Did Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo Fabricate More False Claims about President Obama: “Obama is the only President never to visit Mount Vernon”?

Mt Vernon

Freaky Friday

Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for the Sherriff Arpaio’s Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, appeared yet again on his favorite radio show last week. Zullo spent a full 90 minutes with Pastor Carl Gallups on his  weekly “Freedom Friday” program, which is broadcast on the web and on a small AM station in northwest Florida.

Gallups had hyped the show on the PPSimmons blog and various Birther sites had picked up on the hype for a week and stated that Zullo would release some astonishing new evidence that had been supplied to the CCP “team”. Gallups and Zullo as usual failed to deliver on the hype and there was no “bombshell” or anything new at all for that matter. Gallups made reference to mysterious “VIP’s” who have “come on board” and are “ready to move forward in an official manner”. Of course, none of these “VIP’s” could be named at this time. Gallups said that there were other “VIP’s” who had made promises to do something with the evidence but had reneged on those promises. Gallups promised to out those “VIP’s”. Someone at the Fogbow observed that Gallups’ VIP’s stood for Various Imaginary People.

Zullo took calls for over an hour (interrupted by frequent commercial breaks with ads pushing local yokel businesses that were more entertaining than Gallups’ program).  The calls were mostly Birthers but one Obama supporter managed to get through Gallops call screener to ask Zullo why they did accept John Woodman’s offer to share the results of his hundreds of hours of research into the validity of the LFBC. The caller offered this as proof that Zullo was lying when he claimed that he went into the investigation with no preconceptions. Zullo’s claim is laughable of course. The CCP investigation has never been about the truth but is nothing more than an attempt to slather a veneer of legal respectability on the Birther nonsense claims that someone forged the LFBC that was released to the public by the White House on April 27, 2011.

Gallups cut the caller “Fred” off before Zullo could answer but Zullo became somewhat upset and launched into a tirade against Woodman’s “methods” and claimed that Woodman had never corresponded with the CCP. This claim is false. I contacted John Woodman and he confirmed that he had called the CCP at the number given on their web page and offered to talk to them. No one ever returned his call. Woodman called again when the CCP used the incorrect vital statistics code to try to claim that the wrong code had been used for Barack Obama’s father’s race on the LFBC. John asked for a copy of the source for the codes that were displayed in the presentation last July at a CCP press conference run by Mike Zullo. Again no one contacted Woodman. Zullo also falsely claimed that Woodman gave up the computer business. He has not and is still in business. Woodman retired from blogging about Birthers because he considers the issue over now that Barack Obama has been elected a second time and said there is nothing left to discuss.

George Washington Slept There

Near the end of the program Gallups and Zullo talked about their visit to Washington, D. C. to attend the recent CPAC 2013. Gallups and Zullo had discussed their contact with “VIP’s” at the conference on the program the previous Friday. They said that on the final morning of the trip they toured Mount Vernon, George Washington’s famous estate. Gallups claimed they asked their tour guide if President Obama had ever visited Mount Vernon. Gallups said the guide “looked at us and said Barack Obama is the only President in US history never to set foot on this property”. Zullo and Gallups then used this to smear President Obama claiming that the guide “was almost in tears when he said it”.

I thought this claim sounded odd and of course considering the sources’ track record I assumed it was false. The entire claim is a red herring. How does visiting Mount Vernon equate with patriotism and ones ability to govern? As it turns out my instincts were correct. The claim that Obama is the only President never visit Mount Vernon is bogus. Is it possible that the tour guide was that badly misinformed? Yes, but this story has all the earmarks of a tall tale shaped to fit their anti-Obama agenda.

Yesterday I contacted Mount Vernon and they said the best way to check out this claim was to post the question on the “Ask Mount Vernon” section of the Mount Vernon web site. I received my answer quickly. First, the claim President Obama has not visited Mount Vernon, yet, is correct. However I note that he is only in the very early part of his second term of course. Also, the a new library devoted to the study of George Washington is being constructed and is scheduled to open in September 2013. There is a good chance that the President will be there for the dedication. The First Lady and their daughters have visited Mount Vernon. But what about all the other presidents whom Gallups and Zullo claimed all set foot at Mount Vernon? Well the first president did of course.  As it turns out almost half of the remaining presidents never came to Mount Vernon,  21 in total. Among those who are not recorded as ever visiting are Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton.

Unlike Mike Zullo I will name my source. She is Mary V. Thompson. Ms Thompson is the research historian at Mount Vernon. She was kind enough to supply the following information:

As you will see from the list below of presidents who did come to Mount Vernon, there are obviously quite a few who did not, or at least, for whom we have no record of a visit, including President Clinton. In the case of Presidents Clinton and Obama, their wives have visited Mount Vernon.


President John Adams: “His Excellency John Adams arrived at this place [Alexandria, Virginia] yesterday. He was escorted by a troop of cavalry into town….The President is on a visit to Mount Vernon, from whence he will return on Wednesday, and partake of a public dinner to which he has been invited by the citizens of Alexandria.” (June 10-11, 1800)

President Andrew Jackson (11/1815)

President James K. Polk: Came to Mount Vernon with his wife, Sarah Childress Polk, and former First Lady, Dolley Payne Madison. (June (?) 1845)
President Millard Fillmore: Came with a group of people to assess whether Mount Vernon would make a suitable home for soldiers. While there, he cut down a tree about 40 yards from the Tomb for a flag staff for a Mr. Duncan, “who is going to the Holy Land and wished a flag staff from Mount Vernon on which to raise the American flag on his journeys” (March 1851).

President Abraham Lincoln: Made a visit to Mount Vernon on the steamer with some friends and family members (April 2, 1862). John Dahlgren of the Washington Navy Yard wrote that he came to Mount Vernon that day “with the President, some members of his family, and others. I advised the President not to land, and remained in the boat with him.” According to one source, “[a]lthough the property was considered neutral territory during the war, real security issues remained, so it’s unlikely Lincoln visited the estate during his presidency.”

President Rutherford B. Hayes: Made an unexpected visit to Mount Vernon with his wife (Illustration) (6/18/1878)

President Benjamin Harrison: Came out with a large official group, including his Vice President, Levi P. Morton (Illustration) (5/1889)

President William McKinley: Accompanied by members of his Cabinet; attended the ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of George Washington’s death (Illustration) (12/14/1899)

President Theodore Roosevelt (1907/1908)

President William Howard Taft: Placed a wreath at the Tomb of George Washington. Later, as former president, came to Mount Vernon with a group from the American Bar Association; planted a tree (1912, 1914)

President Woodrow Wilson (1914, 1915, 1917, 1918)

President Calvin Coolidge (1925)

President Herbert Hoover: He and Mrs. Hoover made an “unheralded” visit on George Washington’s birthday in 1930, when they spent a few minutes inside Washington’s tomb “paying silent tribute.” Two years later, they came to Mount Vernon to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Washington’s birth (Illustration) (2/22/1930, 2/22/1932)

President Franklin Roosevelt: The Roosevelts made many visits to Mount Vernon; the 1st undertaken by the President appears to have been in 1933 (Illustration). On April 14, 1939, the Roosevelts escorted President and Mrs Samoza of Nicaragua on a visit to Mount Vernon (Illustration). Three years later, on January 8, 1942, and on August 6, 1942, the President brought British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, respectively, to see Washington’s Tomb (Illustrations). The following year, on Washington’s birthday, the President and First Lady returned with Madame Chiang Kai-Chek (Illustration) (1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1939, 1942, 1943)

President Harry S. Truman (1947)

President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1958)

President John F. Kennedy: Hosted a state dinner for President Ayub Khan of Pakistan, with Mrs. Kennedy (Illustration) (1961)

President Lyndon Baines Johnson (1961)

President Gerald R. Ford (1961, 1976)

President Ronald Reagan: Came to Mount Vernon with Mrs. Reagan to commemorate the 250th birthday of George Washington (Illustration) (2/1982)

President George H.W. Bush: Flew down in the presidential helicopter with Jordan’s King Hussein for a short visit (Illustration) (4/19/1989)

President George W. Bush: Paid a visit with Mrs. Bush on the Presidents’ Day holiday (2/19/2007); came back in November of the same year to meet with the new president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy (Illustration). The meeting was described as follows: “These two powerful allies and a handful of their most trusted advisors sequestered themselves in Washington’s Large Dining Room to discuss conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere. The press conference that followed had the Mansion’s cupola, with its symbolic Dove of Peace weathervane, as an appropriate backdrop.”

Notice that several previous Presidents visited on special occasions. For example, President Reagan visited on the 250th anniversary of Washington’s birth. George W. Bush only went near the end of his presidency in the seventh year. Are Zullo and Gallups questioning Bush’s patriotism? What about the ones who never went?  How ironic that Zullo and Gallups would either fabricate this story or fail to do even one bit of research to check out a weird claim by a tour guide that I easily debunked and in the process drag in our very first President who supposedly never told a fib.

Where’s the Beef?

The much ballyhooed radio appearance by Zullo with Gallups didn’t play well even with the gullible Birthers who seem to have hung on Zullo’s every  “any time now” utterance for over a year. Here is just a sample or two from Obama Ballot Challenge:

Carl loves to hear himself talk and he is good at it. He had to fill up 2 hrs, less the interminable “breaks,” because Zullo had astonishingly little new material to inform us about. He’s been giving an abbreviated, updated version of his 3-1-12 press conference, for over a year. Step right up, keep those contributions flowing in folks. Carl has been making dramatic, entertaining, but nearly content-free youtubes about it for months. Another overpromise and under-delivery


…Did I listen to the broadcast today? Absolutely not as I believed nothing new would be forthcoming. From what I’ve read, I was correct in my assessment. I apologize to those good folks who have been expecting more and not seeing results. I was told this investigation would be done with the “utmost diligence.” To say the least, I am disappointed how my request is currently being handled. We’re talking about saving America. We’re not talking about putting on a three ring circus act! Nothing has happened in my opinion since March 1, 2012. It’s time to get an active duty MCSO investigator, who is paid by the county to complete this criminal investigation, one way or another. This truly is disappointing.

Of course  this commenter is wrong. There is no way Joe Arpaio is going to put a real investigator on this because he knows it is all a sham and he would have to answer to the taxpayers for wasting any more paid resources on this farce. He already caught flack from the local media and the county board of supervisors for spending $10,000 sending a deputy ostensibly to protect Zullo when he went to Hawaii last year to harass officials there and pester a 90 year old lady, former Hawaii Registrar Verna K. Lee.

Even at the crazy ORYR/Birther Report blog the commenters were asking “Where’s the beef”?

You can read my previous blogs posts on Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse at this link: https://rcradioblog.wordpress.com/?s=zullo+cold+case+posse+

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47 Responses to Did Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo Fabricate More False Claims about President Obama: “Obama is the only President never to visit Mount Vernon”?

  1. Joe Mama says:

    This is really no different from the much-hyped “secret Obama college tapes” in 2012 which were neither secret (since they’d been on the internet for a year prior to being “released” by breitbart.com) nor damning to the president’s image. The way it was talked up it sounded like it was going to show Obama participating in a drug-fueled gay sex orgy. but it merely showed him introducing one of his college professors before a crowd. The right is so desperate to paint the current president in a bad light that they’re grasping at anything, no matter how small or insignificant, to make him look bad. Therefore you get apocryphal stories of tour guides in tears (why would a tour guide be so upset anyway, when there’s the possibility that Obama could visit in the next four years?) over Obama’s supposed slight of not personally gracing Mt. Vernon with his presence. Since the birthers don’t think he’s a valid president anyway, what does it really matter to them?

  2. John says:

    I listened to the clip again. This is another classic example where RC takes something “Out of Context”

    Doc C and RC make the claim that there a numerous Presidents who have not visited Mount Vernon including Barack Obama and that Zullo and Gallup’s claim is not credible. RC attempts to back up his claims with information he received from a Mount Vernon Historian.

    However, the claim Gallup and Zullo is NOT what Doc C and RC is claiming.

    Gallup said that Obama is the only President who has not “Set Foot on Mount Vernon Property”.

    The information RC has only contains information about the President who actually registered their visit. However, even if other Presidents had not registered their visit, that does not mean they “Didn’t set foot on Mount Vernon Property”.

    The information RC cites is really not credible.

    Apparently, the Tour Guide that spoke to Gallup and Zullo know for a sure that Obama is the ONLY President “who has not set foot on Mount Vernon Property”.

    • Joe Mama says:

      I think you’re trying to shift the burden of proof here. You’re claiming that just because some presidents weren’t logged as visiting the site means you can’t prove they weren’t there. Yet I think it can be proved that Clinton, Carter, and others didn’t visit. Plus your attempt to redefine “setting foot on the property” sounds like a weak attempt to weasel around what Gallup said. There is no “taking out of context” here. Either all presidents but Obama visited or they didn’t. There’s proof that others did not, so Gallup is wrong. The fact that you’re willing to believe an apocryphal tale of some anonymous tour guide (who may not even know the truth) over actual evidence is telling and just shows the conspiracy theorist mindset. Why believe facts when a story which aligns with your beliefs will do?

      At any rate, again this means absolutely nothing when it comes to being patriotic or qualified to hold the highest office in the land, and just smacks of “Obama is bad” birther desperation.

    • Dr. Ken says:

      John now you’re just showing how dumb you are. How would a volunteer tour guide who hasn’t been around the entire time know more than the paid historian who looks into this stuff as apart of her job?

    • CarlOrcas says:

      John says: Gallup said that Obama is the only President who has not “Set Foot on Mount Vernon Property”.

      Gee, John…..maybe Obama levitated down the Potomac and then circled around before heading back north to the White House. No footprints that way!

  3. Sure John. As usual your comment is just silly. Gallups and Zullo are quoting (or lying about) an unnamed (probably volunteer) tour guide. I am quoting Mary V. Thompson who is the Research Historian for Mount Vernon and you believe Gallups and Zullo? I can see why you believe of the rest of their lies now. To believe their story you have to believe that both Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon visited Mount Vernon and there is absolutely no record of those visits. How about that John? Is that what your are claiming?

  4. John says:

    The list you cites only from Presidents who have someone “documented” their visit or visits to Mount Vernon and such information would be maintained by a Historian. But just because a past President has not “documented” their visit does not mean they didn’t visit Mount Vernon. Apparently, the tour guide that spoke to Gallup and Zullo spoke know that Obama is the only President who has not visited “documented” or “undocumented” to Mount Vernon. Is it gospel truth? Who Know? I guess Zullo and Gallup think so. Make your own call.

    • Joe Mama says:

      So I guess you’re going to take the word of some anonymous tour guide who may or may not exist, and even if he does exist may not know the full truth, over the word of the actual site historian?

      You’re a birther, of course you will.

    • GeorgetownJD says:

      So, John, how do you know that President Obama has not “set foot” on the grounds of Mount Vernon and, like several other Presidents, it simply was not documented? As you say, just because a President has not “documented” his visit does not mean he didn’t visit Mount Vernon.

      Frankly, I’d rather Obama spend his time pushing through a budget that ends this ridiculous sequestration that the Teabaggers caused in 2011 than to spend time sightseeing the plantation downriver from the White House. Homage to President Washington can be paid in more productive ways.

  5. John, your hero Zullo the Clown has been busted once again for fibbing. Remember the faked vital statistics codes? Remember the claim that “no tax payer funds have been spent on this investigation”? Remember the claim that Charles Bennett’s Hawaii Medical Journal article told how certificate numbers were assigned? It isn’t like it hasn’t happened before.Just accept it and move on rather than making a fool of yourself.

  6. Jim says:

    @John: You do realize the President’s movements, meetings, etc are tracked daily don’t you? Would you please show me in Clinton’s or Nixon’s times as President where they visited Mt. Vernon? The information can be obtained through their Presidential Libraries…or you could go back through old newspapers and news reports. If they visited during their times in office, it’s noted somewhere. Or, you could accept Zullo lying to you…again.

  7. NBC says:

    The information RC cites is really not credible.


    Sure John an unnamed tour guide is credible but the historian of Mount Vernon is not.

    No wonder you have no credibility left John…

  8. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    John, as usual, you are fighting a losing battle.

  9. Thomas Brown says:

    John really just can’t figure it out. It’s so cute.

    One group says they have evidence they can’t show, quotes people they can’t name, alleges hidden meanings nobody else sees, believes a story somebody heard about a guy they can’t find who remembers something some other guy said, accepts documents produced by known forgers and felons… and they’re the patriotic defenders of truth.

    The other group has physical evidence, information from serious authoritative sources they can cite and footnote, talks to real people they can name who refute the other group, and are supported by case law and court decisions… and they’re an evil cabal spreading lies.

    Holy Mike, John. As Samuel Jackon said, “Wake the f*ck up!”

    • Thomas Brown says:

      Come to think of it, John… how about you conduct a little experiment. Call or email both Zullo and Gallups, and tell them their claims are being met with skepticism by Obots, and ask if they can help you out in your arguments by naming the tour guide they heard it from. Or even just a detailed physical description of the guide, or the exact time the conversation took place so RC can check with Mt. Vernon to see who was on duty that day. Anything to definitively corroborate their story.

      And please do try to figure out who are really the liars (hint: RC isn’t one of them) when they claim they can’t give you any of that information for some phony lame-assed reason.

      Maybe then you’ll “Wake the f*ck up!”

  10. Dr. Ken says:

    Looks like Carl Gallups is backing away from this one and throwing the tour guide under the bus. Gallups claims he was simply just reporting what someone told him and that it wasn’t necessarily the truth.

    Gallups response: “Regarding the Obamabot/Fogbow connection, I can see that my program is being targeted. Zullo and I went to Mt. Vernon together and spoke to a tour guide innocently, because we didn’t know what his politics were – and we simply asked – and we used the word “president” – “Has President Obama visited this site?” With a complete look of disgust on his face, he instantly said, “He’s the only president in U.S. history to never visit this place. His wife and daughters have been here, but he has never set foot on the place.” Now how can I be lying when I’m simply reporting what an employee answered? The employee might be lying or he might be mistaken; those are possibilities. But Mike Zullo and I are not liars. We did not lie. We asked a guy a question; he gave us an answer; we reported his answer on the radio program. It’s as simple as that.”

    Hmm he didn’t mention Obama’s wife and children visiting in the original story. Umm sorry Gallups but when you pass off stories that aren’t true and you don’t do a modicum of research yeah that makes you either a liar or an incompetent boob. Take your pick Carl

  11. Dave says:

    Geez folks, they simply repeated what they were told from a tour guide…that’s only half as bad what comes from the MSM and their “sources”—–if they even report it all. Chill out.

    • No, they didn’t simply repeat what they were told. They used this to somehow try to smear President Obama as somehow intentionally avoiding going to Mount Vernon for whatever reason. I thought Field Marshall Zullo was the great investigator? Yet he didn’t bother to check out the claim did he?

      • Dave says:

        Oh cry me a river will ya? Poor President Obama—–somebody tried to “smear” him. The horror of it all……..please…….compared to what?

        • So Dave, do you have anything intelligent to add to the discussion? How about explaining how the LFBC could be a forgery when the issuing authority says it is valid? Do you actually support these morons like Lyin’ Carl Gallups and Zullo the Clown?

        • Dr. Ken says:

          Well it just speaks to Used Car Salesman Mike Zullo’s investigative ability that he just made a claim he didn’t bother to verify. Zullo claimed he was doing a legitimate investigation apparently that’s not the case dave.

  12. Dave says:

    I do not know sir. Haven’t seen the evidence but I’m not certain the State of Hawaii was referring to that specific document were they? I’ll say this. Based on what I’ve seen so far, Lt. Zullo does not have a penchant for calling people names or deriding people’s character. That generally means something in my book. I live in the listening area of 1330 AM and heard this show from start to finish. I have followed this off and on since pretty much when it got started. I realize there is so much information out there about this, that a regular joe like me can have a hard time sifting through it but it seems to me that people don’t sign their names to affidavits under penalty of perjury for the heck of it. What are we afraid of? The truth? One way or the other? It is amazing how many people have been afraid to touch this. It’s like its toxic or something. Because of what? The law is the law. If its true, then let the chips fall where they may. There will ultimately only be one person to blame if it is.

    • You could have stopped with “I don’t know sir” and been even. But you didn’t unfortunately for you.

    • Zullo is not a “Lt.” He isn’t even a police officer.
      He never filed anything under oath. His affidavit was not under penalty of perjury. It wasn’t even requested or part of discovery in any court case.
      Zullo has called unknown people criminals without a shred of proof.

    • How about taking my offer to wager $100 that no one will be convicted of forgery as a result of the joke CCP investigation? That is just how sure I am that Zullo is a lying sack of crap.