John Woodman–An Epilogue

John Woodman, author of the fine book Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate a Fraud?,  has written an epilogue to his research on the Birther claims. In the article John notes how events and discoveries in 2013 have vindicated and confirmed his research on the claims that copies of President Obama’s long form birth certificate released in 2011 are forgeries do not hold up under scrutiny. He also discusses the failure of the Birthers’ legal pursuit to change the definition of the term “natural born citizen”.

John retired from blogging last year but says he thought it was a good idea to close thongs out in 2013 by noting the new findings about the Xerox/Mac Preview workflow discovered by NBC and confirmed by my own test.

Read the complete article here.

Since John has closed his blog to comments you are free to comment on his latest article and his research here.

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3 Responses to John Woodman–An Epilogue

  1. ramboike says:

    I found numerous errors in the articles that the thin-skinned faux-conservative Woodman posted on his blog. I did point out some of them to him at the time I left comments there.

  2. Oh, RumpRanger… I doubt you found any errors. I’ve communicated with Woodman, and he is the real deal. He desperately wanted Romney to win, and McCain before him. But he is smart, and scientific, and honest… which you will never be.

    You are nothing. You aren’t important, you aren’t convincing, you aren’t a loyal American, and you hide your identity. Conservatives like Woodman are the opposite. They contribute to the public discourse, and to America. He has a public identity, as do I. I am proud to call him a fellow citizen, and I respect his opinions even when we disagree. And he respects mine, because I am not a liar.

    That’s something you will never understand.

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