Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world Part V – Carl’s Never Ending Lies

Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world *

Capt. Charles Tuttle, MD, US Army (Ret)

Part V-Carl’s Never Ending Lies

As I stated previously, my first exposure to Carl Gallups was in a video from Rudy Davis’ birthapalooza. That video really needs to be seen in its entirety because it exposes Gallups as the liar that he is and sets the tone for everything that has happened since.

I already touched on the fact that he claims to have law enforcement experience and that he approaches everything from the perspective of a detective. Both claims are false. But more importantly, starting at just after the 17 minute mark of the video, Gallups goes into a conversation that he had with Mike Zullo, the used car salesman, shortly after Zullo allegedly began investigating the validity of the President’s birth certificate. Apparently, Zullo said to Gallups that he (Zullo) knew that the long form birth certificate that was posted on whitehouse.gov was a forgery after looking at the evidence for about a half hour. Gallups not only accepted this without question, but he praised Zullo at the time.

As Gallups surely knew, the only person who Zullo had spoken to at the time of this conclusion was Jerome Corsi, who was attempting to sell his lie filled diatribe “Where’s the Birth Certificate”. This apparently did not raise any concerns from an alleged former law enforcement officer who claims to look at things through the eyes of a detective. Gallups admitted that Zullo had reached a conclusion and then set out to find evidence to support that conclusion. (Sound familiar?) By doing this Gallups inadvertently exposed the Cold Case Posse’s “investigation” as a sham and Carl knew this from the very beginning. Despite this, he not only actively supported Zullo and the CCP, he requested donations on their behalf and became their unofficial spokesman and mouthpiece. Along the way, he never stopped lying about the investigation. And remember, he did this behind the guise of an alleged man of God. With that in mind, I present lies told by Carl Gallups, which are presented in no particular order:

  1. CALLING MIKE ZULLO A LIEUTENANT. Gallups has repeatedly referred to Mike Zullo as a Lieutenant. This lends some credence to the idea that Zullo is a law enforcement officer. Zullo is not a Lieutenant. He is not a police officer; he is not a deputy sheriff. There is no record of Zullo having attained the rank of Lieutenant in the military or at his alleged previous position as a police officer at a small town in New Jersey (there is no record of him ever being a police officer. Gallups even continues to call Zullo by this rank even after Zullo told him that his official rank is Commander. Gallups lied.
  2. CALLING THE “INVESTIGATION” A LEGITIMATE LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION. The Cold Case Posse has no legal authority whatsoever. The members are volunteers. They are no more law enforcement than the typical mall cop. They do not have arrest power. They do not have subpoena power. Gallups lied.
  3. SAYING THAT ZULLO AND ARPAIO HAVE A COMBINED 80 YEARS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE. Not even close. Zullo allegedly worked as a police officer in New Jersey for five years, over 25 years ago. Arpaio has 50 years or so of experience. Gallups was adding the 25 years that Zullo was selling used cars to make up the difference. Gallups lied.
  4. COMPLIMENTING ZULLO ON HIS ABILITY AS A DETECTIVE. At various and multiple times, Gallups has given Zullo high praise for his skills as a detective. I recall him calling Zullo a “consummate professional”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Zullo went into the “investigation” believing that Barack Obama was ineligible to be President. He has repeated appeared on a number of talk shows, such as Freedom Friday and Alex Jones, and stated his belief that a person needs two citizen parents in order to be a Natural Born Citizen. A consummate professional would have not taken on the investigation in the first place because of his bias. Further, Zullo’s statement to Gallups that he had come to the conclusion that the long form birth certificate posted on Whitehouse.gov is a forgery before his investigation ever started shows just how unprofessional Zullo is. This is exemplified by the fact that Zullo ignored any information that did not support his conclusion. Inductive reasoning. Gallups lied.
  5. REED HAYES PROVIDED A 40 PAGE AFFIDAVIT ATTESTING TO HIS FINDINGS. Absolutely untrue. Assuming that Reed Hayes issued a report of any kind, it is a report and not an affidavit. An affidavit is very specific and is made under oath. They are very different. Perhaps I am being hyper technical, but by claiming that Hayes issued an affidavit. Gallups is trying to give more credence to the report, which no one has seen, not even Arpaio, than it deserves. Gallups lied.
  6. CLAIMING REED HAYES IS A “COURT CERTIFIED EXPERT”. The title suggests that Hayes can testify in any court because he is “certified”. Again, this is intended to give more credence to the Reed Hayes “report” that is still under wraps. There is no such thing as a “Court Certified Expert”. Every expert has to be qualified as an expert in every case in which they are called to testify. Having been accepted by one court as an expert does not guarantee that the expert will be allowed to testify in any other case. That is especially true in this situation because Hayes has never testified as a document expert, but rather only as a handwriting expert. Gallups lied.
  7. STATING THAT THE LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A 100% FORGERY. First, as all rational people know, the CCP has never examined the original long form birth certificate. Accordingly, it is not in a position to say that it is a forgery. Rather, the CCP has claimed that the .pdf version of the LFBC that was posted on Whitehouse.gov is a forgery. It bases this on a total lack of understanding of technology, coupled with bias and ignorance. I am not going to go into why the technological analysis put forth by the CCP is wrong. That is covered extremely well in other articles on this page. But I will point out the logical fallacy of this position. The official story of the CCP is that LFBC that appears on whitehouse.gov is computer generated and created from bits and pieces of other birth certificates. Aside from the fact that this would be probably the hardest and most ridiculous ways of creating a forgery, even if true it would be irrelevant. The only way that the .pdf could be a forgery is if the information on it was not consistent with the information on the original document. Not only has the CCP never inspected the original document, the HDOH has repeatedly verified that the information on the .pdf is the same as that which appears on the original. When presented with this information, Gallups would only say that “it was of no concern”, the issue of the forgery had been “settled” and the CCP was “miles down the road. Gallups lied.


* RC: This guest article is the fifth in a series of articles written by Captain Charles Tuttle, US Army (Retired) the owner of The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups Facebook page: (Part I , Part II , Part III, and Part IV were published previously.)

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7 Responses to Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world Part V – Carl’s Never Ending Lies

  1. johnvanpelt187262334 says:

    This is an excellent series. I just want to go on record so you know we’re appreciating it. Great work.

  2. ramboike says:

    I sure hope RC got his lapdog his rabies shot. The terrier is going rabid with raging hatred.

    This is encouraging me to do a full throttle attack on Dr Con. I been contemplating on letting him go on some of his recent deceptions. If I do decide to do it I think even some Birthers will start feeling sorry for him.

    Just stop and think why someone as hateful as RC’s lapdog Tuttle is able to spew such hatred: Obama made statements over the course of his life that contradict what he now claims as his birth story. Millions of Americans have asked for the release of his records to clear up the controversy. Obots smear Americans as racists, bigots, and other derogatory terms for requesting the records be release. Obots themselves, who claim to believe Obama, don’t want the records released – doesn’t make sense. Because of that Tuttle has himself an Obot platform to peddle his hate.

    • Rambo, do you speak on behalf of Gallups? He is a big boy. He can come here and defend himself, if he so chooses. More likely that he will address it on Freedom Friday where he will simply say “folks, I have never lied to you”. Which in and of itself is a lie.

      • The other lie is that no one will call and challenge him on his show on a pipsqueak little station in rural Florida. Anyone who calls gets screened by his producer Mallory Bardwell.

      • ramboike says:

        I definitely don’t speak for Gallups nor anyone else involved with the CCP. There is nothing for Gallups to defend. It’s just some nit-picking on the part of Tuttle. What I can speak to is the pure ignorance & deceit of RC’s lapdog. Tuttle’s spiels reek of a mind absorbed in hatred. Tuttle tells you lies and you believe them because you support Obama. He tells you America is a secular nation, that’s a lie. America is just over 78% Christian, add in other religions, and that percentage jumps alot higher. He tells you there is a separation between Church & State, another lie. 1st Amendment does not say what he is claiming, pure lunacy. What he is doing is called a diversion. The intent of his character assassination is to get your focus off the material presented involving Obama’s records & life story and onto those presenting it. And unfortunately he has willing & waiting useful idiots to open & swallow.

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