Farah the Puppet Master

By Charles Tuttle

FarahFrank Arduini recently wrote a series of articles on Carl Gallups, which, either by intent or happenstance dovetailed well with my series on the evil Pastor. I candidly state that I thought his was more thoughtful and better written than mine was. But I think we were going out from different directions. Frank wanted to tell a story, while I wanted to expose Gallups for the fraud that he is. But one question remains even after eighteen separate articles—exactly how did Gallups become the ersatz spokesperson and chief cheerleader for the for the Cold Case Posse?

By all accounts, Gallups was only a pastor (in name only) of a Podunk little church in Florida and wannabe writer when he seemed to come out of nowhere to become, at least in his own mind, an expert in everything from archeology to Zionism, and especially birtherism. What is the connection?

As evil as I believe Gallups is, in truth, he is nothing more than an errand boy, a messenger, who has a financial interest in spreading the word of his master, and it is not Sheruff Joe or Supreme Kommander Michael Zullo. No, it is Joseph Farah, owner of World Net Daily.

My theory, and as of now it is only a theory, is that Farah lost a lot a money on Jerome Corsi’s failed book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate” as a result of the President releasing his long form birth certificate to the public. Yes, Corsi and Farah like to run around claiming that it was a “best seller”, but it reality it never was. While the book briefly appeared on the New York Times best seller list, it carried with it a designation that bulk sales was driving force behind that designation. WND itself was purchasing its own books and were pretty much giving them away with a full tank of gas within weeks of the publishing date.

The April 27, 2011, press conference was only days before Corsi’s book was released in the beginning of May. By May 18, Farah and Corsi were mocked in a satirical article in Esquire Magazine, which became the subject of an ill-fated lawsuit against the magazine and its publishers. Farah and Corsi have repeatedly claimed that the President released his birth certificate in order to derail Corsi’s book. This has become a central theme as Corsi promoted the fiction that the pdf version of the LFBC was a “forgery”. In reality, the timing of the release of the LFBC was in order to embarrass Donald Trump. If you recall, Trump was loudly proclaiming that the President did not have a genuine birth certificate in the days preceding the press conference. While I do not doubt that the press release negatively affected book sales. I have seen no evidence that would remotely suggest that this was the intent. However, the theory that the press conference was used as a “false flag” out of fear of the release of the book presupposes that the .pdf was a forgery. But it is easy to conclude that Farah felt like a fool and that he did not like the feeling.

On August 17, 2011, Corsi appeared before the Arizona Surprise Tea party and was instrumental in getting a petition signed to be presented to Joe Arpaio. The good sheriff then passed the buck to the MCCCP, headed by the noted used car salesman, Mike Zullo. Is it possible that this was a coordinated effort motivated by a desire to seek retaliation against the President for releasing his LFBC and derailing his re-election campaign? The circumstantial evidence suggests that it was.

There is no doubt that Corsi is a political opportunist, if not an outright activist. His book about John Kerry had an impact on the 2004 presidential election. Corsi sought the same kind of impact with his book “The Obama Nation”, which was released on August 1, 2008. When Corsi failed to prevent the Barack Obama from being elected, he shifted gears and focused on attempting the President from being re-elected in 2012 with his discredited book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate”, which was not just a book, but an actual campaign of sorts, sponsored by WND, which included billboards and airplanes flying banners over empty and domed arenas. The fact that there was literally no evidence to support this book and campaign was apparently “of no concern” to the masterminds behind this plan, which had to be carefully controlled.

Remember, Corsi was not only instrumental in getting Arpaio’s office involved in birtherism, he was an active participant in the “investigation”. This included not only providing information from his book, but by providing documents and researching travel records from that time period of the President’s birth. Corsi even participated in the first press conference where Arpaio claimed that he probably cause to believe that the birth certificate posted on whitehouse.gov was a forgery. Of course, Corsi was also the one who introduced Zullo to the esteemed “experts”, such as Mara Zebest, that Zullo relied upon in his initial report. Of course, all of the information and documents that Corsi provided was false, including a handbook from 1968, which was falsely represented by Zullo as being from 1961. Corsi himself later admitted that the MCCCP was “creating evidence” during its alleged investigation.

The first MCCCP press conference took place on March 31, 2012. If you keep in mind that every birther lawsuit went down in flames, with no hope of any success, the only way that the 2012 Presidential election could be affected was by influencing the popular vote. This could only be done by providing “information” to the voters that might sway their opinion. This is likely why we repeatedly heard that the mainstream media had “shut down” any coverage of the alleged investigation. Of course, this was not true. Rather, the coverage the investigation received was one of justified mocking. But this created a problem for the MCCCP, it needed publicity from the media to spread its “message”. Enter Carl Gallups.

I do not know when or the circumstances under which Zullo and Gallups met. I do know that by the time that Rudy Davis had his birtherpalooza in late May, 2012, less than two months after the first MCCCP press conference, and only nine months after Corsi was in touch with the Arizona Surprise Tea Party, Gallups was claiming to be close friends with Zullo and communicating on a regular basis. During that show, Gallups was fawning over Zullo, Arpaio and the “investigation”. The video of that that event was my first exposure Gallups. It is a must see because he inadvertently presented the first conclusive evidence that the MCCCP “investigation” was a complete sham. And while I have no doubt that Gallups was birthering for a long time before that I have, I am not aware of any connection that Gallups has to Corsi, other than the fact that they both have had books published by World Net Daily and Joseph Farah.

Gallups’ first book, “The Magic Man in the Sky” was published by WND on May 15, 2012, less than two weeks before he started to espouse the virtues of the MCCCP in Texas. Obviously, the relationship between WND and Gallups must have existed prior to that date. How long it existed would be pure speculation on my part, but Gallups, who also has a local radio show that is broadcast over the internet, gave Farah a media outlet to shout his memes across the world. Perhaps more importantly, he had an outlet that he could completely control because he is Gallups’ publisher.

Interestingly, there was a fallout between Corsi and Zullo sometime after the second press conference. After the 2012 election, Corsi seem to distance himself from birfing and openly admitted that his intent was to affect the election. Gallups, of course, is still praising Zullo and Arpaio as he spouts his almost daily lies. To what end? Who knows? But Farah’s influence goes further than this in the birther movement.

WND is not only Jerome Corsi’s publisher. Corsi is a regular contributing writer to WND. So, Corsi is WND’s employee, as is Larry Klaymann, an attorney who has handled some birther lawsuits and WND’s failed lawsuit against Esquire. It is unknown where Klaymann gets the money to fund the eligibility lawsuits. Further, Zullo has been playing fake detective for over two years now with no known source of income.

Now, it is conceivably possible that it is merely a coincidence that Corsi, Gallups and Klaymann have some kind of business relationship with Farah. Heck, one could conclude that Corsi, Gallups and Klaymann share their birther beliefs with Farah and it is natural for them to drawn together. But I doubt that is the case. No, this has all the earmarks of a puppet show and Joseph Farah is the puppet master. Dance, marionettes, dance.

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3 Responses to Farah the Puppet Master

  1. Ran Talbott says:

    “On August 17, 2011, Corsi appeared before the Arizona Surprise Tea party and was instrumental in getting a petition signed to be presented to Joe Arpaio”
    Was he? From what I’ve read, I got the impression that he got them all wound up, but the petition was their idea. But maybe I missed something, and came to the wrong conclusion.

    Shurf Joke didn’t “pass the buck”: it was a very clever move on his part. By “assiging the case” to the Clueless Clown Posse, he was able to give his supporters the false impression that he was “doing something”, while avoiding conflict with his county commissioners over the use of county resources for political purposes. It also let him be seen as “standing up to Washington” in response to federal action against his office (a very popular position here in AZ). He was facing a re-election campaign of his own at the time, with declining approval ratings (pundits here are even speculating that he might not be able to win if he runs again). So “a coincidental alignment of interests” seems like a credible alternative to the “Puppet Master” theory.

    And you should definitely track down what he said after that first press conference, because the birfers (as is their wont) love to misrepresent it. I believe his exact words were “We believe that probable cause exists that forgery may have been involved …”. Notice how he does _not_ say that they _have_ probable cause (so he’s not on the hook for his failure to get so much as a subpoena or search warrant. Much less an indictment). He just thinks it’s out there somewhere, and they’ll find the pony if they keep exacavating the pile of manure they’ve put themselves in. But, even if they find it, all it would prove is that “forgery MAY have been involved” (emphasis arguably his, but a matter of somewhat-subjective interpretation of the pacing of his spoken statement).

    Birfers, of course, love to characterize this as “proof” from “an official law enforcement investigation”.

    In a nutshell: you could well be right about this, but it looks to me like you should give more thought to the alternative possibilities.

  2. Ran

    As usual your comments are very cogent. I think your theory that the Surprise Tea Party was already motivated to do something when they invited Corsi is a possibility. At the time Corsi was the titular head of the “birth certificate” movement. It is logical that they would invite him.

    What fascinates me is how Corsi dropped out after he was rebuffed by Zullo after the race code fiasco. In retrospect, maybe it was inevitable that there wasn’t room for both of these huge egos in the CCP.

  3. Ran Talbott says:

    Corsi may have seen that the whole “forgery” case was doomed: the “African Anachronism” had already proved an embarrassment, the race code fiasco was worse, and Woodman had foreshadowed the devastation that you, NBC, and the other _real_ investigators would rain on their “fake PDF” claim.

    If he had really believed all the BS he was putting out, his faith could’ve been shaken by the realization that someone was likely to come along and turn Woodman’s “credible possibilities” into “proven realities”. If he didn’t believe it, he may have seen that it would be a grifter-career-killer to be seen still riding a pony when the merry-go-round was abruptly stopped by hard evidence.

    Or I could be over-complicating things by looking for a “rational” explanation when your “emotional” one is just as plausible.

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