Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world Part VI-More of Carl’s Never Ending Lies

Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world*

Capt. Charles Tuttle, MD, US Army (Ret)

Part VI – More of Carl’s Never Ending Lies

8.    CLAIMING THAT HAWAII WAS OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE. Gallups has claimed that when Zullo took his taxpayer paid vacation to Hawaii to see the original long form birth certificate the Hawaiian Department of Health was obstructing justice by not cooperating with Zullo. That claim is false. First, Zullo is not a police officer and was not conducting an official law enforcement investigation. Second, even if he was doing such an investigation, he has no jurisdiction in Hawaii. Third, and most importantly, the Hawaiian laws expressly prohibit allowing Zullo to do what he wanted to do. Gallups lied.

9.   CLAIMING THAT THE CCP HAD “COURTROOM READY EVIDENCE”. On several occasions, Gallups has claimed that the CCP has “courtroom ready evidence”, or the flipside that he challenged those people he calls “Obamabots” to provide 100% “courtroom ready evidence” to prove that the President is eligible. Just as we saw with the term “court certified expert”, there is no such thing as “courtroom ready evidence”. There is only evidence. The evidence is either admissible or not admissible, and that is a decision that only a Court can make. “Courtroom ready evidence” is another made up term by Gallups. He is trying to make something seem more important than it actually is. Gallups lied.

10.   CLAIMING THAT HE WANTS PEOPLE WITH THE OPPOSING POSITIONS TO CALL HIS RADIO SHOW. Carl is on record, along with his flunky, Canadian Mike Shoesmith, as saying that he wants people like us to call his radio show with opposing viewpoints. Personally, I have never tried to call his show, but I know that others of us have. We are routinely cut off, made fun of and then lied about. I remember one particular call from our incomparable host here at RC Radio Blog, where RC was hung up on then Carl went on 5 minute diatribe, which he repeated on episodes about how RC went “ballistic” and was swearing, etc. I heard that show. RC behaved in a manner that was anywhere close to the way that was described by Gallups. Gallups is not interested in hearing opposing voices. Anyone who dares questions what he has to say is banned from his PPSimmons Facebook and related pages, PPSimmons Blog and other places where he can be found. Gallups is only interested in being in an echo chamber and does not like being a position where he cannot control the narrative.

Notice how Gallups was so embarrassed at his performance on the David Parkman Show that he felt he had to make a video at PPSimmons to explain how he actually “won” and how badly he was treated. Gallups lied.

11.   CLAIMING THAT HE WILL STOP BIRTHING IF IT CAN BE 100% PROVEN THAT THE PRESIDENT IS ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT. The State of Hawaii issued certified copies President Obama’s birth certificate in both the modern short form and original long form format. Certified copies of birth certificates are to be given full faith and credit under the United States Constitution and are admissible as an exception to the hearsay rule in every court in the country. It is prima facie evidence of the information contained on the birth certificate. Those prove, as a matter of law, that the President was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Gallups is still birthering. What Gallups did not tell you is that you have to provide proof to his satisfaction, but that is part of the deception. Gallups lied.


13.   CLAIMING THAT NO HOSPITAL HAS CLAIMED BARACK OBAMA AS HAVING BEEN BORN THERE. On multiple occasions, Gallups has claimed that he knows that the President was not born in the United States because no hospital has ever put up a plaque, a monument, or a statue to commemorate the birth of the first African American President. Gallups ignores the requirements of the HIPAA privacy laws which would prohibit such a display. In addition, he ignores the fact that Kapiolani Hospital prominently featured the President’s letter as part of its centennial celebration. Gallups lied.

14.  CLAIMING THAT NO HOSPITAL HAS EVER ACKNOWLEDGED THAT STANLEY ANN DUNHAM GAVE BIRTH THERE. On multiple occasions, Gallups has claimed that he knows that the President was not born in the United States because no hospital has ever acknowledged that Stanley Ann Dunham was ever patient there. Gallups ignores the requirements of the HIPAA privacy laws which would prohibit such a statement. Gallups lied.


* RC: This guest article is the sixth in a series of articles written by Captain Charles Tuttle, US Army (Retired) the owner of The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups Facebook page: (Part V was published previously.)

About Reality Check

I have been following politics since my teens a very long time ago. I began debunking the Birther myths since late 2008. I commented an Birther sites and also fine sites like Obama Conspiracy Theories and Politijab. In 2009 I noticed that even though there were probably a dozen Birther run radio programs not a single anti-Birther program existed. Therefore I started "Land of the Obots" on Blog Talk Radio. I later changed the name to Reality Check Radio. The program ran weekly until sometime around 2016. This blog was originally begun to provide a place to discuss the radio show, my guests, and topics covered on the show.
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12 Responses to Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world Part VI-More of Carl’s Never Ending Lies

  1. Carl brags about his program “reaching four states along the gulf coast”. It you look at a map Milton, Florida is a small town north of Pensacola. It is within a few miles from Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana. Other than the Four Corners area in the west there few locations where four states are so geographically close. It wouldn’t take much of a station to reach a four state area from Milton. WEBY reaches on the very tip of rural Louisiana because of a directional antenna pattern.

    Carl’s program on WEBY is not listed as “Freedom Friday”. It is listed as “Your Turn” on the station web site and on TuneIn Radio . Carl’s slot is only one day of the week of locally produced call in talk radio. Carl of course takes very few calls but instead prefers to talk to his regular crew of right wing nut jobs including Mike Shoesmith, Grace Vuoto, and of course Mike Zullo.

  2. Ran Talbott says:

    “Gallups ignores the requirements of the HIPAA privacy laws which would prohibit such a display.”
    I strongly doubt that that’s the case. If it were, Kapi’olani’s featuring Obama in their commemorative centennial brochure would be a problem.

    What Gallups and Zullo have been whining about is that Kapi’olani wouldn’t give them access to _records_. Specifically, some sort of log of who came and went in the birthing rooms, which they claimed isn’t confidential because it was out in the open when in use. But also records that are specific to Obama and are _definitely_ covered by HIPAA. The “no plaque” thing is just a way to distract from the fact that they were demanding stuff to which they had no legal right.

    I think it’s much more likely that the reason there’s no plaque or statue is that it’s a working maternity and pediatric hospital, and they don’t want to encourage tourists to come tramping through the place, spreading off-island germs that locals haven’t developed antibodies for, and peeking into occupied rooms looking for “where Obama slept”.

    If they were running a burger stand, they’d probably have a life-size bronze of the young Obama seated at one of their outdoor tables closest to the sidewalk, with mouth open wide as he stuffs a fourple cheeseburger into it.

    • The Birthers keep asking “where’s the commemorative plaque?” as if every hospital where a president was born has a big statue in the lobby. I am not aware that any do. Some homes where presidents have been born are open for public display. Part of this may be due to the fact that only in recent history were presidents actually born in hospitals. I think Carter might have been the first?

      My co-host on the radio show, Dr. Ken has done quite a bit of research on birth places and birth certificates of former presidents. I have encouraged him to put all this together in an article some time. Dr. Ken went to the hospital in New Haven, CT where G. W. Bush was born and they have nothing there.

      • To be fair Yale New Haven bought the hospital that George W. Bush was born in. The hospital name was Grace-New Haven. Here’s an article the NYTimes wrote in 2000.

        In the times that I have visited there I have found no plaques, no signs, no literature saying he was born there. As noted birthers like to change their criteria when they’re called out on it. Like Volin’s guests talking about a plaque for Obama and when it’s pointed out there is no sign in New Haven on the highways saying George W. Bush was born there and no plaque in the hospital; they claim the hospital brochure says he was born there.

        The most digging I could find on Clinton references that his birth hospital was torn down and that there was a plaque erected on the site of the old hospital saying Clinton was born there. This was after Congress made his birth place a historical site. The entire town became a tourist attraction.

        Carter I haven’t been able to find any information about his hospital having any signs. So if Kapiolani puts up a plaque then what?

        • Ran Talbott says:

          “So if Kapiolani puts up a plaque then what?”
          Then they’ll claim that it was put up by The Conspiracy to confuse birthers (as if that ship hadn’t sailed…), and it’s not real because:
          a. It’s not big/prominent enough,
          b. It’s not illuminated at night like a U.S. flag, and
          c. It doesn’t have a 24/7 honor guard like the Tomb of the Unknowns.

          The Church of the Followers of the Wheeled Goalposts has many years of experience in extending the bulwarks of No-no-no’s Ark as it slowly sinks into the Sea of Reality.

  3. But it isn’t a burger joint. And there is nothing in HIPAA from preventing a person from releasing his own information, only for medical providers to do so. Therefore, the hospital acknowledging his birth there is different than the President writing a letter declaring it. I agree with RC though. I have never seen nor heard of any plaque or statue at any hospital commemorating anyone’s birth, let alone a President’s.

  4. ramboike says:

    What most of you here don’t understand is how well the Overlords that run the Obot sites have brainwashed yas. I will correct some of Tuttle’s misleading propaganda but I can only go so far as I’m not a spokesperson for Gallups, I’ll do the last 3.

    #12- Obama’s past has been well researched. Obama has admitted he has known Islam on 3 continents. Do you know anyone else in government that can say that? He did recite the muslim call to prayer which is reported when done makes you a believer in Allah. He has spent the vast majority of his life involved with marxists, communists, and socialists. Alot of the people he brought to Washington or appointed fit that discription. The mother he claims was known as a farLeft liberal or fellow traveler (commie sympathizer). According to Obama he overheard his mother say “Americans aren’t my people”.

    #13- A letter from Obama stating he was born at Kapi’olani hospital that Abercrombie read at the hospital’s anniversary gala isn’t proof he was born there. Noone in any official capaciry from any Hawaiian hospital has ever provided any conclusive proof.

    #14- Hiding behind HIPAA? Whether providing documented proof of a mother’s stay in a hospital to give birth is part of what is covered or not covered is immaterial. No hospital has stepped forward with documented proof to verify Obama was born there.

    “When you’re running for president, everything should be public – including your full medical records. I believe in a right to privacy. But when you’re running for president, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supersedes it.”
    ~Charles Schumer, D-Senator, N.Y

    “You know, I think what’s important if you’re running for president is that the American people know who you are, what you’ve done and that you’re an open book….”

  5. M. M. O. Shaughnessy says:

    Lying Carl’s “flamethrower” comments are some of the funniest to me. I drive to Louisiana from Northwest Florida often – typically every week – and I’ve never received the station’s signal in any shape to hear anything that could be deciphered. You really can’t pick it up in Biloxi or Mobile much better. I live in downtown Pensacola and you can’t even pick it up in your car in my driveway after dark when they cut down power. It’s a joke, but it’s scary to think I’m surrounded by such asshattery in the beautiful place where I live.

    • ramboike says:

      How ironic that someone twice as far away as you can pick it up. I’ve a brother-in-law (retired Air Force) in Destin. Whats a liberal weenie like yourself doing in Republican territory, a Conservative stronghold? You’re right it is a beautiful area.

  6. The President’s past IS an open book. It can’t be helped if pussified America-hating dickweeds like rimjob-ike won’t or can’t read it.

    • ramboike says:

      Right, so open that none of the Obots I’ve asked over the last 2 years, which include RC & Slartibartfast, can list even 1 original record your lord & savior master Obama has released.

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