Is Ted Cruz a Natural Born Citizen? Part I

I am creating this topic to provide a place to continue the discussion that has now exceeded 6000 comments at Western Free Press on and article titled Ted Cruz and Natural Born Citizenship: A Belated Reply to Mario Apuzzo The existing thread there takes forever to load.

If and when this topic becomes unwieldy I can always start a new thread.

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18 Responses to Is Ted Cruz a Natural Born Citizen? Part I

  1. Dave B. says:


  2. Slartibartfast says:

    6000 comments? Jeebus Chris! (I don’t want to know how many are mine…)

    If you want this to work, I suggest that you post a comment on the zombie godzilla thread (and here too also) to make it clear that you wont be moderating the comments of Mario or any of his birther sycophants. Just my $0.02.

    Anyway, I may not be participating anymore, but I’m still paying attention, so good luck in extending this entertaining diversion.

    • I already did and noted I do not moderate comments unless people violate the commenting policy.

    • It is actually 6,416 after my last comment. Mario is still winning! 😆

      • Slartibartfast says:

        Sorry, I was thinking of the thread at CCLR (which I participated in—and also takes forever to load) not the one at WFP. I would suggest you post over there as well—if only to let Bryan know about this thread.

        I was a little disappointed that Mario didn’t declare victory when I departed CCLR. I guess it was more important for him to ignore what I said than to further promote his perfect record.

  3. Slartibartfast says:
  4. RC,
    Congratulations on your new thread. I hope it goes well.

  5. Jim says:

    I know Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship, but didn’t he also have Cuban citizenship?

    • Good question. I don’t know the answer. I am not familiar with Castro era Cuban citizenship laws. I have never heard Cruz mention it except he said this (in jest) “I’m Cuban, Irish, and Italian, and yet somehow I ended up Southern Baptist.” Of course Birthers would spin that into a conspiracy because he mentioned everything except Canadian. What was he hiding?

  6. Poor Rambi Ike is taking an old fashioned whoopin’ over at Doc’s new parody blog Gerbil Report.

    Lupin the French attorney has reiterated that de Vattel never, never said that both parents had to be citizens. “Parens” meant “blood relatives” and not “parents” in English. Also Vattel considered all non naturalized citizens are natural born citizens. In other words Barak Obama and Ted Cruz bith would be natural born citizens applying what Vattel wrote.

    This is one of many interesting comments by Lupin:

    There are two points I’d like to make here about the inherent absurdity of the argument Rambo Ike, Kerchner, Apuzzo and others are making about their interpretation of Vattel:

    1) It is utterly preposterous for a bunch of non-French speaking, non-French lawyers to argue about the meaning of a french legal text from the late 1700s with a French lawyer.

    2) Assuming that I was one of those eccentric or maverick scholars defending a rather odd interpretation, it would be easy to prove me wrong: after all, this is classic legal stuff with hundreds of years of scholarship and jurisprudence.

    So either google enough research online on the topic or even better email a Constitutional Law professor at the Sorbonne or any other French University and ask him the same questions, e,g.: did Vattel required that both be parents be citizens etc etc, or did Vattel distinguish three classes of citizenship instead of two, to name but two of the most basic questions.

    I am totally confident that any other french legal scholar will give exactly the same answers that I have been providing.

    Now, Rambo Ike et al, you may argue that Vattel was MISUNDERSTOOD by your founders and that they acted in a way contrary to what he wrote; I have no problem with that.

    You may also, like J B Williams, argue that because Obama’s father as not a US citizen, under a strict Vattelian interpretation, in the 1800s, Obama would not have been deemed a US citizen at all (but only a British one), until he applied for US citizenship at the age of his majority. That is indeed how things would have stood in 1800 France. Whether or not this is applicable to the US in 2000+, I doubt, but that is a correct Vattelian interpretation, and i have no problem with that.

    But the rest of what you claim is simply and totally erroneous.

  7. SEE THE DUMMY RC says:

    I thought you would all like to see the level of intelligence exhibited by some (not all) Birthers who leave comments here. I delete several like this one per month. RC

    Well you IGNORANT DOLT ! you continue with attempts to make a rotten bastard a legal office holder. How fucking DUMB can you be… jack-ass. THE PRICK IN THE WHITE HOUSE IS “NOT” ELIGIBLE BY VIRTUE OF BLACK LETTER LAW… YOU DUMB DICK SUCKING JERK. Comme je l’ai dit dans le passé, vous pouvez embrasser mon peteu, vous stupide animal.
    La piqûre muet dans The Black House est un coco et Yu manger sa merde …, Pas vous?


    • Northland10 says:

      The use of all caps makes it convincing and the French was an especially nice touch. Unfortunately, he only used one exclamation point and has broken some sentences into separate paragraphs instead of on long rambling salad. I have give it a 9.

      It was a nice start, but he could not bring it all together. He may have to settle for the bronze.

  8. RoadScholar says:

    Trying to impress with crappy French? Really? What a pitfiul wanker.

  9. arnash says:

    Natural Born Citizen explained via the Natural Child Analogy

    I just created this analogy to explain the nature of natural born citizenship as illuminated by natural born children.

    Click to access child-citizen-analogy.pdf

    it’s located at my blog where it is in standard text also:

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