Cold Case Posse Timeline Updated

I updated the Cold Case Posse Timeline Page here at the RC Radio Blog to reflect Mike Zullo and Carl Gallops’ latest nonsense claims on Gallups’ Freedom Friday Radio program last night.  The timeline was first developed by Verbalobe at at The Fogbow. I reposted and am updating it periodically here with Verbalobe’s permission. Please send me any corrections or additions you might have.


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1 Response to Cold Case Posse Timeline Updated

  1. Ran Talbott says:

    Someone one Doc’s blog raised the question the other day about when/whether Arpaio lent phony credibility to the Klown Kar bhy referring to it as “official”. With the multiple controversies, of varying degrees of seriousness, surrounding the use of government license plates and/or gas cards, Arpaio claiming/denying control over the Posse at different times, non-filing of financial statements, and Zullo and Gallups falsely claiming they’re running an “official law enforcement investigation” to solicit donations, I think this is not the minor point it might seem at first.

    I’m fairly (but not absolutely) certain Arpaio called it an “official investigation” (but not an “official law enforcement investigation”) at the March 2012 presser. If nobody already knows the details, offhand, I can go through a video of his remarks and confirm it.

    I think it’s also worthwhile to link to reports (probably mostly in the Phoenix New Times) of where he’s “denied” the Posse, since the cock may be starting to crow. Finally.

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