Did Jerome Corsi Just Admit the Cold Case Posse Created Evidence for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

It would certainly seem so. This might be the funniest Freudian slip of all time! At the 8:00 minute mark of the following YouTube video that WND reporter Jerome Corsi posted earlier this week he made a very interesting remark. (Kudos to author John Woodman and a commenter at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog named Linda for first noticing this gem).

Corsi said: “August is still going to be a research month. You are going to find that Sheriff Arpaio’s group is going to get increasingly closed mouth about the evidence that’s being created.” This is the audio version:

Why would Jerome Corsi use that particular phrase? Why not “the evidence that is being collected” or “the evidence that is being gathered”? It just may be that Corsi slipped up and was actually honest for a brief moment. We know that the Cold Case Posse has engaged in presenting fraudulent evidence. During the the July 17 press conference Mike Zullo claimed to show that the code for Barack Obama’s father’s race that was penciled in by the Hawaii Department of Health next to “African” in the race box was a code for “missing or not given” according to the manual used for coding by the National Center for Vital Statistics in 1961. Now that the tape guide and the coding manual for 1961 have been obtained we know that this was a fib and that the tables presented were from 1968 and 1969. In 1961 the code for “9” in the race box meant “other non-white”. We also know that the claim repeated by Corsi in this video that African was not a valid selection for race in 1961 is false. The 1961 coding manual explains how “African American” is to be coded. For more details on the Birther myth concerning “African” as a racial designation see this article by Dr. Conspiracy, The African Race: the final chapter.

Corsi also makes the false claim in the video that “the Obots are asking for all sorts of documents”. Actually, what Doctor Conspiracy, John Woodman, and RC Radio have asked to see is exactly one document, 1961 NCVS manual that Mike Zullo claimed the CCP had in their possession and had obtained after months of searching.  Also, it is not just “Obots” who have asked for this document. Posters and Free Republic and Birther blogger “ladyforest” at her blog my very own point of view have called on Corsi and the CCP to produce their copy of the coding manual. This latest video from Corsi is apparently his feeble attempt to answer those demands.

Corsi also seems to be at odds with Joe Arpaio on the status of the Cold Case Posse investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate. At the July 17 press conference Joe Arpaio seemed to imply that he was done and wanted Congress or anyone else to take up the investigation.

Female Reporter:

Sheriff, are you ever going to get, let these further issues, uh, are you ever going to put it to rest, at all?


Well, right now, uh, we’d like to, uh, give it to somebody. I think we’d, uh, uh did quite a bit of work on this, and, uh, uh I would like the Congress to have hearings. Maybe a Special, uh, Prosecutor. Uh, not only for this issue but on issue of how easy it is to get a birth certificate in Hawaii. When we’re talkin’ about national security, we’re talkin’ about immigration. So even  just on that issue, that issue, they should look into this. Very simple. So I have to decide, uh,who to give it to, and uh, in the meantime, we’re not closin’ the file but if we get any more, uh,information regarding this matter, of course, we’ll continue to receive that information. But right now it’s time for someone else to look into this situation.

Which version is correct? Corsi says the investigation is ongoing and Sheriff Joe will time release of new [created?] information to coincide with the middle of the presidential campaign in September and October. But wait, didn’t Sheriff Arpaio and his Chief Deputy Dawg Michael Zullo say this was a criminal investigation and had nothing at all to do with President Obama? Why yes they did! Again from the July 17th press conference:

Female reporter

Are you insinuating that the President in any way – are you saying that the President has anything to do with this?


I am not. I am not, ma’am. I don’t know what Mr. Obama knows about this. I, I truly don’t.


I said on March one, right from the beginning; we are not accusing the President of any crime. We are strictly investigating a possible government forged document, and that’s the way we’re still going with this, we’re talking about documents.

So this isn’t about Obama at all you say? Then why is Jerome Corsi, the “head researcher” for the CCP, making an obviously political video and saying that the investigation is not over but they will time release of future blockbusters for maximum political impact? Who are we to believe? I think we all know the answer to that question. None of them.

Note: To find more information on the all of false claims made by the Cold Case Posse I recommend the excellent special reports complied by the good folks at the Fogbow Forum, Arpaio 2 in 2D: Shock of Zullo and The Cold Case Posse Preliminary Report, OR Shurff Joe’s Got Nothing New Under the Arizona Sun.

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6 Responses to Did Jerome Corsi Just Admit the Cold Case Posse Created Evidence for Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

  1. ksdb says:

    Sorry, but this is a whole lot of nothing. The CCP had to create videos to display the evidence. When he’s talking about “creating” evidence, it would mean nothing more than organizing the material to be presented to create the videos. And the alleged evidence that the code 9 meant “other nonwhite” is extremely suspicious. It’s NOT consistent with other statistical reports from 1960 and 1961 nor the census, which coded foreign-born persons as Negroes.

  2. I might actually give your opinion some credence if we had not already caught Zullo and the CCP at creating evidence, as in manufacturing fraudulent evidence. I have never heard an investigator refer to “creating evidence”. Can you cite one example?

  3. COMALite J says:

    The term we use over on FARK.com is “thread$h!tter,” Drops a steaming turd into a comments thread and then leaves.

  4. I like that one COMALite J. Very descriptive.

  5. Thomas Brown says:

    I enjoy trying to imagine what effect the thread$h!tters (thanks for the nealogism!) think their comments will have. Do they honestly believe that once we are exposed to their thoughtful, coherent narratives we’ll all say “Well dang! Looks like we were wrong… guess Obama really is evil incarnate! Let’s just shut down this site and join the Tea Party!”


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