Jerome Corsi – Ass Ace Reporter

WND Reporter Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi has published a series of articles on the extreme right wing blog World Net Daily that purport to expose what he deems to be a vast network of paid Obama operatives who congregate at The Fogbow Forum and who he claims are all over  Internet wreaking havoc on poor unsuspecting eligibility deniers (aka Birthers). His first article revealed the identity of field general,  PJ Foggy (Bill Bryan) the administrator of the Fogbow forum  and a subsequent article focused on The Fogbow member “Rikker”. Corsi’s article on “Foggy” included a photograph of Foggy with is young sons. It was a nice touch by Corsi to drag Bryan’s children into the fray.  The original article also included an exhortation for Corsi’s readers to call Bryan at his place of business to harass him. That call to harass Bryan seems to have been quietly removed by the author. I personally cannot remember a more disgusting piece of journalism but I am sure if I took some time I could find one on WND and it probably would be under the Corsi byline.

The latest “masterpiece” from Corsi revealed that he has confirmed that the ring leader of them all, none other than Jimbot, aka Neonzx, who is in real life (according to Corsi) one James A. Johnson, a Democratic party heavyweight and former chief of Fannie Mae. Johnson is a multimillionaire and at one time headed the team tasked to pick potential running mates for Barack Obama when he secured the nomination in 2008. This choice tidbit of information about Jimbot was supplied to Corsi by the dean of Birther broadcasters Ed Hale. According to Hale, Corsi and his team even flew down to Ed’s home in Wellington, Texas to review Ed’s evidence about Jimbot. Hale who is best remembered for calling the old Art Bell show and claiming he had killed two Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) gave PJ member Neonzx the nickname Jimbot when he called his show way back in 2008 and Ed decided without any particular proof that “Jimbot” was a White House insider. Now exactly how Ed then decided Jimbot was James A. Johnson is not clear. One clue may be a Friend of the Court brief filed by “J. Johnson” in the Liberi v Taitz case and posted on Neonzx’s SCRIBD page. Gee, that is really conclusive evidence isn’t it? How many folks named J. Johnson are there in the United States? Neonzx never says that the brief is his either.

Another of Corsi’s sources is a Birther from Maryland who goes by the handle “KenyaBornObamaCorn” and who was banned from YoutTube for repeated violations of the TOS when she posted videos purporting to out  “Obots” including yours truly. Her information was assembled clumsily and was shown to be wildly inaccurate. For example, she originally labeled the same Neonzx as “Justin” who is the administrator of Politijab. She made many other errors too but I don’t really want to help her find her mistakes.

Is Neonzx really James A. Johnson? Several interviews with the real James A. Johnson are available on YouTube including one I found from Australian television from 2009. There are several shows with Neonzx/Jimbot out there too. I didn’t have to look far since Jimbot hosted my own Land of the Obots show back in 2009 and has called RC Radio as recently as last week. I put together this audio montage with both of the “Jimbots” so you could listen and judge for yourself. Tale of the Two Jimbots:

It is obvious that they are not the same person and that neonzx has a much younger sounding voice than James A. Johnson.

These photos are also easily found with a quick search: (So why couldn’t the great investigative journalist Corsi find these?)

James A. Johnson aka “Jimbot”
Neonzx aka Jimbot aka Justin

Corsi calls himself an investigative reporter but he didn’t take five minutes to check out the crap that Ed Hale and KYBOA were feeding him. Any reporter (including this humble blogger and radio host) has first and foremost the duty to try to publish facts. We all interpret those facts but it is another thing altogether to publish what one has to know is a blatant, bold faced lie as has Mr. Corsi. Mr. Corsi seemed to admit on Plains Radio last night that he might just have a small problem with his huge story. He said that his source for confirmation of the article about James A. Johnson was PJ Foggy the administrator at The Fogbow.  Let me repeat that: Corsi’s only confirmation for Ed Hale’s concocted fantasy is that a guy with a rooster avatar who is known for mocking and satire all around Birthistan posted mockingly that “Jerome Corsi has found us out”. So now that Foggy is deriding Corsi for buying this ridiculous story guess who Corsi is blaming? Why Foggy and everyone on The Fogbow of course.

On the same program Corsi was going through his roll call of Obots and mentioned “Epectitus” (Frank Arduini) who was my guest on RC Radio a few weeks ago. Corsi said “I plan to call Frank’s employer to see if they agree with Arduini’s views on Obama’s eligibility”. Really? Does it really matter to this faux-journalist what Arduini’s employer thinks? Why doesn’t Corsi man up and admit that he is behaving like a vindictive child and wants to cause any problems he can for everyone who dares to criticize him or other Birthers?

Corsi published these lies because he has an agenda. He wants to sell his book to Birthers and to defame the President and his supporters. He couldn’t care less for the truth. Mr. Corsi, this is Harvard University calling. We would like our PhD back.

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7 Responses to Jerome Corsi – Ass Ace Reporter

  1. Jerome Corsi is my personal bitch.

  2. neonzx says:

    I dunno, Realty Check… different echos and sound attributes between the two. I think they may be the same.Tell you what, I'll make a word-by-word audio stereo comparison tomorrow with "James Johnson" on one ear and the alleged "JimBot" on the other ear. How does that sound? We can get to the bottom of this!!!

  3. verbalobe says:

    Who is "Jerome Corsi"? Just like a birther to hide behind an anonymous handle like that.It's probably just Farah's mustache, moonlighting. There's an idea for a cartoon!The picture of Corsi with Ed Hale recently was photoshopped — an extremely clumsy forgery, so obvious they're trying to mock us. I have a 42-page proof of this. It's tucked behind the third booth of the coffee shop across the street from the US Court House in Columbus, GA.

  4. Should I add a chicken head to my blog's mast head? It seems like the fashionable thing to do of late.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do birthers like Corsi really believe they are in the majority, and it is likely that Eppie's boss would be a birther and consider it a firing offense to believe that Obama is eligible?My grandfather had a name for people like Corsi. He would consider Corsi a "Horse's ass".-obsolete

  6. @ ObsoleteI am convinced most Birthers are sincere. The fascinating question is what led them to buy into such delusional beliefs? Is it that they were never trained to do the least bit of critical thinking? Have they been raised in a cocoon of racism and never exposed to any news sources other than right wing talk radio and Fox News? What set of life experiences has conditioned them to buy such wild conspiracy theories? These are all questions that are worthy of discussion.

  7. obsolete says:

    Any discussion of Jerome Corsi should really include info on his shady past.He swindled people in a scam and hid his assets in his wife’s name to avoid paying out judgments against him:Failed venture follows anti-Obama author info on his scams and his racist history of posts online:Jerome Corsi’s Long, Strange Trip is a real piece of work.-obsolete

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