Announcing the Formation of the Reality Check Radio Red Hot Posse and an Open Letter to Mike Zullo

I was so inspired by the work of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse that I have decided to form the Reality Check Radio Red Hot Posse (Patent Pending). Our mission and techniques will build upon those used by the Cold Case Posse. I am sending an invitation to the Cold Case Posse lead investigator, Mike Zullo, to become the technical consultant for the RCRRHP. Instead of taking months and months to dredge up old discredited evidence we will tackle new cases with reckless abandon. I have assembled a list of cases that we plan to take up first:

  1. Andrew Breitbart’s murder, death. Who really had the most to gain from his death? Breitbart apparently had spoken with Sheriff Joe the evening of his death so he will be our very first person of interest witness. Breitbart had reportedly mocked the Birther movement in a conversation with Joe Farrah. Did Breitbart tell Sheriff Joe to stick his investigation up his butt? Was Breitbart going to blow the lid on the CCP?
  2. The disappearance of John Charlton. John Charlton the esteemed founder of the Post and Email blog has neither been seen nor heard for over a year. His successor Sharon Rondeau has now turned Charlton’s once proud blog into a subscription only service. Internet rumors say the the readership has plummeted.  We know Mr. Charlton has to be turning over in his grave about that. (Assuming he is dead of course.)
  3. Is Orly Taitz a stealth Obot? No one could be that inept at law. She has helped the Obama campaign to raise thousands of dollars by selling mugs and tee-shirts. At every opportunity she has her photo taken with Republican candidates who then immediately plummet in the polls and drop out of the race. She has worked her magic photo of death on Michele Bachmann and  Rick Perry. She recently appeared with Newt Gingrich and his campaign is now on life support. We will find out who is really behind her and if she ever became a  naturalized US citizen.
  4. We will investigate how Mike Zullo is profiting from his own investigation by selling copies of old WND articles as if they were a real investigation.[Editor: Sorry Mr. Zullo but that one slipped through.]
  5. Reopening the probe into the Kennedy assassination. (I know this is a very old case but we needed to give Paul Irey something to do.)

That is a good start for our team of investigators. If you sign up today you will receive your very own certificate, decoder ring, and plastic cowboy hat. The lucky 10th member will win the RCRRHP collectors stick pony. No qualifications are required at all just as was the case with Sheriff Joe’s Posse.

Here is my letter to Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo:

Dear Mr. Zullo

Your work on the Cold Case Posse was just awesome. Based on your fine example I have decided to form my very own Posse here at Reality Check Radio. While the top position of Marshal of the Posse is taken (by yours truly) we could use your expertise as a technical consultant. Some of the areas we think you could provide assistance would be pumping life into old discredited evidence, ignoring plain facts, accusing anonymous people of imaginary crimes, and producing outrageously silly YouTube videos. We plan to sell our reports for profit too and might even be willing to share a smidgen of the proceeds since we know you would do this for free as a public service. You are welcomed to bring along Dr. Corsi as I know you and he are very, very, very close.

As soon as I receive your affirmative response I will have your complimentary badge, cowboy hat, and one of our stick ponies shipped right to your door. Please send me a prepaid Fedex shipping label because our start up costs have been a little burdensome.

I look forward to learning from someone with your experience (just what was your experience again?) You will be a featured speaker at our first meeting to be held soon at the RC Radio HQ.

Best Regards,


Marshal of the Posse

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10 Responses to Announcing the Formation of the Reality Check Radio Red Hot Posse and an Open Letter to Mike Zullo

  1. Thomas Brown says:

    Hey RC,

    Count me in. Since first hearing about the RCR Red Hot Posse last night I have been busy rounding up a few ex-Lawmen and Private Investigators I used to pal around with, to form up a sub-group I’m calling the Posse on the Side.

    My aim is to investigate a few troubling rumors I have heard concerning Joe Arpaio. My deputies have looked into one particular allegation in Arizona, and they can’t believe what they’re finding.

    A little background:

    Many people at the time thought it odd that Timothy McVeigh pulled off the Oklahoma City bombing without much of a support group. Such a plot would obviously profit from an older and more experienced mentor nursing a grudge against the Federal Government. It might even have been impossible without one.

    Now, I’m not accusing Arpaio of any crimes. Let’s just say there are some very compelling questions that have come to light.

    Very soon the Posse on the Side will forward a Preliminary Report to the RCR Red Hot Posse on the McVeigh-Arpaio Connection Theory. We might even, in the interest of the Public Good, see about offering the Report for sale online to help finance subsequent investigations. Perhaps the Posse on the Side can apply for non-profit 501c status, so concerned citizens can make tax-deductible contributions to our efforts.

    We will start with a detailed conjecture of a scenario under which Arpaio COULD HAVE assisted McVeigh with the second most deadly terrorist attack on US soil, and then start accumulating circumstantial and anecdotal evidence that this collaboration may or may not have occurred.

    Of course, our forensic investigators will have to remain anonymous, to protect them and the integrity of their investigation.

    I’m really doing this as a favor to Sheriff Joe; surely he would want someone to show that he was not involved, if in fact our investigation finds that he is innocent of such involvement.

    You know what they say: “Trust, but Verify.”

    We’re on it!

  2. I like the concept of Posse on the Side. I need to let my pal Raoul Duke know about that one. He will love it.

    Wow, the RCRRHP is only hours old and we already are branching into new areas of investigation! I think if we can some up with something with a circular post office stamp we can move forward quickly.

    • RoadScholar says:

      An update: the Posse on the Side Preliminary Report is nearing completion, and they can’t believe what they’re finding. There are dozens of potential connections between Joe Arpaio and Tim McVeigh.

      When it’s ready, should I post the full report here, or on FogBow? I’d have to start a separate forum there, because it doesn’t really fit any of the current discussions.

  3. jtmunkus says:

    I’d like to join the posse. Just a few questions:

    First, can we keep all of our identities confidential? There is no sense publishing a roster, and since we’re all volunteers, we surely cannot release any names.

    Second, can we have “law enforcement” powers? This way we can investigate anyone or anything with impunity. At least people will have to take us seriously.

    Third, I’d like to write a book and make our findings public. I intend on co-writing with the most partisan anti-birther that the investigation turns up – just to keep the appearance of conflict from being an issue. We have already started writing, since we know what an unbiased investigation will turn up.

    And, can i get second bullet, Ang?

    • jt

      You sound like good posse material to me. Anonymity will help with the public trust in our findings. Just remember as Marshall of the Posse I get a cut of all report deals. 😉 I was thinking of issuing cap guns. I get one that looks like the one Chuck Conners had on The Rifleman.

  4. all you have left is ridicule obots… another red flag

    still think obama isn’t connected to the chicago political machine ?? lol

    i still have your number, maybe i’ll call in, won’t be such a trap this time…

    • Hi Scott

      Welcome! Please call the show any time. No, actually even though we like to mock utter stupidity we kick ass with the facts too and that’s why we always win in the courts even with an empty chair on our side. Now you have to admit that was pretty impressive.

    • RoadScholar says:

      “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”
      ― Thomas Jefferson

      And your preposterous position qualifies. “All you have left…”?
      You have nothing but baseless speculation, twisted racist fantasies and hyper-partisan animus. Not a shred of evidence. On the other hand, we have a small mountain of utterly reliable, state-certified evidence that BHO is exactly who he said he is, and is eligible to serve as President.

      One of America’s most popular and most capable, to boot.

      But you keep dreamin’.

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