Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world – Part VII – Even More of Carl’s Never Ending Lies

Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world.

Capt. Charles Tuttle, MD, US Army (Ret)

Part VII-Even More of Carl’s Never Ending Lies*

15.  CLAIMING THAT HIS BOOK “THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH IS A “RUN AWAY BEST SELLER” AND IN THE TOP ONE HUNDRED BEST SELLING BOOKS ON AMAZON.COM. As of today, the book is ranked #9,213 on Amazon.com and sinking like a stone. The other day it was in the top 6000 and three weeks before that the top 5000. To the best of my knowledge, it has never been ranked higher than #4000 overall. The only way to consider it a “best seller” is to narrow the categories significantly. For example, it is currently the number one seller in the textbooks, subcategory humanities, subcategory religious studies, subcategory Judaism. To put this into perspective, none of the other top 6 sellers in this category were published after 2011 and one was published as far back as 1992. Gallups never says how many books are actually being sold, just that it is a best seller. Keep in mind that his publisher is WND, which also published Corsi’s book “Where’s the Birth Certificate”, which was listed as a best seller despite the fact that the vast majority of its sales were from a bulk sale purchased by WND itself. Not only is Gallups’ book not a best seller, it is so bad that Gallups “bribed” people to give it a good review on Amazon.com. Specifically, on November 10, 2013, Gallups offered the people who gave the book a five star review a free copy of the DVD documentary that went with the book. This is a screen shot from Gallups’ Facebook  page:

Gallups Bribe

Worse, he had people on his staff, including Mike Shoesmith, attack anyone who gave it a bad review. Typically, those people are accused of being “Jews with an agenda, who never read the book”. Gallups lied.

16.  CLAIMING THAT VIDEOS HE POSTS HAVE “GONE VIRAL”. Gallups is an egomaniac and often claims that videos that he appears in or has created have “gone viral”. You can check for yourself on youtube.com. The vast majority of his videos have less than 3000 views. There a few with substantially more, but none that have truly gone viral. Today, a video needs a minimum of 5,000,000 hits in order to be considered “viral”. Not a single one of his videos has even come close to that number. Gallups lied.


Gallups appeared with Alan Colmes and denied ever calling the President the antichrist.

Anyone who has followed Gallups at all knows that this is untrue.

In yesterday’s interview, Carl Gallups says people are fed up with Obama and are calling Obama the Antichrist and not recanting on it. At 4:55 of the tape below, Carl Gallups remarks that Jeff Kuhner said “Obama is the Antichrist” on his show. In the article below Gallups, on PPSimmons, says he himself has made many videos saying Obama’s the “affirmed candidate” for end times Antichrist

Is Obama the anti-Christ? It’s irresponsible not to speculate, birther pastor says. A birther minister who gained Internet notoriety for his claim that the Bible foretold Barack Obama as the anti-Christ says he doesn’t deserve the mockery. Carl Gallups advanced the theory, based on Aramaic translations of biblical texts, that Jesus spoke the current president’s name when he prophesized in Luke 10:18 that he “saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” According to the theory, which Gallups says he did not develop but promoted, the Aramaic translation of that passage would be: “I beheld Satan as baraq u-bama.”


Gallups Defends Claims Obama is Anti-Christ as Biblical Fact

Pastor’s Video Insinuates Obama is the Antichrist

I can’t say with certainty that Gallups actually believes that the President is the antichrist, but he has said it on several occasions for several years. Gallups lied.

18.  CLAIMING THAT THE MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE IS DOING A SEPARATE “INVESTIGATION”. Gallups has repeatedly stated that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was using its full resources as part of a criminal investigation which stemmed from the CCP “investigation”. If true, someone should tell the Sheriff’s Office, which denies that any such investigation is taking place or that any taxpayer funds were being utilized. Gallups lied.


19.  CLAIMING THAT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE ISSUE HAD BEEN “SETTLED”. Gallups has repeatedly stated that the issue of the birth certificated has been settled.

Technically, this is not a lie. The issue of the birth certificate IS settled. As the Hawaiian DOH has certified both the COLB and the LFBC, there is no issue about the validity of the birth certificate. But Gallups is stating that it is settled that it is a forgery. This was Gallups way of saying that the “investigation” had moved past the birth certificate into other things to show that Zullo was “miles ahead of obots”. It was also done in a an attempt to cut people off from calling his show about the stupidity of the CCP “investigation”. However, the fact is that the balance of the “investigation” is based on the truth of a conclusion that is patently false and absurd. Further, any good investigator would never cut off evidence that is pertinent to the investigation. Gallups knows that the conclusions of the CCP are far from “settled”. Gallups lied.

20.   CLAIMING THAT THE WORK DONE BY RC AND NBC HAS BEEN DEBUNKED. Gallups saidAll the talk about the Xerox machine and reproducing certain anomalies found on the White House birth certificate has now been completely, forensically, and in 100% evidentiary fashion – debunked. The entire Obot minutia portfolio has been completely eviscerated. Their smokescreen has been obliterated. To all of those who have had deep concerns about the matter of the authenticity of the birth certificate – you have been vindicated. You were right! This will eventually come to light. Be patient.” Zullo has never commented on RC and NBC’s work, other than to say that it is “of no concern”. The CCP has not provided one scrap of evidence to suggest that the CCP has even tried to reproduce their results. Gallups lied.

21.  CLAIMING THAT OBOTS ARE SUSPECTS AND/OR PERSONS OF INTEREST. Gallups has repeatedly stated that some of us are suspects and/or persons of interest, although he has not specifically identified anyone by name. This is usually followed by some statement that we are scared, or going crazy or some other such nonsense. The fact is that there is not now, nor has there ever been a criminal investigation regarding the President’s birth certificate or eligibility. Further, there is no crime that has been committed. As such, none of us can be suspects or persons of interest based on a non- existent investigation by a used car salesman. There is a not a single person I know that gives any credence to anything that Zullo or Gallups have to say, so none of us are panicking or going crazy, or any doing anything other than laughing. At the presentation that Gallups gave in birtherpalooza, he said that there was enough evidence to convict people and that people were going to go to jail over the birth certificate. That was over two years ago. We are still waiting. Based on that evidence the Attorney General of Arizona rejected a call to prosecute, calling the evidence “speculation”. Gallups lied.

22.  CLAIMING THAT STEVE STOCKMAN AND OTHER CONGRESSMAN ARE “ON BOARD” WITH THE ELIGIBILITY ISSUE. Gallups has repeatedly stated that Congressman Steve Stockman and other Congressman were “on board” and willing to press the eligibility issue in the House of Representatives. To date, not a single person in either the Senate or the House of Representatives have gone public with any eligibility concerns or presented any bills to either chamber. At one time, Stockman allegedly agreed to call into Freedom Friday to affirm his support on the issue. He never called. Maybe he will this Friday. Don’t hold your breath. Gallups lied.

23.  CLAIMING THAT TERRY LAKIN WAS COURT MARTIALED FOR CHALLENGING THE PRESIDENT. Carl Gallups interviewed Terry Lakin. He claims that Lakin was Court Martialed for challenging Obama’s eligibility. That is false. Lakin was Court Martialed for disobeying an order to deploy. He admitted that the order was valid. Gallups lied.

24.  CLAIMING THAT THE JUSTICES ON THE ALABAMA SUPREME COURT COMMENTED ABOUT THE PRESIDENT’S “IDENTIFYING DOCUMENTS”. On Thursday, March 27, 2014, Gallups appeared on “Open Mic” on WEBY and said that the (although he admitted that he was “paraphrasing”) justices had said that the President’s Identifying documents “stunk to high heavens” and they only reason why they could not do the Plaintiffs wanted was that they were hamstrung by Alabama laws. This is blatant attempt to placate the faithful. The lower court’s decision was affirmed without opinion. There were two dissenting and two concurring opinions, which were filed solely in response to the dissenting opinions. Justice Bolin, who wrote the first concurring opinion, makes no mention of the documents. Neither did Justice Bryan, who wrote the second. Gallups made it sound like Justices, collectively, raised significant questions of the President’s eligibility by virtue of the documents. The only questions came from Parker and Moore. Unquestionably, Moore, who is friends with Klaymann, with whom he shares the title of contributor to WND, should have recused himself.

Gallups’ radio appearance also contained many other false statements about the information that was before the Court, including the assertion that Reed Hayes report was presented to the Court by Zullo, whom he described as a recognized expert in document analysis. That is also not true. Gallups lied.


* RC: This guest article is the seventh in a series of articles written by Captain Charles Tuttle, US Army (Retired), the owner of The Many Lies of Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups Facebook page: (Part VI was published previously.)


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5 Responses to Why Lyin’ Carl Gallups may be the worst birther in the world – Part VII – Even More of Carl’s Never Ending Lies

  1. Red Right Hand says:

    Oh me Gawd!! The feds have seized Dr. Conspiracy’s website!


    I guess Mike Zullo really IS a Starfleet Commander.

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  3. COMALite J says:

    Do these people even think these things through!?

    Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that their interpretation of Bible End Times Prophecy and eschatology is in fact true, that their religion is true, that the Rapture and Great Tribulation really are around the corner, and the Great Beast (whom they mis-call “the Antichrist” even though John never actually calls him that nor even uses that term at all in Revelation, despite being the only Bible writer to use the term at all, anywhere [he uses it only in a generic sense in two of his three epistles]) is on Earth now and soon to rise. Let’s assume that all of this is in fact the absolute truth.

    Let’s also say, for the sake of argument, that Barack Obama actually is none other than the Great Beast of Revelation, the great evil demonic Satanic ruler who will rule the world during the Great Tribulation.

    Is it not the belief of most of these people that the United States of America was founded by great Christian men inspired of God to be a shining beacon, a great Christian-specific nation ruled by Christians according to Biblical (even Mosaic!) law or at least New Testament Christian principles?

    Yet, according to Revelation, what nation does the Great Beast rule? He rules a great evil nation that is to exist during the Last Days, that is called therein Babylon the Great! This great evil nation (called a “city” in the actual revelation, but it’s well understood in Bible prophecy that smaller things symbolize larger things, so a “city” would symbolize a nation) will be utterly destroyed by fire, by God Himself, in the space of an hour, during the latter part of the Great Tribulation.

    So, if their exegesis of Bible End Times Prophesy and Eschatology is in fact true, and if Barack Obama really is the Great Beast, then what does that make the USA!? It would mean that the USA is, and always was, Babylon the Great! That would, of course, rather preclude its being any sort of God-established-and-blessed Christian nation, now, wouldn’t it?

    They’re not even thinking their own case through.

  4. roxy7655 says:

    Speaking of which, very very few Fundies realize that many of their commonly-held beliefs about God, Satan, Hell, Angels, Demons, etc. are not actually taken from the Bible; they were inventions of John Milton’s and are now so seemingly universal that folks swear they’re Biblical.

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