I changed the way comments are posted

I changed the settings on comments so that they are no longer nested. Nested comments work well until the discussion get lengthy. If you are replying to someone you can quote some of the original comment or give the date and time of the comment. It is easier to follow longer discussions if they are not nested. I set the sorting with newer comments will be added at the bottom.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the change.

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7 Responses to I changed the way comments are posted

  1. gsgs says:

    i download the whole site and search offline.

    IMO best is a forum, vbulletin,phpbb,simple machines or such
    with threads and subforums, moderators if necessary, sorting,searching,profiles,blogs,albums,…

  2. gsgs

    I appreciate the comment. However, this is a blog and not a forum. I agree that for some discussions forums are better. However, there is already a perfectly good forum for discussing these matters. It is the Fogbow. Unfortunately, you were tagged as a troll there either fairly or unfairly. That is a matter of opinion of course.

  3. Ran Talbott says:

    Most of the time, I’m inclined to complain about sites that lay out their pages so you _must_ have a big screen to read them, based on the principle that the net is international, and these days often used on tablets and cellphones. So it should be usable by people who can’t afford a monitor big enough to rate its own ZIP code.

    But, for a site like this one, where the target audience is almost entirely US-domestic (unless I’m assuming incorrectly), and it’s preferable to have people sitting at a PC and focussing on what they’re reding and writing (rather than skimming and dashing off reactions between bites of their lunch), I’d argue that the graphical view of the “subthreads” is enough of a benefit to justify expanding the width so replies don’t look comical when the tree gets a few levels deep.

    But reasonable people can differ about this, so I wouldn’t argue very long about it 😉

    I do suggest that you see whether the feature that Doc uses, that embeds a “linkback” in quoted text, is easy for you to incorporate: that eliminates a _lot_ of the annoyance caused by “linear” displays of discussions, since it’s pretty easy to jump to the post from which the quotes were taken. It also reduces the urge to quote excessively, since writers know that readers can easily find the paragraph/section that an otherwise-cryptic phrase or sentence quote is referring to.

  4. Hermitian says:

    You should have changed it on April 1 Dude. Then everyone would know it’s a joke.

  5. Hermie

    You always add so much to the discussion – not. The next ban will be permanent. It will not just be moderation. You can go carry on at Amazon where the readers will vote your comments into oblivion.


    I have limited options on a free WordPress.com hosted site. To use the comment features that Doc has I would have to get my own domain and run the WordPress software. I have considered it but it is more trouble than I want to deal with.

  6. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Let ‘er rip, I say. You don’t owe Hermitian anything.

  7. drconspiracy says:

    I abandoned nested comments for the same reason you did. I use the “Quote Comments” plug in, but as Fred says, you’re limited in what you can do on a WordPress.com hosted site.

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