"God’s Birther: The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups"- Part IV

By Frank Arduini

How an obscure southern preacher became a hero to “Birthers,” a laughing stock to “Obots,” and the single worst Baptist prognosticator of the future since William Miller.

pastor_carl_gallupsThe “Big Plan A”

On April 12, 2013 Carl Gallups took to the Freedom Friday airwaves to more firmly establish the narrative that had been organically developing ever since the CPAC conference. Taking advantage of the repeatedly declared “need for secrecy,” the narrative was a carefully contrived symbiot of declaration and implication, and often enough the implications were not particularly candid. Specifically, we are talking about the by now ubiquitous “VIPs.”

Gallups had created the false impression that the VIPs of whom he was speaking were primarily members of the US Congress. After all, Arpaio had long before expressed the desire to target them for action, and Gallups had repeatedly stressed that some of his CPAC meetings with VIPs had actually been “on Capitol Hill.” He further used three specific story-lines to reinforce the impression of significant attention by Congress.

The first of these was of course the cold shoulder offered by ex-Congressman Allen West at CPAC itself. Sure, he was no longer in Congress but such distinctions are rarely recognized within the birthersphere. And sure, he did not get involved. But his blow-off at least established one degree of separation between Gallups, Zullo and a real Congressman.

The second was the interminably telegraphed eventual “outing” of one Congressman who, on realizing what Gallups wanted to talk to him about, quickly and comprehensively deep sixed any further contact. With perhaps less candor but no less finality than West, Representative Jeff Miller of Florida’s 1st District would also have to be chalked up as a Posse failure. But his impending exposure became a minor cliff hanger that spawned wide anticipation within the birther ranks.

Third was the delusional conviction that Representative Steve Stockman of Texas’s 36th District was “fully on board.” This one appears to at least have partly been the result of deception on the part of Stockman himself. But even as the Congressman stood-up Gallups on his radio program and scrupulously avoided public birthing, Zullo and Gallups repeatedly insisted he was pushing the Posse’s agenda in the House of Representatives.

So as the “Big Plan A” proceeded, whenever Gallups spoke of “VIPs” (which was almost constantly) his followers heard “Congressman.” It would be June before it became clear that this was not who Gallups actually had in mind.

As part of one of his regular Posse updates, Gallups ran down a list of things that Zullo had “revealed” to him in one of their recent phone chats. Most of it was more of the same. New evidence. More information. 100% proof of forgery… again. Yada-yada-yada.

And then there was this:

The third thing that he (Zullo) revealed was that there is now a definitive plan of action that is being formulated by these VIPs to make this official outing happen soon. Now that’s huge. Because up until now there has been no definitive plan of action by VIPS. In fact VIPS have been avoiding an official plan of action. But there is one in place now. That was a huge revelation. We’re closer now to having something done than we have been in this whole five or six years.

The “definitive plan of action was back.” It hardly matters that even in this one paragraph it was both “in place now” and “being formulated” at the same time. The details were not important. The “fishing expedition” of CPAC had finally led back to a plan. Birthers apparently have absolutely no capacity for recognizing déjà vu.

But that was not all. A few moments later Gallups continued:

Also, if you’ll remember, Zullo said that this public disclosure of this whole investigation, he said probably would occur within three to six months depending upon the plan of action and how many other VIPs got involved and it, what – but you know – how they were going to be involved . There could be state VIPs and federal VIPs all involved in this together. So that’s gonna take some coordinated effort. So that’s why it may take between three and six months. But folks that’s okay. If it takes six months, what is six months after five years? You know?
But, the thing that I was gonna reveal today before we take your phone calls is that now, in the last couple of days, Mike Zullo has received information from one of these VIPS that this thing may happen much, much sooner than all of that. And, and, and th – and this – phone con – and I’m speaking very generally now and you know why – but this conversation lasted for a long time as they discussed a very specific plan of action, and this VIP connected with other VIPs have assured Zullo and Arpaio that they are going to out this thing, and it’s going to be done in a huge way.

The following day on the birther blog The Post & Email, blogger Sharon Rondeau published the interview with Gallup where he declared the new push to be the “Big Plan A.” Gallups continued:

(T)here are some VIPs who have now seen and/or are seeing and/or have had lengthy meetings and heard about all the evidence and are anxious to move forward on it in an official level and are now making plans to move forward on it. That’s why we originally said ‘probably 3-6 months based upon what these people are telling us.’ But now, based upon some of the latest meetings, it looks as if there’s a real possibility this could happen before the 3-6 months. But we’re being guarded because it is subject to change, because we are dealing with powers and people and authorities who have other responsibilities, and their schedules could change at the last second. But if it moves forward like the plan of action that’s being put in place calls for, then I would say without any hesitation that the public will see something on this before the 3-6-month period.

Three to six months from the date of that announcement yields a window between July 12, and October 12, 2013, even ignoring the claim that it could happen sooner. If nothing else, it bought Gallups and Zullo some breathing room into mid Autumn. Now all they had to do was provide a reasonable simulacrum of progress as they waited for some miraculous event to bail them out from the miasma of their investigatory stalemate. One or two miracle actually were in their future, though not the ones they were hoping for.


VIPs. You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.


The rest of April, and May became a continuous drumbeat of more and more powerful VIPs climbing aboard the Posse Express. None of the birther faithful seemed to be aware that it was a train without much of an engine.

On April 23 PPSIMMONS announced in a headline that “The Obama Fraud Is Nearing a Complete Exposure!”

Another, and very important, VIP of standing is still promising and laying specific plans for a monumental exposure of the case and movement for criminal prosecution. We are still hoping this plan will come to fruition within the next couple of months. If this comes off as planned, it will be huge, especially if that plan then has the backing of the large group of VIPs mentioned above.

On April 29 the ranks of interested VIPs were swelling so quickly that the PPSIMMONS editor was struggling to keep up even as he wrote. The image of the writer pounding away at the keyboard, interrupted by phone calls announcing even more VIPs joining the team is simply so humorous that it deserves a lengthy quotation just to get the proper feeling.

As we have been reporting, Zullo expects several VIPS to bring this case to public light in the very near future. Not only is the case expected to be soon brought to national attention but also there is a strong movement towards the prosecution of the case. Also, as reported just days ago, Zullo was recently contacted by a large group of VIPS who wish to see all the evidence of the Arpaio Obama Fraud investigation. These VIPS can be hugely instrumental in galvanizing nation-wide support in pushing the prosecution of the case forward. Lt. Zullo is now slated to present the case to this group of VIPS. That is what has been happening in just the last week or two.

But hang on – it gets better!

Just this evening, Lt. Zullo reports that ANOTHER two groups of VIPS have asked to meet with him and want to see the evidence as well. These VIPS also are directly connected to people who can bring the case to the prosecution level and are extremely anxious to get something moving on the case – and soon!

As I was in the process of taking this interview information from Carl Gallups, Lt. Zullo contacted Gallups by phone and indicated that he just, at that very moment, had received information that arrangements were being made for him to present his investigation information to yet ANOTHER group of some of the most powerful VIPS yet. These VIPS would also be interested in quickly moving the case forward once they have seen the evidence. It seems that there is now the snow-ball/avalanche effect taking place that Carl Gallups predicted in an earlier interview some time back. Gallups indicated that all of the VIPS and the various groups are from different areas of the country. Gallups says, “This is really becoming a nation-wide phenomenon.” (All emphasis in the original)

In just those three paragraphs, at least five new “groups of VIPs” had joined the ranks of those Gallups had already been touting for weeks. Assuming that a “group” is by definition more than one, there are somewhere between ten and forty VIPs accounted for in that announcement alone. And remember, these VIPs had allegedly been joining at a furious pace for weeks, so we must be talking scores of them by now. Of course, we are told no names. We are presented with no actual job titles or positions.

On May 2nd PPSIMMONS announced that in a spectacular about face from earlier refusals to cooperate with any of Orly Taitz’s countless court cases, Zullo and the Posse actually were going to participate in Larry Klayman’s doomed Alabama ballot challenge appeal. As part of the combined article headlined, “BREAKING! – Cold Case Posse WILL Assist in Alabama Supreme Court Case Against Obama!” they characterized these still anonymous VIPs in this way:

Gallups… tells us that VIPs, in this case, are only people who can actually move this case to a prosecution level. Gallups says, “We are not fooling with people who are just curious or who have a desire to simply be “in the loop” of information. We are now dealing with people who have the connections, money, authority, and standing to actually move the case forward into the arena of full public knowledge and, as stated before, full prosecution.” Gallups went on to say, “These are people with relatively unrestrained financial abilities, media exposure, and most importantly – a deep desire to see our Constitutional Republic restored and protected.”

On that same day, Gallups finally named Joe Miller as the despicable congressperson who had reneged on additional meetings with Zullo after CPAC. Certainly if the repeated claims of all these tens or scores of other VIPs were true, Miller cannot by this point have been the only such VIP to have walked away from cooperation with the Posse. They had left CPAC already claiming a number of “promises” by VIPs, but all we were continuing to hear about were the enormous number of new VIPs and nothing about the original crop. A full year later, the original group has apparently completely evaporated… yet rather than “naming names” plural, Gallups had to this point still only named one. But I get ahead of myself.

Zullo’s “affidavit” for the Alabama court case was released on May 14. As with his earlier affidavits, it was composed almost entirely of hearsay accounts of what other people had discovered or may have believed, and painfully little that either Zullo or Gallups could honestly pretend was a product of the Posse. Most significantly, it contained exactly nothing that had not been covered by the Posse press conferences a year earlier. Zullo’s excuse for that was that he was still withholding the large amount of “new information” from the general public, and was sharing it only with the VIPs. It was, he insisted, further necessary to hold it back from others until such time as a criminal prosecution could commence. Generally, the birthers bought it.

I write “generally” because at this point Gallups was becoming a participant in one of the perennial internecine spats between members of the birther aristocracy. Frustrated by the Posse’s sudden willingness to cooperate with Larry Klayman in Alabama after refusing to help in any of her cases, Orly Taitz had gone on the attack. In response, Gallups began to speculate loudly that Taitz was actually an Obot. On the May 18th Freedom Friday broadcast and speaking with Zullo, Gallups seemed absolutely flabbergasted.

I used to think highly of her, until just recently I’ve been reading her website with my jaw on the ground. It’s as if – I mean she’s leveling charges against the affidavit, against you, against Arpaio. It’s as if her law degree apparently was gotten of the back of a matchbox. Or she’s an Obamabot operative. ‘Cause, I mean, she’s parroting the things the Obamabots have, and the things that she’s claiming legally are not correct.

On May 20th, and for the first time in more than a month, an actual development was offered regarding the “Big Plan A.” For weeks we had been hearing of “groups of VIPs” and for those same weeks the anti-birther blogosphere had kept up a chorus of mockery regarding the transparent absurdity of the reports. Most specifically, the obvious disconnect between their extravagant claims of huge numbers of involved VIPs and the complete vacuum of corresponding progress was being hammered relentlessly. Zullo and Gallups simmered, insisting simultaneously that the Obots were “irrelevant” while spending vast amounts of their broadcast time talking about them.

More ominously, there was beginning to grow a dangerous leakage of the Obot attitudes into the ranks of the birther community elsewhere online. Keying off a hypothetical worst-case-scenario question asked on Freedom Friday, the birther community had exploded with disgust over what they understood to be Zullo’s intention to write a book rather than pursue a prosecution

In a special PPSIMMONS Radio interview with Zullo the subsequent Monday, all stops were taken out in the cause of damage control. But in retrospect the only genuinely interesting part of the interview could be found in a tantalizing nose tweak that Zullo offered his “naysayers.”.

I want your listeners to really mark the calendar today. In two weeks they’re gonna find out how wrong these other people truly are. How ill informed they are. This investigation is moving forward. It may not seem like it to them. It is moving forward faster than it ever has.

Zullo was actually speaking a half truth here and in fact had done something of which Gallups had resolutely proved incapable. He had offered a date for a revelation that he actual would be capable of keeping. He was preparing to demonstrate for the first and only time that there actually was at least one group of “VIPs” interested in hearing his story. But to the disappointment of birthers and amusement of Obots, it would not actually be a group that bore any of the characteristics previously described.

It would not be members of congress. It would not be people who could “bring the case to the prosecution level.” It would not be “people with relatively unrestrained financial abilities (or) media exposure.”

Back on April 5, 2013 on the Freedom Friday program, a caller named Amy had posed what in retrospect proved to have been a prescient question. Here is her question and Zullo’s response:

Amy: I just want to ask. Have you presented this issue to other law enforcement agencies? I would think that it might be effective to go sideways on this and present it to other – I’m sure there are is a sheriff’s organization.

Zullo: The problem Amy with going sideways with this is you start running into a lot of political agendas. Not every sheriff is elected like Sheriff Arpaio is, some are appointed in places. With that being the case you run into a lot of politics and we’re trying to cut a clear path. Now there are sheriff’s that I know want to hear what we have to say and we’ll make those plans accordingly. But we right now are in possession of the criminal evidence and we would rather keep it that way and move the way we are moving.

So what was going to happen in two weeks to prove the naysayers that they were wrong? Who was the huge group of VIPs that were about to receive the information that would blow this whole thing wide open?

You guessed it.


To be continued…

[RC: This is the fourth in a series of guest articles by Frank Arduini. Here is Part III.]

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6 Responses to "God’s Birther: The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups"- Part IV

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  2. I was hoping that the universe shattering information that Mike Zullo was going to release was the Intel I gave him and Sheriff Joe Arpaio almost a year ago. I don’t think this is going to happen. So, Google Obama reptilian; Google Francine Kelly and the reptilian agenda; look at my forum above; and YouTube Francine Kelly and wob radio. Then check my sources. Universe shattering Intel guaranteed.
    No delays. No charges.



  3. roxy7655 says:

    FK, you need professional help and anti-psychotic medication. ASAP.

    • Roxy, Were you able to check my sources before you made your diagnosis? Are you a psychiatrist? If not, what are your credentials? Are you a member of the intelligence, military and/or law enforcement communities? You may want to give this information to your local police department. It is extremely difficult to process. I advise my audience to surround themselves with loving family members and friends while learning about what is really going on on our planet. Some people are constitutionally incapable of handling these truths. Ignoring the Intel rather than name calling is the right thing to do.

  4. roxy7655 says:

    If you believe in reptilian aliens posing as humans you are, to use the clinical term, crazy as a bedbug. One doesn’t need to be an expert to figure that out. It means you are nuts. Period.

    • Roxy, ignorance is a society’s greatest form of violence. Please run this information by a friendly police officer in your town, then post his or her response on this blog. An honorable law enforcement official will give you his or her name. You may have noticed that I mention the names of law enforcement officers in my YouTube interviews and on my forum. You may want to call them. This exercise will give you something substantive to contribute. I will be happy to help you.You may call me at (813) 377 6691.

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