Halos: A slight diversion for gsgs

While I am working on Part IV in the series on the LFBC and the Xerox WorkCentre’s I thought I would take time to follow-up on the halo creation in PDF’s that occurs when documents with color backgrounds and dark text are scanned on a WorkCentre with MRC compression.

I created a very simple document. I printed a text document from MS Word on a sheet of green security paper and then scanned it on the WorkCentre 7535 to email as a PDF using all the default settings (300 dpi, color, Edge Erase set to 0.1”).

The result was just as I expected. When the document is opened in Illustrator it is rotated to landscape mode. I have found this to be consistently true. There are technical reasons for that happening that will be covered later. It always happens with Illustrator. Other programs render the Xerox PDF’s correctly. It was true of the PDF I discussed in the previous article but for clarity I rotated the overall PDF and the layers to portrait for clarity.

While I did this just for fun the document turned out to be very useful.Here is the PDf version from the Xerox WorkCentre 7535: Zebest on Green SP

Let’s take a look at my “Zebest” test document:

Zebest on Green SP JPG - Copy

This is a cell phone photo so there is a little glare from the flash. You can see that the letters are nice and crisp and without halos.

I scanned the document in the trusty WorkCentre 7435 to see what would happen. Would Mara’s own words create halos?

Here is the full scan: (Notice the border added by the Xerox Edge Erase feature)

Zebest on Green SP

This is a high resolution PNG file exported from Illustrator and rotated. Here is part of the text blown up to show the halos:

Zebest on Green SP Cropped

Let’s zoom in even more to show the halos:

Zebest on Green SP Cropped even more

Yep, there they are.

What about the layers? We should expect that the WorkCentre 7535 and MRC/JBIG  compression would create the familiar background JPG and multiple foreground masks. Indeed that is what we see. In the case of this simple document there are three layers. One is the familiar background JPG with the green security background. Also notice the white “holes” where the test was extracted to form the monochrome masks.

Here are the layers: I left them in landscape as they appear in Illustrator:


Zebest on Green SP Background

So do you still think the green background was added in the way Mara Zebest claimed it was in her affidavit? Remember what Ms. Zebest said?

In summation, the security paper background layer was added as the last step to create the illusion of an image in which text was imprinted on security paper. However, the text had in fact
been placed and arranged on a solid white background. This last application gives a created image the false appearance of being an official document.

Source: Report Barack Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Page 9.

Here are the two monochrome text layers exported from Illustrator:

Zebest on Green SP Text 1Zebest on Green SP Text 2

So as you can see even in such a simple document as this the Xerox separated the text out somewhat randomly into two layers.

I wish to give a special shout out to Mara Zebest for her contribution to this article. Also thanks to gsgs for asking questions. There is nothing wrong with asking questions as long as you are willing to listen to the answers.

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40 Responses to Halos: A slight diversion for gsgs

  1. gorefan says:

    You also have the letters that are pixel-for-pixel duplicates and in certain letter combinations (tt and ff) the software filed in the small space between with black pixels.

  2. gsgs says:

    I think the halos are also in the original first pic. as some isolated lighter pixels
    in the areas where the 2nd pic. shows the big halos (best seen when enhancing
    colors, Illustrator should have such a feature ?!).
    So the MRC somehow enhances the halo, maybe smoothening the 8*8 blocks
    but choosing not the average color , but maybe the maximum (lightest )
    This is speculation – I didn’t yet test the pictures very much.
    Also remember, Kevin’s theory that the halos are just created by chromatic aberration
    and then maybe somehow enhanced.
    Maybe we can figure it out before the last nail is posted …

      • gsgs says:

        I think we should figure out the method, how the pixels were chosen that
        replace the mounted foreground before.
        The algo of the program.
        The ultimative,exact plan of the forger 😉
        It shouldn’t be so complicated (IMO)
        That would enable us to rewrite the program, to compute each pixel
        The halo thing looks like an unpleasant bug in the Xerox software.
        Maybe there was an update to replace that program.

    • W. Kevin Vicklund says:

      “Also remember, Kevin’s theory that the halos are just created by chromatic aberration”

      Once again: Does not apply to scanners.

      • gsgs says:

        what document was the WH-pdf scanned from ? I think that one did have
        some halos and/or chromatic aberration already.
        Do we have a direct scan without intermediate camera-pic from
        the 2011/04/27 press-laser-printout ?
        (btw. no reply from OD yet)

        • W. Kevin Vicklund says:

          The WH pdf was scanned directly from the birth certificate, which itself was copied directly from the original bound birth record (likely on a Xerox WorkCentre Pro 265) – this document would not have halos. I believe the press release print-out was a b&w (1-bit, not greyscale) scan of the birth certificate made at the same time the other b&w scans of the correspondence were made, and these were subsequently printed out for the presser. The correspondence documents are available on the WH site, and do not have the chromatic aberration or other halos seen in the photographs of the press release.

          • gsgs says:

            thanks. I never read this before, afair. How do you know ?
            “correspondence documents” is this 4-page pdf ?

            Click to access birth-certificate-correspondence.pdf

            pity that we don’t have one of those press-laser-copies nor a good scan of one
            I think the WH should sell them to anyone

          • W. Kevin Vicklund says:

            It is based on a timeline I reconstructed in the last few months. Circumstantial evidence, but here it is:

            1. The WH correspondence has a time-stamp almost identical to the WH LFBC, with a Preview creator..
            2. The timestamp is formatted for the universal time zone, rather than a local one.
            3. This equates to a ~8:00 am local scan of the documents, rather than noon, before the presser.
            4. In addition to taking pictures of the individual pages a few minutes after the presser, (and on each photo, you can see the next page bleeding through), Applewhite uploaded a jpeg of the LFBC with a green basketweave pattern with the same timestamp as the other photos (let’s call this the AP green).
            5. Upon close inspection of the AP green, it does not have the chromatic aberration that can be seen in the other photos. It also has a number of features seen in the WH LFBC, but not the AP blue.
            6. It is my conclusion that the AP green is the WH LFBC that has been flattened, cropped, and saved as a JPEG, rather than an actual photograph.
            7. If this is true, then the timestamp on the WH LFBC must be for universal time, not local, meaning it and the correspondence were scanned prior to the presser.
            8. This leads to two possibilities:
            .8a. The documents were scanned, and then the scans were printed out.
            .8b. The documents were scanned, and then photocopied while on the scanner.
            9. Upon further consideration, I now think 8b is more likely (although there have been reports from unreliable sources that a white LFBC was originally shown on the WH site, but that could be a reference to the copy of the Snopes short form image that is there now). This could be tested by examining the photographs of the press release taken by Applewhite, still available for purchase on APImages. NBC linked to those pictures last summer.

          • gsgs says:

            thanks. How can I get AP green ?
            Has someone asked Applewhite ?
            Shall I send email to him

          • NBC says:

            gsgs, you do not need a wordpress account to post. I just noticed you had contributed. The first posting is moderated. You should be fine now.

          • gorefan says:

            I think what GSGS is talking about is this line in your article:

            MSNBC TV has the best AP JPEG DCS103 available

            When you click on the link “available” you get a message “403 Access Denied” “his File requires authorization”

  3. gsgs says:

    please scan this one to TIFF : http://magictour.free.fr/biwhgs3.7z
    Or maybe the posse can do it for you – cooperate with them
    instead of “driving nails in the coffin”

    • gsgs says:

      we need the tif(f), but also the background .ppm that extracts from the pdf
      and shows the pixels that are behind the mounted black text
      (although unfortunately only after being compressed with lossy .jpg)

    • NBC says:

      Or maybe the posse can do it for you – cooperate with them
      instead of “driving nails in the coffin”

      Why? Their requirements to allow RC to work with them are just unreasonable… And they are not really interested in pursuing the facts. Do you really think otherwise??

      • I always cooperate with pathetic liars who try to claim I am a criminal. Or not.

        • gsgs says:

          yes, you can always cooperate on some issues with people you don’t like.
          I cooperate with people who call me a f**king idiot and think they are wayyyyyyy
          superior since they use long lines.

        • NBC says:

          The posse continues to be an embarrassment to law enforcement.

          • gsgs says:

            but they are working on the same project as we.
            It’s their turn. Let them produce some pictures and Xerox scans
            that we can analyze.

            • NBC says:

              They are not working on the same project any longer, I am sure. The Xerox workflow embarrassed them and now they are looking for something ‘bigger’. Their in-actions speak louder than words.

          • gorefan says:


            The CCP has the birth certificate they created from their first testing in 2012, they have access to a Xerox WorkCentre and they have NBC’s, RC’s and Kevin’s methodology. What’s stopping them?

          • gsgs says:

            the posse can’t just ignore this

            at 3:30
            that these 3 guys have the answer to one of the biggest
            [I couldn’t understand} presidency in the nation’s history
            …they don’t…. what we have ….

            • NBC says:

              Oh, they will ignore this.. By moving on towards bigger and greater things and ignoring the xerox workflow findings.

              Are you really believing that they are interested in the facts?

              • Sterten@aol.com says:

                “Xerox is out of the window”
                so they have done some analysis and they have some results.
                And it’s a major subject. I assume they will address it somehow.

            • NBC says:

              What these ‘3 guys’ have is an explanation for most of the artifacts that the ‘clown posse’ had insisted to be 100% evidence of a forgery.
              If they had done their homework rather than ignore the evidence, and followed where John Woodman’s research was leading then they would not be in a situation of great embarrassment. But rather than accept their errors, they blame the messengers…

              Pathetic… They never earned any respect and their continued shenanigans continue to expose their political motivations.

              And worse, they cannot admit to being wrong… They’d rather see an innocent person accused…

          • NBC says:

            so they have done some analysis and they have some results.

            One would assume so, but somehow, they have shown no sign of such…

            And it’s a major subject. I assume they will address it somehow.

            Somehow, sometime, somewhere… But not in the near future…

            Let the clowning continue

          • gsgs says:

            we know, they usually communicate by press conferences,
            not by website or forum posts as we do.
            This is presumably to get bigger attention by the newspapers.
            So they keep things secret until they can do the press conference.
            This “need” for secrecy was especially pointed out in the recent radio-interview.
            So, I think we can expect some press-conference in the next months.
            This should involve the new “universe shattering” things, but also the
            Xerox thing – both were mentioned by Zullo in the radio interview.
            I mean, if they would keep it secret forever, how could it be
            “universe shattering”, however they might define that term ?

            • NBC says:

              I mean, if they would keep it secret forever, how could it be “universe shattering”, however they might define that term ?

              The promissory note will keep the faithful from asking questions.

              • gsgs says:

                I’d suggest that we convert this series of
                posts into a scientific paper
                and publish it at arXiv.org (or such)
                Title could be:
                misinterpretation of “artifacts” in the electronic image
                of Obama’s birth certificate

                2 arxiv-hits for halo in Computer Vision and
                Pattern Recognition (cs.CV)
                1.) Dense Scattering Layer Removal
                2.) Sparse Norm Filtering

          • gsgs says:

            I also noticed this unfortunate desire
            for secrecy in scientific papers,so
            it’s not just the posse.
            Researchers are afraid that others might
            be publishing something on the issue
            before they [researchers] can publish
            their paper in a peer-reviewed journal.
            This publishing is then somehow considered
            final then, no subsequent discussion
            is wanted.

            In this case the posse is afraid that
            their findings are debunked before
            they can present them to the press -;)

  4. gsgs says:

    RC, please remove the email address above and replace it with “gsgs”
    it’s common strategy in blogs to not display email addresses
    because of spambots. It happened when I replied by email-reply to the
    email notification from wordpress

  5. gsgs says:

    I finally played around with “unsharp mask” after I read about it in Vogt’s affidavit.
    And yes, it creates and enhances halos ! Not the big halos as in LIVE , this was probably
    enhanced by the MRC, but MRC needs a halo to start with and I think this might have been
    created with unsharp mask. I make a picture at fogbow

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