Will Birther Sarge Debate Frank Arduini?

Last night a Birther named “Sarge” popped into the RC Radio chat room late in the show and began pushing several oft debunked Birther memes that were quickly batted down by Dr. Ken, JTMunkus and others including yours truly. Sarge wouldn’t concede but rather kept changing the subject. The conversation carried on well past the end of the show.

After a bit I challenged Sarge to come on RC Radio and debate Frank Arduini. He accepted (as best I could figure out). I proposed using the same rules that were agreed to before when Frank was scheduled to to debate Scott Erlandson. Scott, as you may recall chickened out. The subject of the debate would be President Obama’s eligibility (I know the question has been well settled but it still should be fun).

Seriously, I will guarantee that if Sarge agrees he will have equal time in a structured and orderly debate format. I proposed that the debate be held on June 3 or June 10. If Sarge is game Frank is ready to go. Sarge even suggested a second debate on “identity fraud”. (I know, I know). We can do that too. If Sarge is really interested he needs to contact me via the contact page on this blog. Let’s get it on.

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2 Responses to Will Birther Sarge Debate Frank Arduini?

  1. roxy7655 says:

    “Rrrrrrrrucck… Buck buck buck… B’KAWWWWK!” -Scott Erlandson

  2. Yeah, it was not lost on me that Sarge provided yet another opportunity to poke lower case Scott E. 😉

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