What was your favorite Reality Check Radio episode from 2012?

Last year was a banner year for Reality Check Radio. We broke all of the records for number of listeners for both a single show and for one month. On the show last night I mentioned that I would conduct a poll to let you choose you favorite episode from 2012. Well here it is. I picked a list of the most listened shows in chronological order. Please vote for you favorite episode. Links to all the shows are posted below. I wish everyone a safe and happy 2013.

1/26 Georgia hearing with the Empty Chair

3/21 Guest Arthur Goldwag

6/5 California Primary Coverage – Orly comes in fifth

6/19 Guest Jerry Collette, plaintiff in Collette v Obama

7/17 Zullo the Clown, report on CCP press conference

9/24 The Mess in Mississippi – report on hearing in Taitz v MDEC in Jackson. MS

9/26 Indiana Orly – report on hearing before Judge Reid

11/5 Special with Jay Ritt who represented Occidental College against Orly

11/6 Back to back election night shows


11/16 Report from Second Hearing in MS – Georgetown, Scott Tepper, et. al.

12/20 The Annotated Zullo with Frank Arduini

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