Phil Cave and Dwight Sullivan Return to RC Radio Tonight

Our favorite experts in military justice return to RC Radio tonight. COL Dwight Sullivan and CDR Phil Cave are back to discuss the current happenings in the world of military law. Phil Cave will review the administrative separation of SGT Stein for his contemptuous words against his Commander-in-Chief. Both Phil and Dwight will give a retrospective on the Lakin fiasco – two years later.

They will also review the other significant active cases in the military justice system.

Tune in at 9 PM EDT: RC Radio 04-24-2012

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3 Responses to Phil Cave and Dwight Sullivan Return to RC Radio Tonight

  1. RuhRoh says:

    Maybe Amos Brown would be a guest? He’s the host of the show that Orly called today under an assumed name. Here’s his twitter. Seems to be working hard to publicize the incident!

    • Good suggestion. I will try to get him for the show next week. I have it on good authority that we just might hear that call tonight. Maybe the Lena just might call the show live too!

  2. RuhRoh says:

    Oops, forgot to include Mr. Brown’s Tiwtter handle.!/amoswtlcindy

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