We Accept Your Challenge Mr. Zullo

Zull with BCNot that will matter but I sent the following email to Mike Zullo today. I called him Friday to ask a simple question: Did Carl Gallups speak for him when Gallups said on Mike Volin’s Blog Talk Radio program that blogger NBC and I were “persons of interest” in a criminal investigation?

Rather than answer that simple question Mr. Zullo behaved in a completely unprofessional manner, tried unsuccessfully to intimidate me into revealing my identity, and apparently let Carl Gallups surreptitiously listen to our conversation. He certainly did not behave as someone would expect a law enforcement professional to behave. That was no surprise because he isn’t.

I thought it was good to get on the record that NBC and I are more than willing to share research that meets his challenge. As I told Mr. Zullo in my email I will publish any response he might have.

Update: I had previously published them but for reference here are the files that were attached to my email to Mr. Zullo:

LFBC Xerox 7535 HiResPrint

LFBC Xerox 7535 HiResPrintPreview


Mr. Zullo

I will put aside your completely unprofessional behavior when I called the other day. Since you are not a professional law enforcement officer I probably should not have had any expectation that you should have acted as one.

From our conversation I gather that you are aware of the work with the Xerox WorkCentres that blogger NBC and I have done that has demonstrated that many of the so-called anomalies in the White House posted PDF are the result of a very simple scanning process.  First let me remind you what you said in an interview with the Post & Email on this past May 17:

THE POST & EMAIL: I imagine you know who the major Obot players have been and the kind of trouble they have caused.

DET. ZULLO: I am. I really don’t pay attention to them; it’s just recently that it’s being brought to my attention more than ever. To me, the Obots are completely irrelevant to everything we are doing. Not one of them has the credentials; not one of them has any verifiable evidence. I have put it out there numerous times: if you can show me how a one-button scan push can do this to a document, please come in; I’d love to sit here and have you show me. Nobody ever steps up to that plate.

I assume that your “one button challenge” is a metaphor for a simple mechanical process that would require using only typical office equipment and software that demonstrates that the features of the PDF that you have attributed to a human forger can be reproduced using a simple and common office process.

I hereby accept your challenge.

Both NBC and I have performed experiments using two different models of the Xerox WorkCentre that have replicated the key features in the White House LFBC PDF through a very simple process. It is so simple that it should be easy for your or someone working for you to repeat the process and replicate the results to a reasonable extent.

These are the steps that we followed:

  1. Printed a color copy of the White House LFBC on a good quality color laser printer found in most modern offices.
  2. Scanned to a PDF email attachment on a Xerox WorkCentre using default settings. The two models we have tested are the Xerox WorkCentres 7535 and 7655. I believe other WorkCenter  models use a similar MRC compression algorithm and would provide similar results. Note: Some lower end models do not use MRC compression and will produce much larger files that only contain a single image layer.
  3. Opened the resulting PDF on a Mac running OSX in Preview.
  4. Printed the file to PDF in Preview.
  5. Opened and examined the file in Adobe Illustrator and compared the results with the White House LFBC PDF.

Note that in none of the reports that the MSCO Cold Case Posse has produced nor in any of the video materials presented at the two press conferences have you provided such detail about any research that has been done by the Cold Case Posse.

I attached my resulting PDF files to this email.  I included both the PDF produced by the Xerox WorkCentre 7535 scan to email and the Preview saved version. The objects or “layers” as you and most of us have incorrectly called them are remarkably similar and exhibit several features that your researchers claimed could not be created by any scanning process such as we performed. See Media Supplemental Report

The four main objects are almost identical. In both the WH LFBC and the Xerox 7535 PDF you will find:

  • The green background, the birth certificate form and some of the text are separated in a JPEG object at 150 DPI resolution.
  • There are while “holes” in the green background object where text was removed
  • There are multiple one bit monochrome bit masks that are 300 DPI resolution
  • One object contains most of the text from the form
  • Another object contains most of the signature stamp
  • The date stamp is separated in another object
  • The objects like the date stamp and signature can be moved around in Illustrator

I showed a side by side comparison of the four main objects in an article I wrote comparing the Xerox findings with Ivan Zatkovich’s report solicited by WND after the publication of the LFBC in April 2011. Xerox Theory Consistent with Ivan Zatkovich Report

The similarities do not end there. (Follow the links for more detail).

  • The PDF contains an embedded JPEG which contains identical quantization matrices. JEPG Quantization Matrices
  • The alignment of two sides of the foreground images with 8 bit boundaries in a 300 ppi layer. 8 bit alignments, Layer Alignments
  • Preview adds a top level clipping mask set at the printing borders of the default printer on the Mac. In the WH LFBC this clipping path covers some of the green background. In the 7535 Preview file the white border already existed when printed so the clipping path only hides white. It is clearly seen when viewed in Illustrator however.
  • The creation of pixel for pixel identical letters and shapes via JBIG2.
  • Scaling of the layers (48% and 24%). Scaling and Rotation on the Xerox 7655, Scaling and Rotation on the WH LFBC
  • Existence of an embedded JPEG comment tag “YCrCb”. This has been found in all color documents scanned on a Xerox WorkCentre and can be found in the White House LFBC PDF. It refers to the color space used to encode the JPEG document. It is a comment only and not the command that is used to decode the JPEG. NBC and others have looked at hundreds of JPEG’s using YCrCb color space encoding and have never found the comment. It appears to be a leftover programmers comment. I emailed Professor Ricardo de Queiroz who holds many of the early Xerox patents on MRC compression and he agrees that the comment is most likely something a programmer left during cleaning up the software. In essence the color space comment is almost like a fingerprint that a file originated on a Xerox WorkCentre. Note: Since the JPEG object in the Preview file is double compressed the correct low level extraction software tools must be used to decode this layer to preserve the binary code integrity. The researchers used by the Cold Case Posse have not demonstrated the necessary level of expertise to perform this task. I am sure NBC would be more than willing to help them do this correctly. Any forensic examiner would recognize the significance of this finding and how it directly points to a Xerox WorkCentre as the source of the initial scan of the LFBC PDF.
  • The remaining objects are random letters and mostly dots and speckles in both documents.
  • Preview replaces the metadata in both files with its own version and removes the Xerox producer and creator metadata.

Both NBC and I have stated that the experiments with the printed copy of the LFBC cannot be relied upon to analyze the white halos around some letters since the halos are already there in the base document. However, other Xerox WorkCentre generated PDF’s have been found on line that clearly demonstrate the same halo effect around letters. The halo effect is most visible in documents with black text on a light non-white background. Here are two examples:



Notice in the second image the halos are quite apparent even on a mottled gray background. We are conducting further research that will I believe be definitive on the halos. I will forward those results if you are interested.

I believe the results presented above refute the vast majority of the the claims that the so-called anomalies in the LFBC PDF are proof that a human constructed the document. I have shown that a trivially simple workflow process can account for these. They are not anomalies at all. They are just artifacts from the Xerox MRC compression process. That leaves only a few other claims that are not PDF related such as the typography claims that you have hardly mentioned, the certificate number sequence, and the “African” race. Your claims in all of those areas have been debunked. The “African” race claim was debunked within minutes by “Doctor Conspiracy”, Kevin Davidson when he noticed that you had used mislabeled race code tables in the July 17, 2012 press conference. By the way you have never owned up to that mistake but left poor Mark Gillar hanging out there to try to excuse it.

When we spoke the other day I said that you needed to “man up”. What I meant was that you need to back up the challenge you made. We have accepted your challenge. Now see if you can replicate those results and publish them.  I have given you every step necessary to do that. A real investigator would begin there and not try to find other documents that give different results. Both you and Sheriff Arpaio have stated that this investigation was only being done to find the truth and that you are not out to get the President. It is time to quit hiding behind the “criminal investigation” meme. Your own Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said no crime had been committed as of last September in a response to a request from your former CCP member Brian Reilly to take the “evidence” to a grand jury.

It is time to quit hiding behind unofficial spokespersons like Mark Gillar and Carl Gallups who purport to speak for you and the CCP but whom you have never acknowledged as such. It is time to quit portraying those who disagree with you as “Obots” and insinuating they are paid operatives and criminals. This childish behavior is beneath the dignity of someone who purports to represent a major metropolitan law enforcement organization. Neither my name nor NBC’s name would mean anything to you. I do not purport to be an expert in computer and document forensics but like your self-proclaimed experts I have worked in a technical field for over 30 years and have worked with computers in my job since I ran Fortran language programs on a mainframe using Hollerith punched cards in the late 1960’s. Reed Hayes has no expertise listed in his background that would suggest he is qualified to be an expert in this area either. You and your minions have tried to portray him as if he was hired by attorneys working for President Obama. That is just a blatant lie.

What counts in any research is the facts. I believe they are overwhelmingly in favor of the premise that the White House published a PDF scan of a certified copy of President Obama’s long from birth certificate obtained by special request and provided by the Hawaii Department of Health in April 2011. One copy was scanned on a XeroxWorkcentre 7655, which we know from GSA records and metadata from other documents published at the White House web site, was in use at the Executive Office of the President only days before the publication of the LFBC. At least two other independent images were also published. One was a photo of the press conference handout by AP photographer Scott Applewhite and another was a cell phone photo of one of the two certified copies taken by NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie.

We have accepted you challenge. It is time to show whether you are running a real investigation rather than a PR operation against Barack Obama.

I await your answer. I am publishing a copy of this letter on my blog. I do not consider this email nor any reply you might make as private communicatio. I offer to publish any response you might have.



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97 Responses to We Accept Your Challenge Mr. Zullo

  1. Jim says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! “Man-Up!?!?!?” from a fake detective, you’re asking a lot!!!

  2. drconspiracy says:

    So where, if I may ask, did you get you get Zullo’s super-secret shoe phone number?

  3. Publius says:

    I seriously doubt that Zullo will ever acknowledge any error on his part, because he’s a scumbag.

  4. truthseeker says:

    RC, The best way to overcome bullies is to stand up to bullies. Bravo! If Mr. Zullo really is intertested in clearing the President, he should run the Xerox experiments as you have outlined and he should provide you with the results. However as has been stated, there is no crime, as there is insufficient evidence, not to mention the PA in Maricopa County has no jurisdiction. The Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett received a Verification Of Birth from the Hawaii Department of Health. The Verification Of Birth verified ALL of the information on the Obama Certifcate of Live Birth. With that one letter, Mr. Obama was “cleared.” Case closed, end of story.

    • Thank you.

      Yes, it is all quite simple isn’t it? When Zullo made that challenge I bet he never thought in his lifetime anyone would figure out exactly how the PDF was generated. Now they are hunkered down madly running tests on irrelevant documents to try to poke holes in the theory. Why anyone would now believe the CCP gang of “experts” is beyond me when they have been not only wrong but spectacularly wrong.

      • truth seeker says:

        “Why anyone would now believe the CCP gang of “experts” is beyond me when they have been not only wrong but spectacularly wrong.”

        It simply shows how accepting of authority, even pretend authority, people have become. Obama’s birth certificate no longer is the issue. We have citizens who no longer question obvious errors and apparent intentional deception. They are blinded by the glare of a pretend badge. Good luck with your effort. Don’t let yourself be bullied or intimidated. Find and reveal the truth.

      • Ran Talbott says:

        But the haven’t been wrong: they’ve provided plausible-sounding (to the ignorant) confirmation of people’s prejudices. Therefore, they _must_ be right, and all the nay-sayers must be dupes or shills.
        Think “confirmation bias raised to the level of psychosis”.

      • gsgs says:

        > LFBC Xerox 7535 HiResPrint
        > LFBC Xerox 7535 HiResPrintPreview

        can you make a scan–>pdf from a printout that removed
        the WH-halos ? As I remember we made such files, must be on my HD.
        That should show what kind of halos the machine produces on the original
        text on the security-paper (without pre-existing halos).
        I don’t remember how much halos were already on the
        original copy (–>AP,Guthry,OF)

        • Those tests are underway. The results show halos. Any document with a light colored background and dark text will produce halos on a Xerox WorkCentre. NBC has links to several that folks have found on the Internet.

        • gsgs says:

          what’s the reason ? hardware or software ?
          they could release the code, it’s probably outdated and there will be updates
          The birth certificate should be good publicity for Xerox (see, the WH is
          using our machine), they might cooperate, ask them

  5. Ran Talbott says:

    Be sure you get a copy to the Phoenix New Times: it’ll be great to have people Corporal Zullo encounters offline asking him how he’s doing on the challenge. Especially if one or more of the TV stations picks up the story and spreads it even wider.

  6. arnash says:

    There’s an awfully long drop from the end of a very long branch that Zullo et al have positioned themselves on. It’s almost time to be grateful not to be in his shoes. That being said…

    RC wrote: “What counts in any research is the facts. I believe they are overwhelmingly in favor of the premise that the White House published a PDF scan of a…” -and then he flew right off the tracks by assuming without evidence that the scan was of a “certified copy”.
    Putting one’s head on straight results in a different concluding statement, -one purely factually based, -one that goes no farther than light allows. So how should he have continued that sentence?

    “~that the White House published a PDF scan of a physical paper document of unknown and unproven origin which careful examination may or may not prove to be a counterfeit concocted to protect a president who was born of a non-immigrant alien outside of the United States, and who consequently, regardless of his election, is not only not a natural born citizen but is not a U.S. citizen at all.” THAT would be a true statement of what is and isn’t known.

    Along that vein, I’ve dropped by to drop a link to what I’ve concocted this morning. It’s a simulation of Obama’s vital record, -the “half-written and half-typed” affidavit in the Hawaiian archive. Check it out here: http://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/duham_affidavit_simulation-b.jpg Print-size 860 Kb
    http://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/duham_affidavit_simulation.jpg screen size 400 Kb
    http://h2ooflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/duham_affidavit_simulation-b.pdf 96 Kb

    What’s that I hear? The ring of truth? Yes, I believe that is what it is, just like the Xerox results. Congratulations. “Let justice be done though the sky fall.”

    Adrien Nash ~OBAMA’S SECRET ORIGIN http://h2ooflife.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/obamas-secret-origin/

    • Publius says:

      “…that the White House published a PDF scan of a physical paper document of unknown and unproven origin which careful examination may or may not prove to be a counterfeit concocted to protect a president who was born of a non-immigrant alien outside of the United States…”

      Ah, no. The evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of exactly what Mr. R.C. stated.

      The State of Hawaii, including officials from both Democrat and Republican administrations, have repeatedly stated that Mr. Obama was born there in 1961. They specifically said that they sent two certified copies of Obama’s birth certificate to him, and linked from their site to the PDF document on the White House web site.

      So you have the full authority of the State of Hawaii saying, “Yes, he was born here, yes we sent them two certified copies of his birth certificate, and here, the document the White House posted is what it looked like.”

      Of course, none of that means anything if you happen to be a kook. Which… well, let’s not mince words here. You are.

    • Ran Talbott says:

      “What’s that I hear? The ring of truth?”
      No, that would be tinnitus induced by repeatedly banging your head against the wall of reality.

    • Adrien

      I forgot who said it but it is worth repeating. Whatever drugs you are taking stop. Whatever drugs you are not taking start.

  7. Ran Talbott says:

    “tried unsuccessfully to intimidate me into revealing my identity”

    It’s been suggested that this was merely an attempt to discredit you, but it would also put your personal information in the the hands of people who’ve already committed fraud and identity theft “for the cause”, and routinely post death threats and calls for violent revolution.

    Back in the days when I was moderating the political forums on CompuServe, I had to have an unlisted phone number to help avoid the crazies. None of the threats I got personally were really credible, but before I came on, the forum owner had tangled with Don Black’s KKK, and the FBI had to be called in to deal with them.

    Now it’s orders of magnitude easier for people to get into electronic mischief, and to take it into the real world. If I were dealing with Zullo, I would assume that any personal info I gave him (like a phone number revealed by caller-ID, or email addreses) is likely to be passed along to loons for purposes of fostering intimidation.

    • Yes, I have no doubt Zullo do that. The funny thing is that a few weeks ago Gallups was so confident that he knew who I was that he was crowing about it on Mike Volin’s show on BTR. I noticed he has changed his tune lately.

  8. Dr. Ken says:

    I doubt we’ll see a response from Grand Moff Zullo after they scrubbed his latest goof up with Rep Woodall. It’s obvious how insulated the “investigation” is. No new information was revealed even when he was in front of a VIP and his pitch sucked.

    • truth seeker says:

      One more example of how closely Mr. Zullo is working exclusively with the Birthers. An impartial investigation it isn’t on both counts. It is neither impartial or an investigation. It’s nothing more than crude political propaganda which violates the Cold Case Posse Inc. articles of incorporation. The Cold Case Posse is a disgrace and is looking more out of control as the truth exposes their lies.

  9. Jim says:

    I think it’s about time we give a few gifts to Mr Zullo, he could definitely use them!

    “This you-are-there guide takes you deep into the world of crime, giving you a better understanding of the dark recesses of the criminal mind and how (REAL) law enforcement officials investigate crime.”

    “With its clear, entertaining explanations of forensic procedures and techniques, this book will be an indispensable reference for mystery fans and true crime aficionados everywhere-and even includes advice for people interested in forensic science careers.” Perfect for those CSI wanna-be’s like Mr Zullo.

    “You’ll discover what a typical day is like for a forensic psychologist, how they work with the police to build offender profiles, interview suspects or witnesses, and detect lies!” Maybe Mr Zullo will learn why it’s important to interview witnesses while doing a fake investigation.

    All good books, but I’m pretty sure they are too complicated for Mr Zullo and the CCP.

  10. richCares says:

    waiting for a response is driving me crazy, may Zullo will throw in the towel.

    • Jim says:

      He’s taking a long, hard look at his options.

    • Ran Talbott says:

      Well, he didn’t after the other failures.
      I suspect there are some political operatives (Rove wanna-bes) who see some advantage in keeping the noise going, and will keep Corporal Zullo funded right up to the point that he’s about to be indicted for defrauding the clueless.

  11. Publius says:

    That does bring up the interesting question of: What’s the endgame for these people?
    I would think that sooner or later – once they’ve milked this crap for all it’s worth – they will just quietly fade away. Perhaps saying, “Well, we handed things over to certain members of Congress. The ball is in their court now.”

    Of course they may try to ride it all the way to 2016. So that would be another 3 years. And if someone like Marco Rubio runs, we’ll have another round of the constitutional BS.

    Now that I think about it, didn’t worldnetdaily used to be a major birther outlet? Have they published anything birtherish lately?

    I think that’s the kind of thing we can eventually expect. These people slinking away in the middle of the night.

    • Hektor says:

      From what Gallups has said, they will release all their ebidence if they can’t get Congress to investigate. The deadline I last heard was after the President was out of office. At a guess, I think it will be another book/ebook from WND press, with at least a chapter denouncing how Congress ignored the 100% forgery.

      • Publius says:

        Well, there ya go. It’s a nice way to go out without ever admitting it was all BS, and to bleed the suckers out of every last nickel.

  12. Brian Smith says:

    It is of no concern.

  13. richCares says:

    well, after 4 days it appears that the challenge was a bit too much for Klown Zullo

  14. Your diligent efforts are simply not rational. Zullo and the Maricopa Cold Case Posse have made specific allegations about forgery and fraud in the LFBC PDF and the Selective Service Registration Card. A rational response would be to request the pretensident trot out his scanner and his personnel and demonstrate the means and method of scanning, and then to address the issues raised regarding the Selective Service Registration Card anomalies. Kevin Davidson (www.davidsonconspiracy.org) should join you in such a good effort. It would demonstrate good faith.

    • OllieOxenFree says:

      “A rational response would be to request the pretensident trot out his scanner and his personnel and demonstrate the means and method of scanning, and then to address the issues raised regarding the Selective Service Registration Card anomalies.”

      Perhaps this might be a rational response if one was in fact dealing with rational people. However, when it comes to birthers, rationality is simply no where on the map. Do you really believe that if this administration produced a “scanner” that reproduced the anomalies through a simple workflow process, that birthers would just accept the explanation and go away? You must be joking!

      You tilted your hand in this argument by showing your own bias by referring to him as the “pretensident.” It shows that you have already made up your mind about this and no evidence to the contrary would ever change your mind of that fact, so why on earth should the President even lift a finger to try and convince you of anything?

      Good faith indeed!

    • Northland10 says:


      When a prosecutor takes it up or Congress decides to have hearings, maybe the President might consider taking you up on the offer. Until then, Zullo ain’t worth his time. He need not respond to your “show us your papers.”

    • Publius says:

      “A rational response would be to request the pretensident trot out his scanner and his personnel and demonstrate the means and method of scanning, and then to address the issues raised regarding the Selective Service Registration Card anomalies.”

      That would indeed be a rational response, if the charges hadn’t been total bullshit from the very beginning.

      Arpaio’s bullshit squad came up with very little if anything that was new. Instead, they took the collection of already-disproven nonsense being trumpeted by bullshit-meister Jerome Corsi, literally brushed aside every competent analysis, and shopped dozens if not hundreds of “experts” to find a very few who could even be called “experts” who would support the bullshit.

    • Ran Talbott says:

      The “rational response” is to politely point out to them that their allegations were baseless, then to deride them as liars and loons when they refuse to accept reality.
      Though one could argue that, since they started out by lying, and continue to do so, it would also be reasonable to jump straight to the derision step.

    • Dr. Ken says:

      Allegations which they have been totally unable to prove. Allegations which have been completely destroyed by the verification provided by the issuing authorities:

      • Publius says:

        As well as by the various evaluations of independent evaluators of their BS reports.

        Which kind of explains why the most recent one is super-sekrit.

        Not to mention, how many “experts” did they shop before they found even one that was willing to sign off on their BS? That’s not how legitimate investigations operate.

        • Dr. Ken says:

          According to Mike Zullo 212. He called 212 such experts before Reed Hayes until he could find one willing to sell their soul for money. I notice also that in the latest Fellatio Friday there was absolutely no mention of the call Mike Zullo had with Congressman Woodall. Once it was seen by a bunch of people revealing that Mike Zullo had no new claims, no secret information just more of the same and the congressman shot him down completely; the video was marked private and hidden from public view.

        • Publius says:

          So you call 212 experts, or at least people who bill themselves as experts, before you find even ONE who’s willing to put their name to a certain conclusion.

          And you ignore all the opinions of the 211 who refused to do business with you, and tout the one who would as authoritative.

          That’s total bullshit. I mean, it’s obvious that they wanted a particular conclusion and wouldn’t stop until they got it.

          In the meantime, there are certainly experts out there who’ve gone on the record – for free – saying the conclusions the Cold Case Posse has put out are total crap.

          Ah, but THOSE people are totally ignored.

          You couldn’t possibly find a better example of total crap and a complete and absolute lack of any integrity and professionalism whatsoever.

  15. The pretensident’s history of duplicity is in the public record.

    “Dreams From My Father” catalogs “obama’s” multiple incidents of self-serving criminal conduct.

    The foregoing facts would make any objective observer skeptical about him. But any “bias” is irrelevant to the case at hand. Law-enforcement officials claim the pretensident’s documents are fraudulent. The pretensident refuses to comply in an adult, straightforward manner to clear his name. That is not the conduct of an innocent responsible adult.

    And the behavior of “obama’s” supporters in this case is simply irrational.

    • OllieOxenFree says:

      Zullo and the CCP have absolutely zero law enforcement authority. Zip. Nada. None. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and were brought together by the likes of Jerome Corsi, who was in it to write and sell books while injecting doubt and suspicion on a political candidate that he opposed. Period. The entire investigation was tainted at the outset by his and the bias of WND, and should therefore be considered only with a great deal of skepticism.

    • Publius says:

      “Law-enforcement officials claim the pretensident’s documents are fraudulent.”

      As has already been noted, Zullo and company are not law-enforcement officials. Joe Arpaio is, He’s also an 81-year-old guy with zero technical expertise at all. From what I understand, he doesn’t even own a computer… This is in a situation where most people who do wouldn’t have the immediate expertise to competently evaluate Obama’s PDF.

      So we have 1 law enforcement official, who knows next to nothing about it, in any real technical terms, claiming Obama’s PDF is fraudulent.

      And for this he is relying on the “expertise” of proven fools and frauds. Of course, you wouldn’t know or care about that, since you only really follow the birther side of the claims.

      I’m sure it’s not possible to sort out who connected to the Cold Case Posse is a fool, and who’s a fraud. I’d guess it’s mostly fools, with at least a couple of frauds thrown in.

      • It can be argued that when a harvard lawyer presents an internet file as “evidence,” anyone who takes it as proof of anything other than bad faith is a fool or a fraud.

        • Publius says:

          People asked about Obama’s birth certificate, so he obtained a copy – two copies, actually – from the Hawaii Department of Health, and showed them to reporters. He passed them around the room. I’m talking about certified, stamped, paper copies.

          And in fact, one of the reporters present snapped a photo of one of the paper documents and posted it online.

          More importantly, the State of Hawaii officially stated that they had delivered two certified paper copies of his original birth certificate to Mr. Obama. They officially stated on multiple occasions that he was in fact born in Honolulu and that they have his birth certificate. They also linked to the image posted on the White House web site, indicating that the image posted looked to them like a bona-fide image of one of the paper documents they sent him.

          Actually, an official statement from the responsible agency that a person was born in a particular state is pretty much what a birth certificate is.

          As far as the general public is concerned, I’m not sure what you wanted Mr. Obama to do. Obtain around 120 million certified copies of his birth certificate and send one to each household? Posting a scanned image on the internet seems like a pretty reasonable act to me.

          Oh. By the way. Did I mention that all the allegations that layers, etc. are “proof of forgery” were shown to be absolute bullshit?

        • OllieOxenFree says:

          How about when a candidate releases a xerox copy of their short form birth certificate, like Mitt Romney did? I personally found this to be a very interesting turn of events for the birther movement. A movement that was screaming at the top of its lungs that its intentions was to have every candidate, and not just President, to be properly vetted and to not accept anything less than official and verifiable proof. And yet, when Romney released a xerox copy of a short form certificate… dead silence on the side of the birthers.

          1) Romney’s certificate was a short form Certificate of Birth Live Birth:

          The Obama argument by birthers:
          – according to birthers, a short form is not adequate enough to obtain a drivers license or a passport.
          – according to some birthers only short forms are provided to children of foreign birth
          – according to birthers a short form is a computer generated facsimile of an official long form certificate and should not be accepted as proof of birth due to the limited amount of information on a short form

          2) Romney’s Short Form Certificate does not list Hospital or Attending Physician:

          The Obama argument by birthers:
          – A listed hospital is vital information in proving the birth place of a candidate
          – A listed attending physician is vital information that can be used to verify the timing of a person’s birth

          3) The Romney Certificate has the word “Void” printed all over the document and is not a complete copy of the entire certificate with large portions of the security border missing on the left and the entire border on the bottom.

          Birthers would never accpet a birth certificate from Obama if anywhere on the certificate was the word “void” printed on it. This is speculation, but the conclusion that would be drawn by birthers was that the DoH in Hawaii would not want to provide him with anything official so provided him with a “void(ed)” copy. The missing portions would also be seen as hiding something. One thing I know for sure, they would never ever accept a xerox copy of his birth certificate as proof of anything.

          4) Romney’s certificate bears no visible seal

          The Obama argument by birthers:
          – a visible seal is vital in proving the validity of a birth certificate.

          I don’t care if you did or did not support Romney, nor do I care if you even made objections to his documentation at the time. My point is that the entire birther movement was dead silent on the issue of Romney and his birth certificate. You all had your chance to make this an issue whether or not you supported him. You could have insisted that he release his “original” long form birth certificate and had he done so, it would have been damaging to the credibility of Obama and his own certificate. The problem is… you didn’t. No one did. No one made this an issue. They accepted his xerox copy as proof while demanding that Obama move heaven and earth to prove who he is. This is why your movement has failed. This is why your movement is seen to be largely biased and in some cases racist. While the movement claims to have only the interests of the country at its core, and while they claim they want ALL candidates to be properly vetted and their documentation to be undeniably validated, when it came down to the truth, they held only one candidate to this qualification and abandoned their principals on every other candidate that opposed him.

          Your undeniable bias is your own undoing whether you want to accept it as a factor or not.

        • Ran Talbott says:

          Of course, the President hasn’t done any such thing.
          But the Clueless Clown Posse has.
          How’s the view from up there on your own petard?

    • Ran Talbott says:

      Obama has presented actual, legal, you-can-take-it-to-court-and-win EVIDENCE that clears his name.
      Meanwhile, the birthers have committed fraud and identity theft, and pestered the courts with frivolous lawsuits.
      It’s clear who the “innocent responsible adult” is here.

  16. If an internet-based lfbc pdf is not acceptable evidence, then any “official” statements about a lfbc pdf file posted on the internet are irrelevant.

    Your failure to advocate forthright adult conduct from the pretensident is indicative of bad faith.

    • OllieOxenFree says:

      Obama has already released both his short form and his long form birth certificates. This is more than any other candidate or President in the history of this country has ever had to provide. Both copies, the short and long form, were examined and photographed by members of the Press.

      The verification’s provided by the DoH of Hawaii on two separate occasions specifically requested the verification of the information presented on the PDF, which they stated as matching their own vital statistics records.

      This President has been more “forthright” about who he is than any other President in history. You cannot point to a single other President who has had as much verification of who he is than Obama. Not… one! You accepted who ever other President is on blind faith without any proof at all… but Obama has to jump through every birther hoop requested of him, or he is “hiding something,” or acting in “bad faith.”

      Your bias is contemptible.

    • Hektor says:

      I chortle at the demand that the President conduct himself in a “forthright adult” fashion when birthers themselves refuse to do so. Whether it is the trashing of not only the President but also his wife and children, the blatant hypocrisy of accepting at face value the (at best) spotty documentation of every other President and Presidential candidate or the ever changing goal posts of what exactly the President has to do to conduct himself in a “forthright adult” fashion birthers have proven time and time again that they refuse to hold themselves to the standards they demand of President Obama. Besides, the President has behaved like an adult, he has released more evidence than any other President or Presidential candidate (like OllieOxenFree pointed out). That he and other elements of Federal and state governments refuse to cater to you and other birthers childish fantasies is a mark of taking their jobs seriously. There are far more important issues in the world to deal with than entertaining the notion that a massive conspiracy exists to make President Obama President even though he really isn’t eligible in order to accomplish the terror of being a centrist Democrat with the wholesale cooperation of the Democratic and Republican parties at national and state levels for some reason that no birther can explain other than they want to “destroy America.”

      • What’s a “birther”?

        • Publius says:

          A birther is someone who refuses to accept any conclusion other than that the current President is ineligible to be President, despite the authoritative evidence to the contrary which has been accepted by all reasonable people who have looked at the facts.

          And despite the extensive and absolute debunking of dozens of allegations over years to the contrary.

          It is not possible to convince a birther he is wrong, because no evidence is or ever will be good enough for a birther. A birther is absolutely committed to his position.

          This has been edited to make it more objective and more politely worded.

    • Northland10 says:

      forthright adult conduct from the pretensident

      Want adult conduct? You first.

    • truth seeker says:

      The State of Hawaii Verification of Birth that verifies all of the information on the Obama PDF copy is all the proof that is needed to show that Obama was born in Hawaii. Case closed. Get a life.

  17. richCares says:

    it appears to be obvious that General Zullo of the Klown Brigade iwill not respond to the challenge, he will dig in deeper, that’s what you do to bury bull manure

    • Ran Talbott says:

      Yep, you’re right:the Commandante made it official on Fellatio Friday: if you’re not willing to give us all your personal info (including Social Security number), and allow us to release it to all the crazies calling for armed revolution and summary executions, we’re not going to look at your evidence.

      • Hektor says:

        Which is exactly how real law enforcement investigations operate towards exculpatory evidence.

      • JRC says:

        Yeah, you never hear real law enforcement investigators ever asking for tips from anonymous people about crimes around the country. The just ignore leads in an investigation if it comes from anonymous sources. Oh wait, they do listen to anonymous leads and tips. The hypocrisy of birther is hilarious. The believe there are these super secret congressmen, generals, etc. organizing for their cause. Definition of anonymous is not identified by name; of unknown name. But that’s besides the point. Evidence is evidence, and real investigator will follow leads from unidentified people, sometimes it pans out, sometimes it don’t. I guarantee if an anonymous person on the web showed evidence to back up their claims they wouldn’t hesitate to run with it. I believe they have in the past. Hypocrisy thy name is birther.

        • Ran Talbott says:

          “I believe they have in the past.”
          Yup: just a few weeks ago, Pastor Peepee was talking about how the CCP has spent a lot of time following up on tips from anti-birthers. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly when, because one of the advantages/drawbacks (depending on your perspective) of doing all your propagandizing via videos is that your statements can’t be googled.

  18. If Zullo was an irrelevant clown, the pretensident’s advocates would not be so troubled by him.

    As with the pretensident’s dubious presentation method and subsequent adult-conduct-avoidance, actions speak louder than words.

    • Hektor says:

      Well, first of all, President Obama is still President and will remain so until January 20, 2017. Second the President and most of the rest of the country are ignoring Space Marshal Zullo and will continue to do so because Mr. Zullo has absolutely nothing and refuses to file charges. Of course to a birther like Lysander Spooner, this ignoring means that the President is afraid. He’s not.
      Birthers have been birfing for five long years. They’ve racked up over 200 court losses and President Obama has been elected twice. In that space of time, not one thing the birthers have done has gotten them any closer to their goal of magically undoing of now two elections, because there exists no mechanism under the constitution for their fantasy to come true.

    • OllieOxenFree says:

      “If Zullo was an irrelevant clown, the pretensident’s advocates would not be so troubled by him.”

      I simply don’t get this argument. By your logic, if I was to argue with “flat-earth,” people and spend my time providing evidence to the contrary of their claims, then secretly I am worried that they are right and the earth is in fact flat? Or perhaps if I was to argue with “creationists,” that evolution can be proven through scientific methods while the idea of God’s creation is a faith based argument, that somehow I am worried that creationists are the one’s who are right and Darwin’s theory is a load of bunk? Maybe if I were to argue with those who claim that the moon landing was faked that I am in fact a mole working with NASA to hide the grand conspiracy?

      Do you really believe that if a person is debating another, that they are afraid that the other person is right? That they are “troubled” by those who they oppose?

      Going to let you in on a little secret. No one is troubled by the ridiculous threats and claims of “persons of interest,” that Zullo keeps throwing out, nor are we concerned about his “investigation.” In fact, I am convinced that this whole charade was Zullo playing chicken with the truth. From the beginning, he and Corsi were claiming that they had a “person of interest.” They kept making grand claims about, “closing in on the truth,” and identifying equipment and people, hoping to get someone to come forward. Hoping that if they made enough claims about how much “evidence” they had, that a person or persons would grow scared and come forward and admit their participation in the cover-up of the birth certificate. Since no such person ever came forward, they are now hinting that persons involved in the debate are now targets of their investigation. Something I predicted over a month ago when the NBC/RC Xerox information was coming out.

      • Ran Talbott says:

        “No one is troubled by the ridiculous threats and claims of ‘persons of interest’”
        Well, _I_ am: there are quite a few people among the birthers talking violent revolution and/or vigilante action. It’s true that “9/9 Nein” showed us that _almost_ all of that is hot air, but incidents like the Tucson and Fort Hood shootings also showed us that it only takes one person wound up by loony beliefs and inflammatory propaganda to cause a _lot_ of harm and grief.
        Zullo, Corsi, et al are deliberately stoking the paranoia and anger of the birthers for profit, and there’s a small, but real, possibility that they, along with the other fearmongers, will help push someone over the edge.
        They may be irrelevant to the legal and political processes, but so were al Awlaki and the people who stoked up Timothy McVeigh.

    • RoadScholar says:

      Golly. That’s some impressive mental masturbation you’ve got going there. You desperately want to believe we are all terrified, that the “truth” will “come out” and we’ll all be exposed as liars and traitors. I bet that feels real good to believe. Raw pleasure. Believing that Obama is some weak-kneed impostor who will go down in history as a failed President is part of your onanistic fantasy too. But I’m afraid none of that is going to happen. It’s just a wet dream for thick-headed cowards and idiots. He is a powerful, brilliant, and competent guy and will never be seen by non-crackpots as anything but a Natural Born American. If you live for 50 more years, he’ll still be remembered with respect. Aw…. too bad, so sad. And you want us to watch as you get your pathetic rocks off? Nah. Pass. You’re irrelevant, and you’ll know it eventually.

      • Thank you for proving my point. Irrelevant posters aren’t treated to such irrational, infantile screeds.

        Again, those who spend time defending the juvenile PDF presentation and subsequent conduct of the pretensident rather than advocating straightforward adult conduct from him demonstrate they are emotional and irrational.

  19. hey is rc still going to be available for comments ??

  20. Exactly how was Zullo supposed to tell you if you were a person of interest if you refused to disclose your identity?

  21. Red Right Hand says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the radio show last night? Foggy was supposed to host, but there’s just four minutes of incoherence. 🙂

  22. see, I think mike zullo is entirely professional…. is RC still doing the show ??

    • Ran Talbott says:

      But a “professional” what?

      • RoadScholar says:

        Guano salesman.

        You’re welcome.

      • Publius says:

        In all seriousness (and very relevant to the discussion at hand) Mr. Zullo is, in fact, a professional used car salesman. That’s what he’s spent most of his career doing.

        So he must be fairly good at it, because that’s how he’s made his living for what? 20 years?

        So what skill set does it take to be a professional used car salesman? Well, you sell cars. And if your car is a piece of crap, you put on a smile and sell it anyway, because if you don’t, you lose money.

        And that’s who Zullo is. He’s not a professional investigator. Yeah, he was a cop for a few years in a little town in New Jersey that sees a serious crime about every 3 years. Not the only cop, mind you. One of them. He has no known background of actually having ever investigated even one serious crime, let alone making a career of it.

        Now doesn’t it seem rather odd that such an “important investigation” should be put in the hands of someone who has literally zero experience at genuinely important investigations? I mean, someone’s supposedly forged the birth certificate of the President of the United States. Who do you put on the case? Well, if it was me, I’d put a seasoned veteran detective with at least 10 years experience in tough cases on a job like that.

        Now why would a sheriff put someone like Zullo on the case? Mmmm? That says something about Sheriff Arpaio, does it not? But what? I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions on that matter.

        Birthers, of course, don’t see anything incongruous here. It’s a pig. But they like the pig. So they have no problem putting lipstick on it and believing it’s a beauty queen.

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