Jerome Corsi, Paul Irey, and Lucas Smith team up to shoot themselves in the foot

Okay, bear with me, this one will take a bit of explanation. Remember the WND article by Jerome Corsi titled How does Obama’s document stack up against a genuine BC? that was publsihed last month in which Paul Irey analyzed the fonts on a previously unpublished Hawaiian birth certificate from August 1961? Irey tried to show that this birth certificate had more consistent typewritten fonts than did the Obama LFBC. Irey’s font voodoo is irrelevant and has been completely debunked by John Woodman in his book Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud? and by others. (Including this author.)

In Corsi’s article a highly redacted birth certificate of a female born in Honolulu on August 23, 1961 was presented as an example of a “genuine” Hawaii long form birth certificate. (No additional proof was provided that this was a genuine document other than a photo of the seal and signature of Registrar Alvin Onaka just as appears on the Obama LFBC. Other than that we are left to take Corsi’s word for it since the names and addresses were all redacted.) To any sane person this new birth certificate was a curiosity and if anything supported the authenticity of the Obama LFBC for several reasons. It confirmed that the name of the hospital was really Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in 1961 just as appeared on the Obama LFBC.  The signature of the local registrar, V. K. L. Lee is there as it was on the Obama certificate. The form was exactly the same. However, once a commenter or two on WND pointed out these items a new even more redacted image was substituted in the article that removed the name of the hospital and Lee’s signature for whatever reason.

WND Mystery BC front side as originally posted

WND Mystery BC – back side
WND Mystery BC with additional redaction

What turned out to be the real gem in the article was a seemingly innocuous scan of the back side of the “mystery birth certificate”. John Woodman enhanced the contrast of the image, flipped it using photo editing software and determined that some of the redacted data from the front of the document was visible. The most interesting bit of this data was the birth certificate number. It ended in the digits “09945”. When compared to previously published birth certificates from August 1961 we noticed that the number for Miss X born on August 23 was almost 700 lower than Barack Obama’s (10641) and the Nordyke twins (10637 & 10638). The certificate number for the Waidelich BC was 10920. Stig Waidelich was born on August 5. I know this is a bit nerdy but for those who follow this stuff believe me it was significant and blew a huge hole in the conspiracy theories about the Obama certificate number that have been pushed by birthers since the release of the short form in 2008.

“Mystery BC – Certificate number discovered by John Woodman

Some folks thought they could make out the some the names on the “mystery birth certificate” but not conclusively. The best guess was that the last name began with “A” and the mother’s name was Theresa Pxxxxx.

With that, the story went dormant. WND buried the Corsi article in the archive and Irey dodged a proposed debate with John Woodman. Then entered he, Lucas Daniel Smith ….

Lucas Smith left a comment on an article at Doc Conspiracy’s blog with a link to a new article on Smith’s blog. Smith’s rambling article contained some juicy details of the sexual trysts between Orly Taitz and Charles Lincoln III at a house occupied by Lincoln, Peyton Yates Freiman, and Lucas Smith in 2009 when Taitz brought in Lucas Smith to testify concerning the POSFKBC before Judge Carter in Barnett v Obama in September 2009. Smith ultimately never appeared on the stand in that case.  In the article Smith also published copies of the Obama birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser obtained by Smith’s pal Gary Ronhovde from the California State Library microfilm collection in October 2009. The Obama announcement had previously been published by at least two sources from both the archives of the Honolulu Start Bulletin and the one from the library in California. However, what was new in Smith’s article was copies of the birth announcements for almost every day in August 1961. (Now I warned you this wasn’t simple.)

Birth announcements from August 1961 Honolulu Advertiser.

On page 37 of the Advertiser birth records that Smith posted is an entry for a baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Ah’Nee born on August 23. Aha! or Ah Nee! This was the mystery Miss X from the WND article. Credit goes to Gorefan at for noticing this tidbit of information.  Now when we look at the certificate numbers we find a pattern:

[Edited January 5, 2012 to include the Virginia Sunahara BC]

Ah’Nee – 09945 – August 23rd, Accepted/Filed August 24th
Nordyke, Susan – 10637 – August 5th, Accepted/Filed August 11th
Nordyke, Gretchen – 10638 – August 5th, Accepted/Filed  August 11th
Obama, Barack – 10641 – August 4th, Accepted/Filed August 8th
Sunahara, Virginia* – 11080 – August 4th, Accepted/Filed August 10th
Waidelich, Stig – 10920 – August 5th/Accepted/Filed August 8th

* Not verified

If it looks to you as if they were assigned alphabetically in monthly batches give yourself a pat on the back. Doc C proposed just such a theory when the Waidelich birth certificate number was captured by this author from CNN’s AC360 show last April. The Ah’Nee certificate supports that theory very well. The number of births per month in Hawaii in 1961 (page 205) was around 1400 so the spread in the certificate numbers from Ah’Nee to Waidelich of 974 appears reasonable.

I did a little additional research and I believe that the name of the holder of the birth certificate is Johanna Ah-Nee Randolph of Mililani, HI and the parents names were James K. and Theresa Pukaua Ah-Nee. One has to wonder how Jerome Corsi or Paul Irey obtained a copy of this birth certificate. Did Corsi have a copy of the Advertiser birth announcements? Did he or Irey contact people until they found someone who would supply a copy? Regardless, it shows the intensity with which the Birthers like Corsi have invested their time and money into attempts to discredit President Obama. However, once again the efforts have blown up in their faces.

What are the morals of the story? First, any time Birthers attempt to do real research they debunk their own theories. Second, don’t trust your private documents to amateurs like Jerome Corsi and Paul Irey.

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  1. I edited the article to give proper credit to John Woodman for deducing the certificate number on the Ah'Nee birth certificate and recognizing the importance of it as it pertains to the theory that the certificate numbers of the Obama and Nordyke birth certificates are proof that the Obama certificate was forged.

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