Carl Gallups claims “The Xerox evidence is of no concern”

Carl Gallups, the most ardent Mike Zullo sycophant, appeared on Mike Volin’s Blog Talk Radio show tonight. Mike asked Carl about the Xerox evidence and Carl said Mike Zullo is aware of it and “it is of no concern”. He repeated that line about five times but gave no details at all.

Note to Carl: I think I would be concerned if my lead expert could not even email a document on a Xerox WorkCentre.

The complete Blog Talk Radio show is here

This is the Gallups interview:

[Update]I linked this video above but I would like to expand upon the incompetence of the Cold Case Posse experts a bit. Garrett Papit wrote the Cold Case Posse Media Supplemental Report that is available at the MCSO web site.  That report has now been decimated by NBC’s research. NBC found that Papit had posted a YouTube video he took of himself as he tried to scan a copy of the LFBC to email on a Xerox WorkCentre 7566 and could not even do that.

Mara Zebest is one of the other “experts”. You might remember that she was at a big news conference in a rented conference room at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C. where WND was announcing its libel suit against Esquire Magazine and Zebest could not even open a PowerPoint presentation on her own computer. It was attended by all of three people including a WND intern who asked questions she was given and Terry Krepel of ConWebWatch.

She also tried to claim that “Hawaii” was misspelled on the Savannah Guthrie photo of the LFBC and that President Obama’s image was Photoshopped into pictures of the situation room during the Bin Laden compound raid.

Zebest wrote her own report on the LFBC which was neatly skewered by Frank Arduini’s response.

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12 Responses to Carl Gallups claims “The Xerox evidence is of no concern”

  1. Jim says:

    Of course it is of “no concern”, they’re not trying to remove the President from office, they’re trying to separate the birthers from their money. That’s the difference between an “investigation” and a scam.

  2. ASK Esq says:

    When has reality been of any concern to the birthers?

  3. Ran Talbott says:

    So, can we start calling him “Baghdad Carl” now?

  4. Hektor says:

    Wait, I thought that Carl and Zullo wanted to exonerate the President. They keep claiming that if someone would just show them proof that everything is normal, they’d walk away and admit that they were wrong. Suddenly NBC’s evidence is of “no concern.” Really, I thought that they would have been happy that the matter is settled. /sarcasm

    • Ran Talbott says:

      They may realize that they’re riding a tiger: if they declare “we’re satisfied” and close down the investigation, some (possibly even a substantial) percentage of the birthers will accuse them of “selling out and joining the conspiracy”.
      THis would make a great cartoon: the CCP, hoist on a petard that’s assaulting a giant Workcentre 7655, looking down at an angry torch- and pitchfork-carrying mob demanding that they continue the attack.

    • You are correct Hektor and I believe Zullo repeated that claim again tonight on Carl Gallups’ radio show. Zullo should be dancing a happy dance over this but he instead sounds like his mother died.

  5. Every time I hear the Zullo line that the WorkCenter revelations are of “no concern,” I think of Dana Carvey’s send-up of Johnnie Cochran during the OJ Simpson trial… “What is DNA anyway? Just three little letters! Probably stands for “Did Not Attack…”

    • The “it is of no concern” line was actually said by Zullo’s mouthpiece Baghdad Bob Gallups.

      • Thomas Brown says:

        Ah. I had indeed assumed it was Zullo’s exact wording… given that Gallups has, to my knowledge, never expressed an original thought.

        • I can understand your confusion. I have listened to several of Zullo’s interviews on Baghdad Carl’s show and the way it usually goes is that Gallups will blather on for 10 minutes on something the CCP is doing that should really be Zullo’s to relate and then Carl will say “Isn’t that right Mike?”.

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