An Open Letter and Challenge to Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo – Show the Code Manual

Show us the real codes!

Dear Mr. Corsi and Mr. Zullo:


Today it has been two weeks since the Cold Case Posse Press Conference where Mr. Zullo played a video that purported to show the federal race codes used in 1961 and and implicated that the  “9” in the box for the race code of the father where the race was given as “African” actually was the code for “unknown or not stated”.  This was presented as evidence that the image posted at commonly known as the “LFBC pdf” was a forgery.

We now know the code tables presented in the video are not correct because two bloggers have independently obtained copies of the code manual and tape guide from the CDC National Center for Vital Statistics from 1961 that both confirm that the actual code used by the NCVS was "9" for "other non white". The codes in the video were clearly lifted from the 1968 and 1969 manuals. Mark Gillar edited the video after this error was pointed out by multiple bloggers, including Doctor Conspiracy, to add a notice that a “production error” had been made. No other details were provided other than the restating the claim that “the Cold Case Posse has the correct codes”. You claim you have the correct codes but have not produced them. If you have such evidence it is time to show it to the American public. I would be glad to publish such evidence on this blog and devote an entire future episode of Reality Check Radio for an interview with either or both of you to explain your evidence.


You have repeatedly claimed that there is a significant amount of evidence that the LFBC is a forgery yet you have not named a suspect and in the latest and highly publicized press conference the only new evidence presented appears to be fatally flawed. Sirs, your credibility as journalists and investigators are on the line. I urge you to accept this challenge. Your failure to do so will also provide Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s opponents in the upcoming election with a very damning issue to use against him. America awaits your answer.

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6 Responses to An Open Letter and Challenge to Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo – Show the Code Manual

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  4. Tommy Perri says:

    very Good blog Thank you!

  5. Monkey Boy says:

    Fancy boy, Mark Gillar, will produce the “correct codes” when Orly presents her naturalization documents.

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