Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world–Part II

RC: The following is the second in a series of guest articles written by Captain Charles Tuttle, US Army (Retired) the owner of The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups Facebook page:

Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world.

Capt. Charles Tuttle, MD, US Army (Ret)

Part II-Carl the Phony Pastor

What separates Gallups from other birthers is his primary job as the Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Florida. The fact that he presented to be a Christian and a man of god makes his role in birtherism, and other things, particularly despicable.

Gallups allegedly is a graduate of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in addition to Florida State University according to his website. To my knowledge, Gallups has never posted his diplomas or released his records to support the claims of his education. Listening to him provides no indication of a higher education although I will state that he does have decent knowledge of the bible.

The website for the seminary does not provide a search engine for its alumni, but the name Carl Gallups does not appear anywhere on the site. Further, its page on Wikipedia does not list Gallups among its “Notable Alumni”. If you listen to Gallups for more than 30 seconds, or even the introduction to “Freedom Friday”, you know that Gallups thinks very highly of himself. Given his ego, if he was, in fact, an alumnus of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary his name would appear all over the Wikipedia page. FSU, on the other hand, has a search engine for Alumni. FSU’s search engine did not find Carl Gallups, nor is he listed among the “Notable Alumni” on the FSU Wikipedia page. In all fairness, I did not spend considerable time on the FSU Alumni page so I cannot state for certain that the search engine is for all alumni or if it is limited to members of the Alumni Association. Gallups also claims to be a former law enforcement officer. There is no known evidence to support this claim as documented by data base compiled by the Herald Tribune.

Is this conclusive that Gallups has lied about his background? No, but it is certainly curious in light of Lyin’ Carl’s birtherism. At this moment all we have to authenticate Gallups’ background is his word. Given his lack of credibility, his background is highly suspect. But in reality, this does not have much to do with my opinion that he is a phony preacher.

I have no doubt that Gallups has been the minister at the little church since 1987. But the fact that he is a minister does not make him “real”. Anyone can become a minister. Heck, even I am an Ordained Minister, having obtained on line through the Universal Life Church despite the fact that I have no religious training whatsoever. Gallups is a phony preacher, and even a phony Christian, based on his conduct and the way he treats others in his life and in his role in the ministry.

Gallups is the founder and one of the principals involved in PPSIMMONS , which he describes as a “News and Ministry Network”. As far as I know, there are only two people actually involved in PPSIMMONS: Lyin’ Carl and Mike Shoesmith. In fact, if you go to ppsimmons.com, it directs you to CarlGallups.com. PPSIMMONS reflects Gallups’ religious and political views. Much of what PPSIMMONS puts out is linked to Carl’s Facebook page as well as other Facebook pages which are fronts for Gallups and PPSIMMONS . It is fair to say that Gallups preaches hatred, intolerance and a perversion of the “Golden Rule”. It appears that Carl’s understanding of the “Golden Rule” is to “love they neighbor, if they neighbor is like thyself”.

While subsequent articles will explore this theme further, it is my belief that Carl’s misconduct is rooted in one simple, but false belief: “Once Saved Always Saved”. Carl acts as if being “saved” is a “Get out of Hell Free Card” because he does not believe that a person’s conduct is relevant in the determination of where a person spends his/her afterlife so long as they are “truly saved”, whatever that means. This is consistent with his apparent fundamental lack of understanding of what it means to be Christian.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read an exchange on YouTube between two people debating what it means to be Christian. One of the participants was posting under the name PPSIMMONS. This was Mike Shoesmith, Lyin’ Carl’s right hand man. Shoesmith contended being Christian meant that the person had accepted Jesus Christ as his own personal Lord and Savior. The other participant, Court Jester, was of the position that the self-identification of being a Christian was meaningless in the absence of actually acting in manner that was consistent with the principles espoused by Jesus. Shoesmith never got the point, nor could he see the hypocrisy of representing oneself to be a Christian and being a birther, among other things. Gallups is a phony preacher because he has no idea what it means to be Christian. What’s worse is that he hides his hatred behind a façade of religion in order to claim the moral high ground. Carl Gallups is a fraud.


Note: The opinions expressed in guest articles are those of the authors and may or may not reflect the views of the owner of the RC Radio Blog.

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43 Responses to Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world–Part II

  1. Nice job Captain Tuttle. Carl has always been vague when touting his law enforcement experience. He likes to trot it out when he has “Lt.” Zullo on as a guest to try to fool his audience into thinking that he and Zullo have vast law enforcement experience. In reality we know that Zullo has at most five years in a very small burg in New Jersey and Gallups’ experience is completely undocumented.

  2. gsgs says:

    ahh, what a silly headline.
    I’d argue that Joel Gilbert is “worse”, but is he a “birther” ?
    Then Corsi,Vogt,….

  3. roxy7655 says:

    “Worse” is indeed something of an ambiguous parameter when applied to Birthers. It would mean, I suppose, judging how good they were at… what? Proving BHO ineligible? Not possible anyway, so there’s nothing to judge by. So what criterion could be used?

    Spreading seditious swill? If that’s the goal, is Carl the worst at it? Plainly, Orly is about the best, being the Energizer Bunny of Bullshit. But Carl gets in his licks.

    Garnering Birther Bux? Cadging fame? Being obnoxious (i.e. threatening Obots, calling for lynchings, etc.)? Proving the very points they were trying to refute? Wasting legal resources? Or as a rubric of all of the above, and then some?

    “Worst Birther” seems a wide-open field. Of course, in at least one category I wouldn’t be surprised to find Lyin’ Carl took the prize as “worst.”

    • Hi roxy! Good to have you here.

      Yes, “worst” is a somewhat vague term. There are so many bad traits to choose from when talking about Birthers: ignorance, racism, hatred, fear, dishonesty, greed, and stupidity. I definitely put Gallups in the group of them who engage in intentional deception on a regular basis. I can cite many examples. He does it weekly on his show. Corsi was another example. It is that group I hold in the highest contempt.

    • Arrogantlyignorant says:

      For me, what makes Lyin Carl one of the worst of the worst is because he hides behind religion to spew his hatred. As RC pointed out, he intentionally deceives people while he hides behind religion. He also regularly uses censorship to paint a one sided fact free truth.

  4. ramboike says:

    RC, you’ve really scraped from the bottom with Tuttle. Do you pet him while he’s crawling? Can he sit pretty? He’s trying to please.

    The give away is Olberdouche, Limbaugh, Palin, Bachmann. Just a tad bias, eh?

    • Jim says:

      Awwwwww, poor Rambo. Upset he’s not the worst! Don’t worry, you’ll always have a special place in my toilet. hehehe

      • Yeah, but is he a floater or a sinker?

        • ramboike says:

          Maggot has alot of sock puppets.

          • Actually, you can blame WordPress for that. Their sign-in system has refused to recognize my logons, and when you try four times (I think) it forbids trying again. Plus it won’t let you register with an email you’ve used before. You’d think they were protecting the goddamn nuclear launch codes. So I re-register to comment.

            However, unlike you I don’t hide my identity like a pussy. I post under Thomas Brown, RoadScholar, and this new one which I will kill off soon. That is my real name, I own a woodworking business, and live in Baltimore. Anyone of average intelligence could find me, so you may not be able to.

            I have never hid my identity because supporting the President is legal and patriotic, and you armchair hero keyboard warriors don’t scare me one bit. Quite the opposite. You are an amusement, that’s all.

            Plus, that sock-puppet canard is pretty rich coming from you john, jy1974 or whatever, etc. i bet you have at least half a dozen. So stop being a wet-diaper pussy and say who you are. If you’re too much of a chicken to do that, then STFU.

            • ramboike says:

              With all the crazies online why would I want to put out any personal info? I’ve gotten many threatening emails over the span of 12 years. I do what I can to eliminate situations that could lead to potential trouble. We’ve had a family website longer than I’ve had a computer.

              Noone I know is trying to scare you. If you talk trash you have to expect you will it back, and that’s a fact, Jack. I like the gibe talk, it’s an aside for me while I’m following some political issues, and at least for me it helps to not get uptight and angry over issues. I know some are on the thin-skinned side and have a problem with it.

              Have no idea who “john or jy1974” are. I’ve never had any of the at least 1/2 dozen or more Obots have accused me of using. This ID is over 10 years old and I still have 2 others that are older that have been used in connection with Yahoo only.

        • Jim says:

          RamboIke sank long ago…all we’re left with is the smell.

  5. ramboike says:

    So RC found himself a ringer; Tuttle the Terrier. His latest leftist lapdog to spew Obot lunacy.

    With RC & his comrades the mindset never changes; 5 years running and still pushing racism. Dr Con a year ago: “It’s mostly about race (both because Obama is black…” In other words most of those not supporting Obama has to be racist according to Obot logic. In their Orwellian World it must be true because their Overlords said so. So those that didnt support & vote for white dudes Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dukakis, Mondale & Carter had to be racists too. That simplifies it, at least in the mind of an Obot.

    • It really is adorable when Nativists like the birthers push long discredited ideals that groups like the KKK were pushing and then call us the “racist” ones. Yes to birthers it is about race. This isn’t about who supports Obama or not. Those pushing the Obama isn’t really the president meme, their entire focus seems to be on his skin color and making him sound less of a person than previous Presidents.

      • roxy7655 says:

        They are trying their best to bend the fabric of reality so that they can be racists, say and do and write racist shit, but avoid being labeled a racist.

        It’s like a nudist trying to figure out how he can keep going to the nude beach wearing clothes, or a vegetarian trying to convince everyone she’s a vegetarian after being caught eating a steak.

      • ramboike says:

        What’s even more adorable is reading the words of a grunt’s grunt making up a new history for America. Intellectually honest non-marxist history professors when making the political devide will put the KKK, DemoRAT Party, and Obots on one side, and the Tea Party, Republican Party, and Birthers on the other.

        Surely you had to notice it was RC calling the American people racist: “There are so many bad traits to choose from when talking about Birthers: ignorance, racism, hatred, fear, dishonesty, greed, and stupidity.”

        I don’t expect Obots to mend their ways. Heck, if they changed we wouldn’t beable to call them Obots.

        • Jim says:

          Poor Rambo…hate to tell you, Republican Party will have nothing to do with you, or haven’t you noticed them blowing you off and ignoring your rantings. Still waiting for you to get out of our mother’s basement and see the light.

          • I believe we have found, if not the worst, certainly the dumbest Birther.

          • ramboike says:

            Hey SlowJim, how ya doing bud? Been awhile since we chewed the fat. Are you still suffering from that disorder you were telling about last year? You said it had been affecting you a little over 5 years, and i said if you didn’t seek immediate help you’d reach a point of no return. Hope you took care of it.

            The fatcat Clubhouse Republican Establishment are terrified of the Obama Regime. We, the Patriotic Right are organizing against the 5th Column Left at the grass roots level to put some pizzazz in these GOP fatcats asses to get humpin’ or get out of politics.

            Did you know Maggot Brown has to be thee internet bad-ass. Always cyber-wolfing. Know how to terrify women with emails – what a macho-man!

            • We, the Patriotic Right are organizing against the 5th Column Left at the grass roots level to put some pizzazz in these GOP fatcats asses to get humpin’ or get out of politics.

              I am sure the Koch brothers are quaking in their boots. 😆

            • Jim says:

              ramboike says: “We, the Patriotic Right are organizing against the 5th Column Left at the grass roots level to put some pizzazz in these GOP fatcats asses to get humpin’ or get out of politics.”

              So, you’re having a pizza party with a bunch (read less than 10) of your friends to blow off steam and we (or the GOP) should be worried? Like I’ve told you many times, you really need to get out of your mother’s basement and get out into the sunshine. You’d be surprised what a glorious country you live in. Much, much different than that basement.

            • Hahaha “Patriotic” you mean seditious fringe right wing. The same crew that Ronald Reagan marginalized 30 years ago.

        • I’m not making up history here. Yes the KKK was started by democrats, Conservative Democrats. The parties used to be switched. The states rights, racist conservatives fled the Democratic party when civil rights passed. The Republican party used to be filled with Liberals who freed the slaves. Liberals like Teddy Roosevelt that ended up bailing on the party as it became more extreme and pandered more to big business. The birthers are the conservative former slavery rationalizers. The American people aren’t racist just a small fringe movement are.

          • ramboike says:

            Your revisionist history are lies straight from hell.

            Conservatism is rooted in the American Revolution and its commitment to republicanism, sovereignty of the people, rights and liberties of individuals, and free market principles.

            There was no party switch. You might be mixing that up with the Civil Rights Acts. There were more whites disenfranchised than blacks by the Southern DemoRAT Establishment, and 1960 Voting Rights laws help bring more votes to the Republican Party. Only politician I can think of which switched parties was Strom Thurmond.

            Roosevelt did dabble in liberal/progressive ideasm had a love-hate relationship with the Business Barons, but that’s not why he bailed on the Republicans. Btw, that progressivism is not the same as we have today. You left out under DemoRAT Wilson there was a resurgence with the KKK which reached it’s peak at the ’24 DemoRAT Klanbake Convention. At the same time those conservative republicans were trying to get anti-lynching laws passed that the DemoRATs rejected.

            Then the DemoRATs at the time had their “Himmler Solution” for the negro with Margaret Sanger. Hitler admired DemoRAT Wilson when he undone the advance made by Republicans when he brought back segregation to the federal government. It’s been written Hitler got Ideas from Sanger’s book.

            Have a good evening, chump.

            • I don’t think you actually know what the word liberal or conservative actually means.

              Conservatives were the Tories during the revolution who wanted tradition to prevail. They wanted to stay attached to England and sold out their neighbors.

              Yes there was a party switch as conservatives were the democrats who fought to continue “southern tradition”, states rights, human property. They fought the liberal republicans. Whites were disenfranchised? You really are loopy and have a distorted view of history. Once again the Democrats were conservative not liberal. They were your brethren in ideology.

              Which ideas did hitler supposedly get from Sanger? Hitler believed in limiting races he didn’t deem worthy. For germans though abortion was a crime. Doctors were sentenced to death for performing abortions on german women and germen woman were forced into hard labor. It was considered sabotage. Once again conservatives ran the KKK not the liberals. You seem to confuse parties with ideology.

              • ramboike says:

                I got time for 1 more and tomorrow I do some digging to remember some of this. I’m using where possible the left-leaning Wikipedia which should favor you but so far it’s not.

                Here’s from 1 state. I’ve come across this several times for different states under DemoRAT control. I too had a problem in the beginning believing it.

                sub-heading, 20th century:
                Excerpt: “In 1900, Alabama had more than 181,000 African Americans eligible to vote. By 1903, only 2,980 were qualified to register, although at least 74,000 African-American voters were literate.[55] By 1941, more White Alabamians than African-American residents had been disfranchised: a total of 600,000 Whites to 520,000 African Americans.”


                sub-heading, United States, 1st Paragraph: “In the United States, conservatism is rooted in the American Revolution and its commitment to republicanism, sovereignty of the people, and the rights and liberties of Englishmen while expelling the king and his supporters.”

                That wouldn’t jell with the loyalist Torries.

              • ramboike says:

                Follow-up to what I said yesterday; I would do some digging to make sure I had it right. There is alot of material available online that will show the connections from an ideological and agenda perspective among President Wilson, Hitler, Sanger, KKK, and factions within the Democrat Party. Spend some time researching it – you’ll get educated.

                With the revisionist history brainwashing going on from leftist in Academia & Media to separate today’s Democrat Party & the Liberal-Progressive Establishment from its past it’s easy for a greenhorn such as yourself to be misled.

            • Thomas Brown says:

              Questions for the troll-tard:

              1) From what party did the Progessive Party split, and who formed it?

              2) Explain the ideologies of the following:

              a) The Whigs

              b) The Democratic-Republican Party

              c) The Know Nothing Party

              d) The Bull Moose Party

              Being lectured about American History in a haughty tone by someone with virtually no familiarity with the subject is vexing; irritating, yes, but simultaneously amusing. It’s like being lectured by Paris Hilton regarding chastity.

              • ramboike says:

                Looks like the tards won’t answer you. I’ll try to help you out with this.

                I believe most of you Obots, SlowJim aside, have enough snap to do online searches that will explain the ideology & beginnings of each 1 you listed: Original Progressive Party, Whigs, Democrat-Republican, Know Nothings, and Bull Moose.

                Post up what you found for each and I’ll grade yas on it. Good Luck

                Keep in mind the Progressive-Bull Moose wasn’t quite the way it looks. As a 3rd Party it was trying to get traction by appealing to different factions within the 2 major parties.

            • Good lord are you dumb Rambo Dyke. If you’re going to use wikipedia try using this link

              The southern Democrats were the conservatives. The radical republicans were liberals people like Thaddeus Stevens who believed that Black people should be treated equally and given the right to vote. It were the conservatives who thought this to be such a bad deplorable idea. Actually it would jell with the tories do you get the part about having the same rights as Englishmen?

              There is no such party as the “democrat party”. Once again you seem to be confusing parties with ideology.

              • Rambo is arguing black is white and white is black on this one. The stupid it burns. I knew the history of the modern major political parties by the eighth grade.

                Ramboo-boo still hasn’t answered my question as to how the Court did not rule that Wong Kim Ark was a natural born citizen when it was illegal for a Chinese person to be naturalized at the time?

              • ramboike says:

                In the Wikipedia article I posted on Alabama, subheading 20th Century. A little further down from where it gave the totals on voters disenfranchised you’ll find this: “African Americans were presumed partial to Republicans for historical reasons, but they were disfranchised. White Alabamans felt bitter towards the Republican Party in the aftermath of the Civil War and Reconstruction. These factors created a longstanding tradition that any candidate who wanted to be viable with White voters had to run as a Democrat regardless of political beliefs.”

                In other word you could call yourself a “Little Sister of the Poor Democrat” during that period, it didn’t matter. All candidate, any party, had to reform to the Democrat Bosses’s good ‘ol boy establishment inforced by the KKK or your future health would become something to be questioned. I did alot of research on this – it’s true. Those Republicans would be true RINOs.

                Your own article says “the organized conservative movement has played a key role in politics ONLY since the 1950s.” That would correlate with the start of Civil Rights legislation started under Eisenhower, and led by Republican Senator Everett Dirksen who was instrumental in getting the legislation passed in ’57, ’60, ’64, ’65, & ’68. The Dirksen led Republicans was honored by the NAACP, and Mike Mansfield, Democrat majority leader in the Senate, did an interview for the New York Times where he said the American people owed Republican Senator Everett Dirksen a big debt of gratitude for what he accomplished.

                I leave the “ic” off because I see nothing democratic about a party whose main claim to fame after more than a 150 years is their tyranny against groups of Americans.

  6. gsgs says:

    worst translated to schlecht translated back to evil
    Gallups is pastor or such

  7. ramboike says:

    This just in off the Political Wire: Voter turnout predicted to be down for the 2014 mid-term elections. Legislation in the works to force Blue states to remove dead people from their voter rolls.

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  10. George b says:

    I feel really bad for you . its obvious you have not read the word of God. We can obtain salvation by accepting jesus into our hearts . and confessing that we are sinners . that is why we need salvation but its by grace that we are saved .not by how good we can be. If that were the case like you claim then jesus died in vain and his sacrifice means nothing . so i pray fro u my brother may u find true hope in jesus christ .

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