Attorney Scott Tepper to Join the Defense Team in Mississippi Ballot Challenge [Updated]

As we said on RC Radio the other night keep your eyes on Mississippi. We have breaking news from The Fogbow courtesy of realist:

And speaking of ordering more popcorn…


“Word on the street” from a covert Obot operative in MS, is that
not only will Orly not face an empty chair at the hearing held April 16, 2012 in Jackson, but that the Democratic Party of MS is bringing in outside co-counsel, one who is apparently intimately familiar with La Taitz and her “legal” birfer history.

Just a rumor, mind you, but if true…

[Updated march 31, 2012]

California based Attorney Scott Tepper has submitted an application for pro hac vice status to sit with Attorney Sam Begley in Mississippi for the Democratic Executive Committee. Mr. Tepper brings many years of court room experience and a spotless record to the table. His application is a model for what a proper application for PHV status should be. Please take note, Orly Taitz. (Document courtesy of Jack Ryan at SCRIBD).

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9 Responses to Attorney Scott Tepper to Join the Defense Team in Mississippi Ballot Challenge [Updated]

  1. This certainly has me speculating about who it is. Have the Dissident Birthers, like Dean Haskins, decided to spill the beans about what has been going on behind the scenes???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. jtmunkus says:

    Tepper sounds interesting: he’s a former California State Bar investigator who co-founded a website called “Fogbow” and is either a federal or state official (as well as a benevolent private attorney) with legions of after-hours partisan staff dedicated to his [government-led and government-funded] conspiracy to harass Orly Taitz.

  3. Atticus Finch says:

    Tepper graduated from Harvard Law and was admitted to practice in California in 1972 when Orly was only 10 years old. The out of control Orly Express will finally meet an immovable legal logic.

  4. RoadScholar says:

    I keep picturing Orly on a chain gang, breaking rocks while her mascara runs.

    Mmmmmm. Good times.

  5. Despite Taitz’s nasty and unprofessional opposition motion Judge Coleman has approved Mr. Tepper’s application. Things could get interesting. 😆

  6. mike jones says:

    All the Kings horses (resources)
    And all the presidents men
    Couldn’t put Obama together again

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