Fogbow is down. I will post any updates from the Grinols hearing here.

The Fogbow forum crashed just now from too much traffic. I will post any updates I have and we hope to have a full report at 9 PM EST  on RC Radio. I will uypdate this post as necessary.–special-report-grinols-v-electoral-college


Updated at 7:07 PM EST: TRO denied. No dismissal, no sanctions, testy judge, sad Orly, written order to follow

Updated at 7:10 PM EST: MINUTES (Text Only) for proceedings held before Chief Judge Morrison C. England, Jr.: After hearing argument from counsel the Court denied Plaintiffs’ Motion for Temporary Restraining Order 12 . A formal, written order will be issued shortly and will be the controlling ruling on Plaintiffs’ Motion. Plaintiffs’ Counsel present: Orly Taitz. Defendants’ Counsel present: Edward Olsen and George Waters. Court Reporter: Kelly O’Halloran. Interpreter none present. (Deutsch, S) (Entered: 01/03/2013)

Updated 8:30 PM EST: The Fogbow is back up now and the first reports are being posted. It was another (typical) bad day for Taitz. Join us for the show shortly at–special-report-grinols-v-electoral-college


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6 Responses to Fogbow is down. I will post any updates from the Grinols hearing here.

  1. kubu island says:

    Thanks RC, saving the day. Looking forwaed to tonight’s show

  2. Objective Doubter says:

    Glad I came here! I was in a meeting for a little more than an hour, starting at 2 pm PST. Wondered what happened!

  3. Not much guessing on what happened. It is a forgone conclusion that Orly lost. What is important is how badly she lost.

  4. Soooo, it looks like the electoral vote certification will go on in Congress as planned tomorrow. What a shock! 😆

  5. Res Ipsa says:

    Thanks, RC…. fashion report?

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