Overlay of Obama and Ah’Nee Birth Certificates Shows the Latest Cold Case Posse Forgery Theory Is Nonsense


Courtesy Arizona Central

On December 15, 2016 only two weeks before he left office Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio hosted a third and final press conference to present the final results of the 64 month long investigation conducted by his volunteer Cold Case Posse lead by Mike Zullo. At the press conference (if you could call it that since no questions were allowed) Arpaio repeated his claim that President Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery. Arpaio also repeated his dubious claim that the purpose of the investigation had always been to “clear President Obama”. Cold Case Posse lead Mike Zullo conducted the rest of the presentation. During the  presentation Zullo introduced a brand new theory that the Obama long form birth certificate had been forged by using various parts of another Hawaii birth certificate belonging to Ms. Johanna Ah’Nee (now Johanna Randolph). A video produced by Birther Mark Gillar was offered as evidence to support this theory.

Zullo at the news conference and in a subsequent interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report radio program appeared to abandon prior claims made at the first two news conferences from 2012 that the layers in the PDF file were proof of forgery. As a matter of fact he conceded that their own tests showed that a Xerox WorkCentre could have produced the layers. He mentioned that an Italian forensic laboratory had concluded that the Obama BC PDF was generated on the type of Xerox that was used to scan the Obama tax returns in 2011.

This video was played a the December 15 news conference. It was produced and narrated by Birther Mark Gillar who has done all the previous videos for the Cold Case Posse in the birth certificate investigation.

The video claims to demonstrate nine points of forgery, namely that nine elements in the Obama BC were lifted from the Ah’Nee BC and used to make the Obama BC. First let’s look at the big picture. Zullo never says who created the so called forgery but it would have to have been someone who had access to the Ah’Nee certificate either from the archives in Hawaii or from Ms. Randolph herself. The authorized officials in Hawaii would of course have access to the archives containing all birth certificates. So if someone in the Hawaii Department of Health was the creator then out of all the thousands of 1961 birth certificates to use we the one they picked happened to be the same certificate that Ms Randolph happened to give to Miki Booth who then gave to Jerome Corsi that ultimately ended up in the hands of the Cold Case Posse in 2012. What are the chances of that happening? Why would the forger choose a certificate from a baby girl born over two weeks later? There were births in the same hospital the same day. Why not use one of those?

The only other possibility is that Ms Randolph herself was involved. We know she got her certificate in 1995 from the date seal on the back of the certificate. Although some Birthers like Douglas Vogt have made this claim Zullo doesn’t. If Johanna Randolph were involved in a conspiracy to help Obama why would she give her certificate to Birther Miki Booth where it eventually would wind up into the hands of someone trying to catch Obama in a crime?

Who was involved? How did they do it? These are the questions that real law enforcement investigators would have answered before stating a crime had been committed. This is why the CCP won’t take their findings to the Maricopa Country Attorney or any other law enforcement organization.

Did I say the theory is stupid? But wait there is more…

Let’s look at an overlay of the two certificates. It was one prepared by Doug Vogt earlier this year and shared with me by someone else.It was also previously published at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog.  I was told that an overlay almost identical to this was prepared for the Cold Case Posse in 2012. (Click the image to view a full size version.)

Johanna Obama Overlay

I don’t know how anyone could reasonably conclude that one certificate was used to make the other. What we can conclude is that the typist used a similar or the same typewriter with tabs stops set to center the entries in the fields. This would make sense since the same person in the same office probably prepared birth certificates at Kapi’olani Hospital in 1961.

Note in box 6b, which is one of the five elements that Gillar claimed were copied over together from the Ah’Nee certificate. You can see in this overlay they aren’t the same. Kevin Davidson at Obama Conspiracy Theories also pointed out that even in the fuzzy video you could see this wasn’t the case:

image image

You can clearly see the “Oahu” in the Obama certificate on the left has a vertically displaced upper case “O”. Anyone who has ever typed on a typewriter knows how that happens.

Kevin used the better images available to show the differences even more dramatically:


So right away we can see that the CCP theory falls short on the first claim.

Kevin Davidson also published an analysis by an anonymous commenter who looked at the so called nine points of forgery. (Click on the picture for a full sized image).


This author also examined the claim that the date stamps were copied over because they were the placed at same angles on each certificate. First Gillar leaves out one small fact in the video. The dates aren’t the same! Let me repeat that. They are claiming someone copied over the dates and had to carefully change the day of the month but didn’t bother to change the angle. There is also the issue that there is no evidence that the PDF was ever touched by Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Again click on the image for the full sized version.

Date Stamp

While the angles are close they are not the same. Also, trying to determine precise angles on fuzzy, pixelated images is just guesswork. We have run into this kind of flawed analysis before with Paul Irey.

Edit: It occurred to me this morning just how absurd Gillar’s claims are. In the video the claimed that elements from the Ah’Nee certificate were “digitally copied over”. The question is “Digitally copied over to exactly what?” If the Obama birth certificate is a forgery then where did the form with all the boxes come from? Was another certificate used and then tiny pieces from the Ah’Nee certificate were copied on to that? Why would someone do that? If the Ah’Nee certificate was the base document why are there so many differences? If this mysterious forger had a copy of a blank form they could have just used an old Underwood  typewriter and filled out most of the items.

So one has to ask. Why would the Cold Case Posse come out with such an easily debunked new theory after 64 months of the investigation? I think the answer is obvious. This investigation had been run using the name and prestige of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio lost his bid for reelection in November. The newly elected Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone is on record as saying the birth certificate investigation will end when he takes office. Mike Zullo admitted on Mike Volin’s WOBC radio show the other night that the investigation had ended as far as the sheriff’s office was concerned.

Therefore the Cold Case Posse was desperate to put out something and claim victory. Their earlier evidence had been ripped to shreds. The layers were explained by the Xerox WorkCentre experiments. Zullo had been caught using the wrong race codes in an earlier Gillar video. The Selective Service application card was a sideshow from the start and went no where. After all, the Selective Service registration card was obtained from the Bush administration in October 2008 even before Barack Obama took office.

Also, Zullo had gotten sidetracked for almost two years by conman Dennis Montgomery chasing imaginary conspiracies involving federal Judge Murray Snow and  members of the Department of Justice.  Zullo had to invoke the Fifth Amendment hundreds of times when he testified before Judge Snow in the Melendres v Arpaio racial profiling case. The big March 2014 reveal of Universe Shattering Evidence had to be postponed indefinitely. With only two weeks to go in Arpaio’s term and President Obama leaving office in a month the Ah’Nee certificate was all that was left.

The latest nonsense from the Cold Case Posse is what you would expect when someone is desperate and is trying to promote a falsehood.

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28 Responses to Overlay of Obama and Ah’Nee Birth Certificates Shows the Latest Cold Case Posse Forgery Theory Is Nonsense

  1. stevor says:

    Though you won’t want to discuss it because it’s not exactly the topic of this article, when will o’bama reveal his college transcripts and other documents? Why is there a need to keep them sealed still?

    • COMALite J says:

      #1, They’re not sealed. They’re private, which is not the same thing. “Sealed” is a specific legal term with a specific legal meaning. “Sealing” a document means that it’s a document that would otherwise be public knowledge but whose contents have been sealed by a court order, usually because it would impact a case currently being adjudicated.

      #2, Because they’re none of your nor our business. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the President has to have attended college. S/he only has to be a natural born citizen and age 35 or older as of inauguration day. That’s it. Those are the only Constitutionally mandated qualifications for the office of the Presidency (or Vice Presidency).

      Everyone’s college transcripts, medical records, etc. are private, which is not the same thing as being sealed. I can’t get access to yours, you can’t get access to mine. Nobody can without a legitimate need-to-know, such as a prospective employer with your prior permission in the act of applying for a job, requesting your transcripts to verify that the education qualifications you listed on your résumé are indeed valid.

      And before you talk about Bush’s transcripts, he didn’t release those of his own free will. A muckraking journalist obtained them under false pretenses.

      And now that we have your pathetic attempt at red herring out of the way, care to address the actual topic of this article? When are you going to admit to yourself and us that you wasted the last eight years of your life believing a lie?

    • gorefan says:

      Call the registrars at any of the colleges Trump attended and have them send you his records. If they refuse then what is he hiding? Foreign birth?

    • Maybe you can go to Chicago and see if they’re in his presidential library in a few years. College records aren’t sealed. They’re protected by federal law going back to the carter years.

  2. gorefan says:

    Almost all of the typed entries on the two certificates line up vertically. The obvious reason is that they were done on the same or similar typewriter (IMO an Underwood). The left lateral paper guide would control the horizontal letter spacing and how the paper was grabbed by the feed rollers would govern the vertical line spacing.

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  4. Sorry, but these random anonymous mspaint analysis on the BCs you have are ridiculously unprofessional and inconclusive.

    • I agree…
      Its obvious this is amateur work byRC Radio Blog not backed up by any forensic science.

      They haven’t debunked that Obama’s BC is a fraud.

    • COMALite J says:

      Really? Then, please, do tell, why the typed “O” in “Oahu” in box 6B is shifted up slightly from the baseline on Obama’s birth certificate (as early 1960s-era mechanical or even electric hammer-type typewriters often did) but not on Ah’Nee’s. Note also that that “O” is noticeably lighter than the rest of the word on Obama’s but not on Ah’Nee’s.

      If the one was copied from the other as Mr. Gillar alleges, then those should be pixel-for-pixel identical, and they’re not even identical to the naked eye even in Zullo’s own blurry video!

      Don’t take my word for it, nor this blog’s. I insist that you do not take our word for this! See it for yourself!! Go directly to Gillar’s very own video (it’s the same one embedded here, but I know you may not trust that even though it’s not possible for a website to alter an embedded YouTube video without changing its URL) on his very own “PNN News and Ministry Network (www.ppsimmons.com)” YouTube channel, and pause at around 01:30 (while both certificates are shown side-by-side in close-up but before he drags the items from the Ah’Nee certificate to the Obama one). View it at 720p HD (the highest supported in at least the streams available to Google Chrome — if your browser goes higher, then use that), either in Theater Mode (YouTube large video window if 720p) or full-screen (preferred at any resolution). See for yourself with your own eyeballs.

      Here, I’ll make it easy for you: click here to go straight there. Pause immediately because I have it cued up to 01:30 for you, just so you have no excuse not to do this.

      And while you’re at it, look at the positions of both “X”s in the checkboxes on both certificates. They do not match up. Not even close.

  5. Katie Jones says:

    The point to this whole thing is we got his birth certificate AT THE HOSPITAL IN KENYA and IT IS CERTIFIED. This one has never appeared in Hawaii Human services or any other place in America not the Hospital etc. YET we got a certified copy at the HOSPITAL IN KENYA with NO TROUBLE!!! That is the real point here. One country has it and one country does not! That is the real point to this whole problem. There is NO CERTIFIED COPY OF OBAMA”S IN AMERICA to be had and this one is not it.

    • The Kenyan birth certificate was prepared by a convicted forger. Kenya says Obama was not born there. Hawaii has said several times that he was born there. There are tons of supporting evidence (like contemporary newspaper accounts) that support the fact he was born there. Both copies of Obama’s Hawaii birth certificates are certified.

      Forger Lucas Smith who claims to have obtained his POSLFBC in Kenya can’t even produce any evidence he was ever there. There are several obvious errors on Smith’s forgery.

      What do you mean by WE got the birth certificate? Did you go to Kenya?

      I could go on but let’s hear what contradictory evidence you have.

    • OK Katie are you going to defend your comment or are you just a drive by troll?

    • No you didn’t. You got a birth certificate from a convicted forger and con artist from Cedar Rapids Iowa. It wasn’t certified by Kenya and wasn’t issued by the hospital. The administrator’s name on it is misspelled and the wrong administrator was named on it. Lucas was also so lazy he didn’t even put Barack Obama’s Sr’s full birthdate on it he only put the year. Meanwhile the issuing authority of birth certificates in Hawaii has verified the birth certificate.

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  7. Mark Bellison says:

    If you overlay Susan Nordyke’s certificate onto Gretchen Nordyke’s, you find that like the Obama/Ah’Nee certificates, some entries overlap. It has to do with the fact they were typed on possibly the same manual typewriter, not because they were cut and pasted.


    • Thanks Mark. I could imagine that typing birth certificates would have been the job of one or two clerks in an office using the same typewriter at Kapi’olani Hospital. I few years ago I looked at the hand full of birth certificates that had been published for births at Kapi’olani around that time and certain letters on some of them seemed to be displaced horizontally. On the old typewriters the type-bar arms could get bent over time (I assume from jams where two keys were struck simultaneously or just from general use).

      The problem is that most of the images like the Nordyke certificates were too fuzzy to be useful for that kind of detail.

      I will never forget when Ed Hale interviewed Mrs. Nordyke. He had the gall to ask her if she remembered a black baby in the nursery while she was there giving birth to her twins.

      • Mark Bellison says:

        I agree the resolution of the Nordyke images is poor if looking for fine detail but look at it in even a general way, you can see where entries overlap each other and ones that don’t. For example the name of the father, the first and middle names “Robert Allen” don’t appear to off but the last name Nordyke is clearly offset. Same thing for the three boxes on the right race of father, usual occupation and race of mother. The first one “Caucasian” doesn’t show any offset, “Private Practice” looks to be offset by three spaces and final the second “Caucasian” appears to off by only one space.

        • Yes, for word placement in the fields and content the images are fine.

          • Mark Bellison says:

            And that is exactly why when you overlay the two Nordyke twins’ certificates onto each other, you can see where entries overlap and where they are offset. The point is that several of the entries overlap in the same way that Zullo insists some of the Ah’Nee entries overlap the Obama entries.

            If typing on a standardized form on the same or similar typewriter results in random overlap of entries then Zullo’s insistence that it is due to copying and pasting is dead wrong (which everyone already knew).

            That’s all I was trying to say.

  8. Mark Bellison says:

    Meanwhile over at Circa:

    Gillar shows up in the comments. He responded to me with a rather long rant:

    Does the 7655 explain why the X in box 6D from Johanna Ah’Nee’s birth certificate was cut and pasted into both Box 6D and &E on Obama’s? Does the 7655 explain why the date stamp in Johanna Ah’Nee’s LFBC in Box 20 is also placed at the exact same angle in Box 20 of Obama’s LFBC? No it does not. Does the 7655 explain why the rightmost date stamp in Box 22 in the Ah’nee LFBC also appears in Box 22 of the Obama LFBC in Box 22? No it does not.

    Does the 7655 explain why vital statistics coding found under the clipping mask does not appear on the Guthrie or Applewhite photos? No it does not. Does the 7655 even explain the size of the clipping mask placed on the Obama LFBC PDF? No it does not.

    Does the 7655 explain why Onaka’s “certification” doesn’t even verify Obama’s actual birth date. Does explain why Onaka forced a subordinate to initial his stamp? No it does not.

    The State of Hawaii was asked a simple question, is what Obama posted on the white house website the same birth certificate you have on file. It was a simple yes or no question. Instead of answering it, they came back with some crap about having information in their files (plural) that supports the information on the document Obama posted and that this information was part of the original record. The original record part sounds impressive until you investigate Hawaiian Law and realize that anything amended to the record becomes part of the original record.
    While the 7655 does explain some of the computer anomalies, it does not explain them all. It truly doesn’t matter though. There is enough old school forensic evidence to make this an open and shut case.

    I’ll conclude that by pointing out that even though Doug Vogt didn’t use the proper alignment technique when aligning the docs, the stamp overlays in his unsealed affidavit were closely aligned enough to make Dr. C think he was looking at only two stamps instead of four. Given what a thorough researcher he is (LOL) that must mean those stamps are pretty close to be the exact same angles. A near impossibility given that the LFBCs were stamped 16 days apart. The Nordyke Twins were stamped minutes if not seconds apart exhibit no such similarities.

    To keep this clear, please explain why the Xs in Box 6D and 7E match the X in Box 6D from the Ah’Nee perfectly. Please explain why the left and right date hand placed stamps on Obama’s LFBC match their counterparts from the Ah’Nee perfectly. The fact is you can’t. The 7655 isn’t going to bail you out on this one. Old school forensics will rule the day.

    And as for incompetence, please ask Dr. C why the looked at four stamps in Vogt’s work and though he was only looking at two. In doing so, he pretty much confirmed that the date stamps are very closely aligned between the Obama and Ah’Nee. After pointing this out on Mike Volin’s radio show, he (Dr. C) went back and removed it without mention of his ever being wrong, but I have a screen shot of the orignal. He did the same thing regarding my reference to Kurt Tsue on Volin’s show. Very classy.

    We’ve had these forensic red flags verified by well-respected forensic experts on two contintinets, from two separate forensic disciplines. We also own a 7655 and backdated the software to 2011. We know exactly which anomalies can and can’t be created by the 7655. You have a cowboy who is a self-appointed expert on everything from DOD Date Stamps to reasons for granting immunity. You also have a computer repair man who has declared bankruptcy. Good luck with that. You’ll need it.

    And I responded to him with an equal long rant:

    “Does the 7655 explain why the X in box 6D … Box 6D and &E [sic] on Obama’s?

    They aren’t. A close look at them shows they are not the same. And not even close when compared to the AP copy.

    “Does the 7655 explain why the date stamp … exact same angle in Box 20 of Obama’s LFBC? ”

    Doesn’t have to as “Old school forensics” does. many of the available Hawaiian BC certificates have stamps at the same angles as the Obama certificate.

    “Does the 7655 explain why vital statistics coding …does not appear on the Guthrie or Applewhite photos?”

    No vital statistic coding appears under the clipping mask. All coding appears associated with specific fields of data. Your smudges are not associated with any data. In fact your smudges appear completely outside the birth certificate box that contains the birth information. The smudges you call vital statistic codes do not appear on the Guthrie or Applewhite images nor on any other Hawaiian birth certificate. The smudges are artifacts caused by the scanning process. Just like the white dots that appear on two of the layers.

    “Does the 7655 even explain the size of the clipping mask placed on the Obama LFBC PDF?”

    No, that is explained by preview and the individual Mac’s printer settings.

    “Does the 7655 explain why Onaka’s “certification” doesn’t even verify Obama’s actual birth date.”

    Hawaiian law on letters of verification explains that. Hint, his birth date is part of the application and by law is verified when a letter of verification is generated.

    “Does explain why Onaka forced a subordinate to initial his stamp?’

    Pure speculation and ignorance of what is commonly known as authorized designees.

    “We’ve had these forensic red flags verified by well-respected forensic experts on two contintinets, from two separate forensic disciplines.”

    Neither of these “experts” has come forward and verified your claims. In fact their reports have been hidden from the public. This can only be due to your experience with your previous experts being laughed at and shown to be idiots.

    “And as for incompetence” …

    You never answered my questions about the cert. number being out of sequence, the pencil number “9” or the multiple 8-bit layers. Those were all based on incompetence.

    “We also own a 7655 and backdated the software to 2011. We know exactly which anomalies can and can’t be created by the 7655.”

    But you do not have the critical source document used to create the White House PDF. And every time you create a new PDF with the same document and the same 7655 you get a different results. That alone should be a big red flag to you.

    “You have a cowboy …a computer repair man who has declared bankruptcy.

    You are forgetting Professor Richardo de Queiroz who developed MRC for Xerox.

    He seems to be quite upset with Dr. C. and John Woodman.

  9. Curious says:

    I have independently overlaid the Ah-Nee LFBC on the Obama LFBC. The alleged 9 matches do NOT exist. The Zullo/Arpaio claim that they do is false. What is most disturbing is that Zullo and Arpaio infer that Reed Hayes and FORLABS agree with their findings. Zullo and Arpaio will not release the reports that Hayes and FORLABS prepared. Why? They infer that both support their assertion of 9 (nine) exact matches (“textural juxtapositions”) between the two documents. I have personally contacted FORLABS in Italy and they (correctly) claim that Zullo/Arpaio own their work product and that only they (Zullo/Arpaio) can make their findings public. As with the many anomalies produced by the Xerox Workcentre, this latest claim of “proof of forgery” fails miserably.

    IMO, there are several remaining anomalies that have not been thoroughly research and refuted. They include: a) the white dots at the top and bottom of the document; b) the vertical and horizontal displacement of the first 12 typed characters on line 2 of the LFBC. Additionally, the left margin (gutter) curvature of the horizontal form lines on the Obama LFBC is inconsistent with those of other LFBCs that were converted to microform (film or microfiche). It appears that that the proffered Obama LFBC was NOT the result of a bound volume of documents being opened, laid on the glass of a copier and printed on green basket-weave Simpson security paper. It appears to be a copy of a photograph (presumably microfilm) copied onto green security paper and then certified by the State Registrar.


    This ambiguous wording “OR ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE” means that the document being certified MAY NOT BE a “true copy” of the original long-form birth certificate on file. The Registrar’s certification on copies of long-form birth certificates created in the 60s did not have this ambiguous wording. I do not consider this “sinister.” I consider the current ambiguity convenient for the likelihood that Obama’s proffered LFBC was “created” and is (literally) an “abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health.” Just as Dr. Alvin Onaka certified.

    Perhaps the most compelling circumstantial evidence that the proffered Obama LFBC is a forgery is the fact that qualified independent researchers have not been permitted to examine the original Obama LFBC that ostensibly is still archived in Hawaii. The only way to settle the question of authenticity is to have the original documents (paper and microform) examined by qualified experts. Why won’t Obama and the State of Hawaii permit that? If the documents are legitimate, they have nothing to fear. Until then…

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