Matt Hendley at Phoenix New Times Blog Covers the Xerox Findings

Matthew Hendley has written a fine article at the Phoenix New Times that discusses the Xerox as the Forger findings. Someone must have tipped him off. Winking smile

Both NBC and Reality Check Radio were mentioned. Mattt included the video showing that CCP lead technical guru  Garrett Papit  cannot scan to email on a Xerox WorkCentre  too. 😆

Joe Arpaio’s Sham “Investigation” Into Obama’s Birth Certificate Exposed (Yet Again)

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9 Responses to Matt Hendley at Phoenix New Times Blog Covers the Xerox Findings

  1. it was a secret ?? ooops

  2. arnash says:

    An Obama BC defender wrote incredulously: “AND the officials in Hawaii must be lying when they say that there is a valid birth certificate for Obama in the files and when they said that they made a photocopy of it onto security paper to created the long form BC.”

    Adrien Nash answers: What they claim is a flat-out provable lie. It’s unprovable that it isn’t a lie because the original record, under lock and key, will never be revealed. Thus they can say any damn thing that they want and no one can show that they are lying.
    But I can show that they lied because what they claimed was impossible. Only an abstract digital file of pure text and no original paper background imagery can be printed on security paper with none of the image of the original paper present.
    Otherwise you would see the original paper sheet that it was typed on at the hospital that created it and it would be surrounded by the image of security paper. You can’t print a photo of an original document retrieved from microfilm onto any paper but blank paper or else the pattern on the print-paper will interfere with the image of the photo.
    To print on security paper one must have a file of text that contains no background, like it’s typed on clear plastic, floating in the air. That requires that one print from an abstract digital file which contains no background imagery.
    The liars in the Dept. of Health claim to have witnessed that which is impossible, -the photocopying of an original birth certificate onto security paper. That has never been done in world history as a means of producing a birth certificate.
    The Obama long form BC is an Abstract and no Abstract can be produced via photocopying. Photocopying does not produce an Abstract but instead produces a TRUE and CORRECT COPY.
    Doing what they described would capture the image of the original paper that the record was typed on, and yet there is no paper image. Where did it go? Answer: it never existed, just like the original long form never existed either. The Hawaiian officials are just as corrupt and dishonest as the crook that they lie for.

  3. Jim says:

    arnash says: “The Hawaiian officials are just as corrupt and dishonest as the crook that they lie for.”
    Says the man with no proof that Hawaii has done anything illegal. But here’s a question for you, we now see that Mr Zullo has been caught in multiple lies, misstated facts, and has an incapable person trying to do computer forensic and failing badly…when are you going to start investigating the CCP for fraud? They’re the ones who’ve been lying to you.

  4. John says:

    You may have something Nash. If I recall the Hawaii DOH said a while back that they put everything into the computer in electronic file format. Therefore, when Obama got the COLB it computer directly from the computer system and was printed directly onto to the safety paper. In the case of long form birth certificate, the actual original copies are stored in books. It does raise the question on how the Hawaii DOH was able to put the Long-Form BC on safety paper. If your theory is correct, the long-form BC would have to exist on “air” in order to make such perfect reproduction on to safety paper. Hawaii even said at one point in denying the guy who wanted Sundara’s BC, the original BCs were to fragile to make efficient enough copies.

  5. arnash says:

    After beginning to make a version of a BC that would look like what I supposed that Obama’s should look like, it occurred to me that printers don’t print white. So if the original is clean, then optimizing it during the scanning process would turn the background paper pure white, as was the case when they digitized the microfilm images and extracted only the black text. So a print would essentially only print the black text onto security paper since the white background would be ignored because white is the assumed color of the paper it would be printed on. So that theory is probably totally wrong.
    Oh well,…but that doesn’t mean that the lying liars in the DoH actually did what they claimed to have done, especially since they never do that for any other birth certificate because all of them are already digitized and in their data base. They just call up the record, and press print.
    Also, does anyone really think that the 1961 bound volume is just sitting on a shelf and not under lock & key? Or if it is on a shelf that it still contains the affidavit and typed version that constitutes what they have the audacity to call the “original birth record” -like its some form of authentic official document signed by a doctor and Verna Lee? Bunk! or as Betty Davis once said: “Garbage, pure garbage!”
    Senor Obama does not have an original Hawaiian hospital birth certificate and that’s why he can’t show the one that he’s used all of his adult life instead of needing to “request a copy” in 2008. What idiot would think that he never needed and never had a birth certificate before running for the office of President of the United States? You’d have to be the dumbest person on earth to believe that.

    His problem is and was that he can’t show it to anyone because of what it reveals, whatever the heck that is. Probably a birth location in Vancouver, Canada.

    • Dr. Ken says:

      Wow talk about your usual line of stupid Aryan Nash. The machines aren’t always perfect and there is no such thing (despite your version of reality) as pure white. There will always be some imperfections in the paper that may get picked up in the scanning process. Hell even the reams of paper staples sells isn’t pure white

    • Ran Talbott says:

      “You’d have to be the dumbest person on earth to believe that.”
      Or someone like me, whose original was lost in a move over 40 years ago, and never needed one until a few years back. At which time I did what Obama did, and paid the $10 to get an “abstract” from Indiana.
      Maybe if you were less obnoxious, you wouldn’t inspire the doubt that causes abnormal requests for documents…

      • Dr. Ken says:

        I’ve also lost my own BC multiple times throughout college and after and have had to reorder it. I did a test a while back using my own birth certificate and found some of the “anomalies” birthers complain about when I opened it in illustrator. Birthers continue to show they have no real objections but a preexisting bias and ulterior motive.

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