Fogbow Forum Converting to IP Board Software

The Fogbow Forum is outgrowing the forum software that it has been using since January 2009 when it was the Politijab Forum. Foggy is moving the Forum to IP Board software which should be better able to handle the large database (over 568,000 posts). The forum should be back up today. For updates follow @_foggy on Twitter.

I will update the article when the forum is back up. The address will remain

Update: The Fogbow is back up and running on the new software. There appears to be some tweaking needed to get everything working but I am sure Foggy and the gang will get it working. After all the old forum didn’t get where it was in a day.

Foggy and Dr. Ken will be answering your questions on IP Board tonight on a special edition of RC Radio at 8 PM EDT.

Foggy and Dr. Ken Answer Questions about IP Board

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6 Responses to Fogbow Forum Converting to IP Board Software

  1. gsgs says:

    free the fema

  2. I will make a pitch to Foggy gsgs. The board is up but not really working at all. This could take some time.

  3. Slartibartfast says:


    As one of the people who originally convinced Foggy to create “Under the Bridge” (the precursor to FEMA Camp 7 1/2) as an alternative to banning birthers and other trolls who were disrupting the forum, I will argue strongly against RC’s pitch. The only thing that the FEMA campers are restricted from doing is bothering those Fogbow members who don’t care to engage with trolls or wade through their nonsense. It is a far more enlightened and fair policy than that which exists at most birther sites.


    Thanks for providing updates on the Fogbow migration.

  4. It is a far more enlightened and fair policy than that which exists at most birther sites.

    I agree completely. I think gsgs’s posting style worked against him too. I suspect he was using a translating routine like Google to go from German to English and then pasting the output. That is fine but why not take the time to remove the extra line feeds?

    PS: I suspect today is not a good day to ask Foggy to do anything. 😉

    • Slartibartfast says:

      While I found the formatting of his posts to be annoying and disrespectful, it was the content which I believe merited his inclusion in FEMA 7 1/2.

      I agree that it’s most likely a bad time to bother the rooster—I’d wait until a couple of days after the Fogbow is running smoothly again.

  5. roxy7655 says:

    No FB!! I’m tweakin’! Virtually, that is.

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