Blogger ladyforest turns out to be just another racist Birther

I had hope that at least one Birther blogger was sane and somewhat reasonable. Blogger ladyforest who writes at my very own point of view was able to help show that bloggers Dan Crosby and Penbrook Johannson produced a fake copy of a 1961 vital statistics instruction manual by obtaining a real copy of the manual, which showed that the code used to categorize race on President Obama’s birth certificate were consistent with those in use at the time. She published the correct manual in an article titled Corsi’s Code Conundrum. Therefore, I am sad to report that ladyforest has turned out to be just another racist bigot as are most Birthers.

Why do I say this? Well it was obvious after she posted this recent article defending two racist who decided to be clever and hang empty chairs from trees in their front yards. ladyforest’s article begins with a lame attempt at satire by writing a faux article that the Secret Service had demanded that this painting be removed from the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, NY. ladyforest doesn’t bother to tell us but the painting in question was by artist G. C. Meyers and was on display at the West End Art Gallery. It was titled “Like Sugar in Water”.

While the painting was innocent and from 2011 well  before the bizarre Clint Eastwood “Empty Chair” speech the other images in the posted by ladyforest were more current and directly related to President Obama. The article included these two recent photos:

A person named Brian pointed out the racism in the article in this comment:

Racism, hate and denial are alive and well in America, particularly in today’s Republican Party. Not holding my breath waiting for Romney, Ryan and the RNC to speak out against these deplorable acts.

ladyforest answered with this oh so classy reply:

Ahhhh, the race card game just started over here in my blog.

Hey Brian, do you think that every single time a WHITE person dislikes something about a person of a different color that they are racist? Of course you do. Do you know why you do? Because you are lazy, you are dishonest, you are a fucking suck up and you have zero depth. People don’t like obama because he is a useless prick that should never have risen above neighborhood agitator. He is a dangerous fool who has dreams to rule the world, and fools like he come in all shades of communist red.

He is the racist, and you damn well know it. All the people that voted for him just to be “included” in the holier than thou club are racist as well. You spouting your generalized totally random “racism” crap is your own brand of hate and intolerance and the height of pitiable denial. You deny that republicans can be without racism, yet you offer no proof or even examples. It is the democrats who are daily making unfounded accusations about racism – “dog whistles” indeed. Being “offended” by damn fried chicken. Laughable idiots who manipulate weakling infants like yourself into being their little PC police, enslaved to feeling superior because you do their dirty work for them. You strike out at good decent people who’s views on our countries direction are different from your own and accuse them of atrocities so that you don’t have to hear and debate the honest realities of our times.

So, I say to you, since you are unwilling to engage in a discourse of respectful and open debate, instead would rather try to control the narrative by accusing others of thought crimes of hate – go fuck yourself. And then shove your dog whistle nonsense completely up your ass.

So hanging an empty chair in a tree to represent a black President is not a reference the great American sport of lynching? Oh really? I have a message for ladtyforest: You can take your racism and Birtherism and stick it up your racist ass.

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