"God’s Birther: The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups"-Complete Version

Frank Arduini has posted a compiled, footnoted version of his series of articles on Carl Gallups at SCRIBD. It was my privilege to be able to post these in serial form here. Listen to RC Radio next week when both Frank and Charles Tuttle will be my guests.


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1 Response to "God’s Birther: The Fractal Failures of Carl Gallups"-Complete Version

  1. COMALite J says:

    Deuteronomy 18:20–22. Under the same Bible Law that people like Gallups want to be the Law of the Land in the USA (some being honest enough to actually publicly admit / proclaim that they want to repeal and replace the entire Constitution with it), the good Pastor would’ve been executed multiple times over by now.

    They don’t even think their own rants through. Obama = The Antichrist? These people love to say that the USA is some great God-blessed God-established Exemplar Christian Nation, Shining City on the Hill, but what nation does “The Antichrist” (a term not found anywhere in the Bible with the definite article, nor at all even as the bare noun anywhere in Revelation even though John is the only Bible writer to use the noun at all, but he only uses it in two of his three Epistles, not at all in Revelation ― the human being that would be most like “The AntiChrist” described in Revelation would be either or both of the Little Horn of the Great Beast [with the Mouth that Speaketh Blasphemies] in Chapter 13, or the Tenth Horn of the Scarlet-Coloured Beast in Chapter 17) rule according to Revelation? Babylon the Great, that’s what. So, if Obama (or Trump or any other POTUS) actually were either of these Horns of Beasts aka “the Antichrist,” what would that make the United States of America!?

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