CCP Chief Deputy Clown Zullo Engages in Hilarious Resume Padding

Zullo could give this lady advice about padding.

Padding sometimes is a good thing – but not for resumes though

Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Chief investigator Mike Zullo (who committed to be interviewed on Reality Check Radio and then reneged) recently gave and interview to a relatively unknown blog named American Free Press. The interview was given to Pete Papaherakles a Greek immigrant who seems to be a conspiracy theorist who believes the Rothschild’s are controlling the world banking system and the media is conspiring to to hide black on white crimes. Zullo made some interesting claims.

AFP: You have said in your first press conference that the Cold Case Posse was a volunteer group that put in 2,200 hours over six months. Has that number grown?

M.Z.:For the past 9 months I have personally put in 60 to 100 hours every week. The others have put 500 to 700 hours each over the same period. This has cost the taxpayers nothing. All our time has either been paid by donations or has been volunteered.

Oh really? Is that  all you have to show for those many hours? You worked an average of 80 hours per week for nine months and all you have are the debunked analyses of amateur self proclaimed experts like Doug Vogt, Mara Zebest and Garrett Papit? Then you had to “create” evidence by trying to pass off the federal vital statistics codes for race from 1968 as if they were from 1961? If what Zullo says is true, and I do not believe him for a minute, he should have been fired months ago for wasting an enormous amount of time. Remember, this included a 10 day trip to Hawaii where, by their own admission that came up with almost nothing.  Only upon his return did they locate Ms. Verna Lee, the registrar who signed President Obama’s birth certificate, and manage to get her to say something that was twisted to appear to confirm the fabricated race codes. Despite calls to release a recording of the phone call with Ms Lee Zullo has refused to do so.

AFP: Can you elaborate on your professional background?

M.Z.: I worked as a detective in Bergen County, N.J. for five years. Keep in mind that this was the metropolitan area across the river from New York City out to Newark and Union City, N.J., an area that includes over a million people with 70 police departments, an area that does not have as much street crime as it does mob crime and a high level of white collar crime. I was also involved with major narcotics investigations.

Wait, I thought Zullo worked as a town cop in the Borough of Demarest, NJ, which has a population of about 4,500 and all of nine cops (not counting crossing guards)? Isn’t that a bit like Deputy Barney Fife claiming he is a deputy sheriff in a state with millions of people? I believe Mayberry had more people than Demarest. I picture Deputy Zullo hanging the keys next to the jail door as Otis Campbell sleeps off a binger on Saturday night in busy Demarest. “Zullo and Corsi” sounds like a great name for a pair of circus clowns. I believe I see a future for them under the big top.

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17 Responses to CCP Chief Deputy Clown Zullo Engages in Hilarious Resume Padding

  1. Doubtful says:

    Good old Zullo! Well, he’s close; Demarest *is* in Bergen County, and Bergen County *is* across the river from NYC. Does it go “out to Newark”? Well, not really; Newark is in Essex County.

    Come to think of it, the Barney Fife analogy is pretty good — except Barney was honest.

    • But wait! Demarest is in Bergen County, NJ and New Jersey is in the Untied States and the population of the United States is over 310 million, so in effect Zullo was protecting 310 million people from all sorts of heinous crimes. Thank you Mr. Zullo!

  2. Mary Adams says:

    “Zullo and Corsi” sounds like a great name for a pair of circus clowns.


    And Trump is the carnival barker.

  3. jtmunkus says:

    And, the Hawai’i junket cost taxpayers at least $10K.

  4. You have to check out the Squeeky Fromm’s new Deposition of Mike Zullo on YouTube.

  5. LMK says:

    OMG! Perfect pic for this article.

    I applaud you, sir. I applaud you!

  6. John Woodman says:

    Demarest must’ve been the Wild West back in those days. It appears things have calmed down considerably.

    According to online statistics, Demarest’s crime rate is now much lower than the US average. And over the TEN YEARS from 2001 through 2010, Demarest had:

    * 0 murders.
    * 1 reported rape.
    * 1 reported robbery.
    * 12 reported assaults.
    * 86 burglaries (almost half of these during 2002 and 2003; most of these years they had 6 or fewer per year)
    * 6 auto thefts
    * and 1 arson.

    That would be the crime load on their police force over 10 years. For a typical single year, divide by 10:

    * 0 murders.
    * 0 rapes.
    * 0 robberies.
    * 1 assault.
    * 9 burglaries.
    * and maybe an auto theft.

    So they have about a crime a month, which is almost always a burglary. Maybe an assault and an auto theft each year.

    • John

      Thanks for the interesting statistics on Demarest and apologies for taking so long to approve your commment. It got snagged by the WordPress spam filter for some odd reason.

      I am sure the reduction in the crime rate in Demarest was directly attributable to the investigative skills of Commander Zullo. … or not.

  7. “nterview” misspelled. I always thought the INove theme was pretty sharp.

  8. John Wayne says:


    OCT 22, 2012

    This is Huge! Over objections by the defense we were able to admit into evidence all of the exhibits and testimony showing forgery in Obama’s birth certificate. Proposed order will be submitted by TH, decision by Judge Reid will be coming in the near future!

  9. John Wayne seems to be MIA since the election. Isn’t funny how none of them turn out to be real men despite using tough sounding names like “John Wayne” and “Rambo”?

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