Where’s Scott? – Top Ten Reasons that Scott Erlandson Skipped the Debate on Tuesday Night

As you probably know by now Scott Erlandson was a no show Tuesday night for the Reality Check Radio presidential eligibility debate with Frank Arduini. I was both surprised and disappointed that Scott chose to not even call or email to cancel. My first thought was that he was confused about the day or time of the debate. He had emailed me on Monday after I sent a reminder for the show and asked whether the debate was Tuesday or Wednesday. I told him it was Tuesday night at 9:00 PM EST so there should have been no doubt. Someone else has also privately told me they emailed Scott to correct him on the night of the debate. Scott’s own website still shows the debate on February 21 as I am writing this. He knew exactly when the debate was to be held. I emailed him as soon as the show began and asked what had happened. He has failed to even answer any email from me or the other person I mentioned.

To be clear Mr. Erlandson was the one who requested this debate. He specifically asked to debate Frank. The exchange I had with him began in comments at John Woodman’s blog and continued via email. Scott seemed very eager to engage Frank and signed off on the format and the rules last week. I believe he owes Frank Arduini and the folks who tuned in for the debate an apology. I thought the show was still interesting and I hope those who tuned in to listen found it worthwhile.

Enough of the serious side of things. I decided to work on a list of the top ten reasons Scott Erlandson skipped the debate so here goes:

  1. George Soros ordered that Scott be abducted and sent to a FEMA camp to avoid the thrashing he was going to inflict upon the ebil Obots
  2. Scott actually read the Minor v Happersett decision and had a WTF moment.
  3. Scott actually read US v Wong Kim Ark.
  4. The e. e. cummings fan club kidnapped him and locked him in the closet.
  5. He forgot Tuesday night was training night for the Newt Gingrich all volunteer moon base astronaut corps. (Check his website.)
  6. He forgot that it was Mardi Gras and chose revelry and bare breasted women over some stupid radio show debate. (That one definitely would earn him a pass.)
  7. Scott checked with Mario Apuzzo and was assured that this was not the real Frank Arduini.
  8. JY1977 convinced Scott that RC was the devil incarnate and the evil would infect him right through the telephone.
  9. He assumed the Bernadine Ayers persona and she didn’t know about the debate and …..
  10. He was kidnapped by the Society for the Proper Use of Upper Case Letters and locked in the closet.

Honestly, I trust that Scott is OK. Sorry it did not work out whatever the reason. If another person wants to debate Frank or some of the other folks who were willing to debate back in January I will do my best to arrange it for a future show.

*Tip of the RC Radio Cap to Squeeky Fromm for the photo suggestion.

[Updated 2/25/2012]

We don’t need to worry about Scott. He is fine. He was just punking me. This is what he wrote:

this from a guy who won’t tell me his name. “trust me” fogbow… this will be better for all of us.
nobody wants to play in your acid catbox. fogbow is in the nasty business, and we’re at war now (actually we were before, you just didn’t know it).
 you got punked, get over it, but this is just the beginning.
BTW   your “radio show” was like “waiting for godot”. we were dying laughing at you assholes.
 hey, can you get me david alinsky’s autograph ?? LOL… cheers, scott e.
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13 Responses to Where’s Scott? – Top Ten Reasons that Scott Erlandson Skipped the Debate on Tuesday Night

  1. Sterngard Friegen says:

    Somebody had a few questions for him.

  2. I meant to suggest this to you the other day. Do you think you could get CDR Kerchner to debate Frank Whatever as a sort of Army-Navy thingy??? Because Kerchner is a real Attention Ho, and maybe he will want to teach us all a lesson???

    Reason No.11 His dog ate the phone number.

    Reason No 12. A rare medical condition wherein his testicles “ascended.”

    Reason No. 13. He was out of tin foil and the store was closed.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. RC:
    Plus, I found an image for you! Here is the link:

    With the caption, “Afraid His Cases Wouldn’t Hold Up Long, Scott Hightailed It For The Hills”

    I hope that works.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. I just noticed Scott has this posted on his web site:

    obama birth certificate debate on the 21st. i will be discussing the obama birth certificate eligibility and provenance with frank arduini, the best and the brightest from fogbow.com, a pro obama support site that challenges any and all queries about the former senator’s meteoric rise from obscurity. we will be talking about the many mysteries and doubts clouding this “president” and his legitamacy to occupy the whitehouse, and why there has been so much controversy, and most importantly, why the issue won’t go away, and why it will be part of the 2012 campaign and election.

    That worked out so well didn’t it?

  5. G says:

    Loved the Top Ten list & Squeeky’s additions! LMAO!

    Ahh, if only it was reason #6, I too might give him a pass… 😉

    #’s 7, 9, 10 and Squeeky’s #13 made me laugh the hardest! KUDOS.

    Also: I still enjoyed listening to the show and kudos to you, Frank, Bob Ross, Dr. C & the rest for still finding a way to fill 2 hours…

  6. Dr Kenneth Noisewater says:

    #11 should be because he’s a pussy

    • Thomas Brown says:

      I object: The comparison is an insult to pussies. Of any stripe.

      Jeez, what is Scott “Lily Liver” Erlandson’s emotional age, nine? Eleven? What he did is as brave and sophisticated as placing prank phone calls or spray-painting nasty words on walls someone else paid for.

      Remember this, you cowardly panty-waist loser: He laughs best, who laughs last.

  7. G says:

    His immature response is utterly dickish and craven. What a worthless waste of human flesh he is. He can pretend he is “at war” all he wants. In reality, he’s completely insignificant and inconsequential.

    I say we all simply all write him off and never waste any more time on him. He can remain all alone in his basement, playing keyboard commando to an empty and irrelevant echo chamber.

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  9. It sounds more like an an excuse than a reason.

  10. He seems to have effortlessly risen to the level of being a bloviating wanker.

  11. GeorgetownJD says:

    We’re not “at war”. He waived a white flag.

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