good at scanning that he became famous for it?"That is really funny when you think about it. Corsi has yet to name this guy or publish his "federal charges" if you notice.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They will go on as usual getting others to file crap so their tit's not in the wringer. This scanner Bozo will take the fall while Corsi sucks the money out of your wallet like a thief in the night.

  10. Since Mr. Corsi is not a law enforcement agency or a prosecutor, he cannot "file charges". He can write a letter to the FBI alleging something, but that doesn't mean that the US Attorney will file charges.

  11. GeorgetownJD says:

    Ditto what Doc C said. Corsi might as well have written a letter to the editor, as that would have the same effectiveness. But then, Joey's PayPal wouldn't get pushed.

  12. It has been a while. I suppose it is time to ask whatever became of Doug Vogt's criminal complaint.

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