Birthers are boring

Birthers are RetardedIn case you hadn’t noticed I haven’t had much to talk or write about lately. The Birthers just aren’t providing much material of late. Whatever happened to our weekly dose of “any day now” and “it’s coming in March” gushing from Carl Gallups on Fact Free Friday? We have been reduced to following the bumbling attempts of Mike Zullo as he tries to properly file papers for the Cold Case Posse with the Arizona Corporations Commission. Zullo at least temporarily seemed to have convinced the ACC to remove the delinquent status for the CCP but as several commenters at OCT pointed out the CCP is still not incompliance with the law because they are still listing the physical address of their new statutory agent as the Wells Fargo Building at 100 W. Washington St. in Phoenix where the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office rented a suite but hasn’t since last year. I have it on good authority that this deficiency in the latest filing has been communicated to the ACC.

It has been a month since Stephen Lemons (who was our guest on RC Radio) broke the news the Cold Case Posse and real deputies from the MCSO were working with scammer Dennis Montgomery of Seattle, Washington in an effort to dig up dirt on President Obama, Eric Holder and federal district court Judge Murray Snow. Snow is the judge who has been pissing in Sheriff Joe’s sandbox by appointing an observer to make sure the MCSO doesn’t further engage in their favorite pastime of racial profiling. Arapio didn’t deny any of Lemon’s claims when asked about Montgomery and neither did an angry Mike Zullo when Lemon’s called him. (Note to Steve: I could have told you Zullo is not a pleasant fellow to talk with on the phone.) The MCSO presumably at Arpaio’s direction has classified Montgomery as a confidential informant, which conveniently allows them to hide payments made to Montgomery out of RICO funds.

We also learned how Zullo and Arpaio hooked up with Montgomery. The connection appears to have been made through Jerome Corsi when Corsi was still working with Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse in 2012. WND publisher Joe Farrah and Corsi had run a number of articles accusing AG t Eric Holder of corruption in the handling of a Justice Department investigation following the bankruptcy the Yellowstone Club resort in Montana owned by Tim Blixseth. Dennis Montgomery was also a partner. The WND articles accused Holder of intervening on behalf of Credit Suiise who was the holder of the mortgage Credit Suisse whom Blixseth and his attorney Mike Flynn thought should have been prosecuted. A former member of the CCP told RC Radio that he remembered attending a meeting in the summer of 2012 at the MCSO Headquarters with  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tim Blixseth, his attorney, and Mike Zullo. The meeting had been arranged by Jerome Corsi who did not attend. It is pretty easy to connect the dots that Blixseth would introduce the “super sleuth” and “software expert” Dennis Montgomery to Arpaio and Zullo. They formed a symbiotic relationship to go after their common enemies Eric Holder and President Obama.

Some have speculated that Doug Vogt might have been the one who introduced Montgomery to Zullo but the only evidence to support such a claim is the fact that Vogt lives in the same community as Montgomery and Vogt has had contact with Zullo about his crazy theory that Johanna Randolph and Miki Booth are complicity in the imaginary forgery of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. I find these arguments unpersuasive. The Blixseth – Montgomery connection makes a lot more sense. One can imagine Mike Zullo drooling when Blixseth told him that he knew this guy who claimed to have deciphered secret messages being sent over Al Jazeera’s cable channel to Al Qaeda operatives.

Regardless of how Montgomery was  introduced to Zullo and Arapio things have gone very quiet since Lemon’s article ran on June 4th. Zullo hasn’t called into Gallups show and Gallups has stopped promising the universe would be shattered any day, month year from now. Gallups only mention of the article came when someone named Bob asked him about it on his show the following Friday:

Gallups instead of denying the veracity of the article launched into an attack on the Phoenix New Times as a “free rag sold in bus stations” and accused them of “promoting homosexuality”. When I played this clip fro Stephen Lemons when he was a guest on RC Radio on June he thought it was hilarious. Lemon’s story is well written and thoroughly sourced. These are concepts with which Carl Gallups is not familiar.

In other news that isn’t we have barely heard from Mike Volin since his broadcasts in May from the epic fail known as Operation American Spring that ended with a Sunday prayer meeting attended by dozens. OAS is in shambles and we learned this week that its founder Harry Riley was calling it quits. Remember when Riley claimed that 30 million would march on Washington and Obama would be forced to resign? How did that work out?

Meanwhile we recently passed the one year anniversary of blogger NBC’s publication of his findings that he could recreate the anomalies questioned by the Birther examiners of the LFBC PDF by scanning a printed copy of the PDF on a Xerox WorkCentre office machine. One year later the theory stands and has not been refuted. None of the Cold Case Posse experts have published one word about the theory. Their silence speaks volumes.

Finally, there is poor deluded Walter Fitzpatrick. Walt was convicted on charges of aggravated perjury and extortion in McMinn County Tennessee last month. The charges were the result of his attempts to force his way in front of the McMinn County grand jury to bring charges against his personal enemy former Grand Jury Foreman Jeff Cunningham. Fitzpatrick was determined to have lied in a petition for a restraining order against Cunningham early this year. Of course Sharon Rondeau has written a series of follow-up whining deluded articles at her Post & Eamil blog behind a paywall and probably read by no more than a handful of  die-hard Birthers. Fitzpatrick and Rondeau have been told many times that Walt is wrong in his assertion that grand jury forepersons in Tennessee cannot be appointed to serve multiple terms. It appears Walt is willing to go to prison again rather than understand the law. His sentencing hearing is scheduled on August 19th before Judge Kerry Blackwood.

[7/20/2014 Edited to correct the location and attendees of the 2012 meeting between Arpaio, Zullo, and Tim Blixseth.]

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6 Responses to Birthers are boring

  1. Hektor says:

    You are right, the birthers have become (almost completely) boring. In the heyday of birfistan, it seemed that not a day went by without a new reason why the President was supposedly ineligible, a new maximum in the number of types of citizenship in America, and a new lawsuit with this time for realz plaintiffs with Xtremely perfect standing. And yet for all this fury that signified nothing, the President was re-elected. The cynical side of me thinks that some of this drying up of birtherism was due to the fact that it could no longer be used to motivate turnout against the President. The other factor was by the 2nd inauguration birthers had achieved a level of fail both in the courts and in the political world that would make a Cubs fan ashamed. All that’s seems to be left are a few die hard true believers telling lies to each other about how sekritly Any!111! Day!!!!11111 Now!!!!!!1111 is going to happen. I suspect that they will be bragging about how Obama will be magically undone by A&Z well into the next President’s term.

  2. It’s not just that they’re boring, it’s the same old recycled material over and over and over again. Nothing to watch but a mutual self-pleasure society bent on finding the most racist comments or most outlandish conspiracy claims.

    I think at this point they’ve given up convincing others and are simply trying to convince themselves.

  3. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Yeah. Its no longer any fun to watch them scurry like roaches. Watching a six hour long “How its Made” marathon would be a more exciting use of my time. Really the only thing I might tune in for, is the inevitable dissolution of sites like Birther Report.

  4. Walt Fitzpatrick….I will agree, I don’t have much respect or credibility to Walt. My primary reason is that Walter Fitzpatrick is NOT a lawyer and has no law experience. He is simply in a realm where he has no knowledge or credibility.

    I could see Walt’s position if he really was lawyer because lawyers will advocate their legal views and arguments very strongly even if they are wrong. Even Obots can agree that as much legal incompetence that Orly Taitz has at least she is licensed attorney and actually went to a law school.

    Walt’s Fitzpatrick has never been a lawyer (even a disbarred one) and has never even went to law school. Walt really has no business dabling in waters in which has no experience, training or knowledge. Even if Walt believes in his interpretations of the law, he has been told over and over again by licensed attorney’s or judges that his interpretation of the law is flawed. Since Walt is not a lawyer or didn’t even went to law school, he really has no credibility.

    It would be like a medical doctor trying to sell his practice to others even that person is not a doctor or even went to medical school.

  5. JY

    That is a well written post and I cannot disagree what you wrote except the part about Taitz. She never “went” to law school. She took online courses designed specifically to get someone barely to the level to pass the bar. How she passed it is a great mystery to attorneys everywhere.

    It would be like a medical doctor trying to sell his practice to others even that person is not a doctor or even went to medical school.

    Wouldn’t the same logic apply to self anointed Birther “experts” like Mara Zebest, Doug Vogt and Hermitian who fancy themselves as document and computer experts?

  6. Jim says:

    Is the California Bar pass/fail or do they give a score? Could we find out Orly’s score? 😀

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