Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world

RC: The following is the first in a series of guest articles written by Captain Charles Tuttle, US Army (Retired) the owner of The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups Facebook page:

Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world

Capt. Charles Tuttle, MD, US Army (Ret)

Part I-Introduction

I am sure that faithful listeners of RC’s radio show, Reality Check Radio know who I am. For those who don’t, I am the administrator of a Facebook page called The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups, among others. I have been active on the internet as a birther debunker for a few years. I stumbled onto the birther movement a few years ago when I was on a page that was discussing whether the question of the President’s eligibility would be heard by the United States Supreme Court. Although that statement turned out to be completely false, the concept intrigued me as I have always had an interest in law although I am a doctor. In looking into this, I found “information” about the birther issue all over the internet. Of course, I came to the rational and sane conclusion after researching the issue and all of the other birther claims that the information being put forth by birthers was ridiculously wrong. Over the years, I have tried to talk rationally with birthers, educate them, and enlighten them, just as others before me have.  I not only failed miserably at getting through to them, but I bore the brunt of birther outrage just as others before me have. And I, like so many before me, realized that the only things that birthers were entitled to were contempt and ridicule; all of which I found very amusing.

Initially, my focus was on Orly Taitz, who is, without question, the worst attorney in the history of the universe. Never before had I seen such a combination of arrogance, ignorance and incompetence in one person. Her pleadings are legendarily bad, her arguments are totally incoherent and she has shown a tenuous grasp of reality, let alone the law. The videos of her interviews are hysterically funny and an endless source of amusement. While I continue to follow Taitz on a casual level, she has become boring. Over the last year and half, my attention shifted to the alleged investigation being conducted by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse and its Supreme Commander, the used car salesman, Mike Zullo. Finding Zullo to be as bad a detective as Taitz is an attorney and probably even more dishonest, I decided to dedicate a Facebook page to his lies and incompetence. Inevitably, by following Zullo, I was exposed to a phony preacher named Carl Gallups, or as we affectionately call him, Lyin’ Carl. My Facebook page was expanded to include his misconduct. Over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that Lyin’ Carl is not only the worst birther in the world, but a horribly despicable person. His hideousness must be exposed for the world to see.

In the first part of 2013, Keith Olbermann, who was then working for MSNBC, called Carl Gallups the second worst person in the world on one of nightly shows. For those not familiar with his show, this was a routine part of his show and the “worst people in the world” changed with every new episode. In reality, Carl could never be in the top five “worst people in the world” as long as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Louis Gomertz, Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh exist, but among birthers he is in a class by himself.

There is no question that birtherism is nonsense. I will go further and say that it is, at its core, seditious, because it seeks to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. If you are a birther, you are evil, stupid, or both. In my humble opinion, Lyin Carl is evil, pure evil. I would venture to say that he well could be the antichrist, if you believe in such things. The reasons for my opinion can be found in various articles, videos, podcasts that are highlighted on The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups.


Note: The opinions expressed in guest articles are those of the authors and may or may not reflect the views of the owner of the RC Radio Blog.

About Reality Check

I have been following politics since my teens a very long time ago. I began debunking the Birther myths since late 2008. I commented an Birther sites and also fine sites like Obama Conspiracy Theories and Politijab. In 2009 I noticed that even though there were probably a dozen Birther run radio programs not a single anti-Birther program existed. Therefore I started "Land of the Obots" on Blog Talk Radio. I later changed the name to Reality Check Radio. The program ran weekly until sometime around 2016. This blog was originally begun to provide a place to discuss the radio show, my guests, and topics covered on the show.
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4 Responses to Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world

  1. Arrogantlyignorant says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. The way Lyin Carl hides behind religion makes him particularly despicable. The way they employ censorship by blocking user accounts on YouTube and hanging up on Obots that call into Fact free Fridays proves that they don’t care about truth.

    “His hideousness must be exposed”


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  4. 10amendment says:

    Political agenda glaring apparent in your article.

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