Mike Zullo finds out about the Xerox evidence

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12 Responses to Mike Zullo finds out about the Xerox evidence

  1. Ran Talbott says:

    It’s a brilliant piece of satire (I especially liked the way you made the woman in the hall Zebest, and brought up a couple of her other “accomplishments” I didn’t know about). But I found the choice of a Hitler clip troubling. Probably because I grew up in the aftermath of WWII, so it carries a lot of strong negative connotations for me. I wasn’t laughing out loud the way I think I would have if you had used a clip featuring comical figure like one of Groucho Marx’s schemers.
    It’ll be interesting to see whether people of different generations react to it differently.
    On the plus side, there will be lot more hilarity in watching the “Libs say birthers are Nazis” reactions than there would with “Libs say birthers are comical” 😉

    • Ran

      Yes, I gave this some thought before using this meme – actually a lot of thought. This Hitler reacts video has been used so many times I decided it doesn’t really carry the Nazi message and that it is more like a cartoon than anything at this point. Of course I am not comparing Zullo to Hitler and this is satire from the get go.

      However, I do not mean to make that light of what Zullo and Gallups are doing. They are wrongfully perpetrating a smear campaign against the leader of the nation, a fine person, a good husband and father, and a great leader. For that I think they are scum and I have nothing but complete contempt for them.

      • Ran Talbott says:

        I had no idea that clip had achieved iconic status: this was the first time I’d seen it, so it feels very “real”, rather than “cartoonish”, for me. I’m sure that people who’ve seen it used for comic effect in other satires of epic failures will see it quite differently.
        I hope you’ll focus on my comments about it being a brilliant use of the material, and not let the reaction caused by my un-hipness rain on your parade 😉

  2. Jim says:

    Fantastic! THANKS!

  3. Hektor says:

    RC, I LOLed. Great job.

  4. Fantastic RC!!! Absolutely devastating!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      • gsgs says:

        rage,furious is not the way, how Zullo behaves in the talks and presentations.
        I think he does well presentations. The problem is only he’s wrong.
        And he won’t care so much about being wrong, so I wouldn’t expect the
        reaction as in the clip. He’s only wrong in Obot-land, if he only speaks to
        the “right” people, he’s still ok.
        But in general I think using satire is not the right way in such disputes.
        It suggests that your arguments are superior just because you have a
        better “art”,culture in your satire, your wording. Let the facts speak.

        I doubt that the clip is considered so funny in Germany, not because of the
        sentiments and rememberings to that time, but just because that episode
        is not considered so unusual,so special, as maybe in USA. It’s just how things
        and “discussions” were at that time.

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