Frank Arduini: “The Annotated Zullo”

Michael Zullo

CCP Lead Investigator Michael Zullo

My guest last night was Frank Arduini aka “Epectitus” and “Historian Dude” on blogs and forums and a long time nemesis of Birthers everywhere. Frank recently sliced and diced Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo’s so called affidavit that was filed by attorney Larry Klayman in on behalf of Birther plaintiff Mike Voeltz in a complaint in a case similar to one that was previously dismissed in Florida.

Frank authored a paragraph by paragraph analysis and found Zullo told his first big fib in the opening paragraph of the affidavit and went on from there with paragraph after paragraph of mostly opinions and rehashing of debunked Birther theories rather than facts and first hand observations.

You can listen to a replay of the show here:

or download a copy here:

Download RC Radio 12-20-2012 with Frank Arduini

This is Franks 54 page critique titled the “Annotated Zullo” as posted on SCRIBD:

Thanks again to Frank for providing another very entertaining and informative guest appearance on RC Radio. I invited both Mr. Zullo and Jerome Corsi to appear on the show but they apparently only prefer more friendly shows who will allow them to spout their Birther propaganda unchallenged.

12/21/2012 RC

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