Transcript of the May 11 Hearing in Hornbeck v Salazar Procured

The transcript of the impromptu hearing held by US Magistrate Judge Joseph Wilkinson  on May 11 in New Orleans was posted by Jack Ryan and Friends of The Fogbow today. The transcript indicates that the report given by Georgetown JD the same evening on RC Radio was indeed very accurate including the two interruptions when Orly’s cell phone rang, (Cell phones are not allowed in the court by rule and any real lawyer would have been mortified and turned it off after the first incident). The purpose of the hearing was to discuss Taitz motion to intervene in a case involving the off shore drilling ban imposed after the April 20, 2010 BP spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

No hearing had been scheduled. However, Taitz didn’t bother to read the local rules, misinterpreted the docket, and flew all the way from her palatial mansion in California to New Orleans believing there was to be one. Judge Wilkinson took pity on the ditzy attorney and called attorneys for the other parties to quickly conduct the unscheduled hearing while forcing parties in other cases who had followed the rules and had hearings on the docket to wait. Taitz silly motion to intervene was denied the following day.

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3 Responses to Transcript of the May 11 Hearing in Hornbeck v Salazar Procured

  1. GeorgetownJD says:

    I wonder when Orly intends to inform the flying monkey squad that she crashed and burned on this?

  2. Since over one month has passed I would say the answer is never. Orly has moved on to her FOIA case, Taitz v Astrue. That is her current shiny object of attention.

  3. It is June 25th and Orly still hasn't informed her readers that her motion to intervene was denied.

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