Will the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Petition Sheriff Penzone to Look into Trump’s Possible Treason?

we-the-peopleIn August of 2011 an Arizona citizen named Brian Reilly spearheaded an effort to have the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Patriots to sign a petition to request that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio open an investigation into the authenticity of President Obama’s long form birth certificate. Remember President Obama had already provided a perfectly valid birth certificate from Hawaii in 2008 and because that wasn’t good enough to satisfy the Birthers like Donald Trump the President had requested and published a certified copy of his long form certificate on April 27, 2011. Copies were also made available to the press corps and some i the room saw on of the original sealed and certified copies.

However, because some amateurs who had never analyzed anything in their lives like Noah’s Ark searcher Doug Vogt, Obama hater Mara Zebest, a 12 year old boy named Albert Renshaw, Karl Denninger  and others made YouTube videos claiming the Obama long form birth certificate was a forgery Mr. Reilly decided it would be a good idea if Sheriff Arpaio used his vast law enforcement resources to do an investigation. (Young Mr. Renshaw having reached puberty now admits he was wrong. The others seem yo have all gone silent.) Never mind that no actual crime had been committed in Apraio’s jurisdiction even if the certificate were  forgery.  Mr. Reilly’s petition was presented on August 17, 2011 at a meeting of the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Patriots where Jerome Corsi was pushing his failure of a book “Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate?”. His petition was signed by 242 of the approximately 350 patriots in attendance. (It is not known if those who didn’t sign were actually patriots or not but it is left to the gentle reader to figure it out).

Mr.  Reilly and a handful of members of the Surprise Tea Party presented the petition to Sheriff Arpaio the very next day along with a letter requesting a criminal investigation be undertaken by the MCSO. Arpaio moved quickly and assigned the “investigation” to an organization that most of us had ever heard of, his all volunteer volunteer Cold Case Posse. You know the rest of the story. Now it is not known why a “Cold” Case Pose would be assigned to handle such a current case with national prominence. You’d have to ask old Joe that question.

Mr. Reilly has written that he felt that the idea of having Sheriff Arpaio investigation President Obama’s birth certificate was divinely inspired and that the Lord made it happen so quickly. Reilly wrote this at a right wing blog called the NCRenegade:

Comment from Brian Reilly

This project came about because of an idea that the Lord provided to me. We put this project together in less than two weeks, arranged flights from New Jersey for Dr. Corsi, booked a room, made the appointment with Sheriff Arpaio to discuss “law enforcement issues,” conducted our “action” meeting obtaining 242 petition signatures which was 69% of those in attendance, presented our petition to Sheriff Arpaio and his upper echelon of brass, made our case within an hour, came back to deliver a formal letter with evidence and now, Sheriff Arpaio has assigned 5 distinguished invetigators [sic] to the case. The lead investigator informed me that the Sheriff wanted an investigation done with the “utmost diligence.” So now, for the first time in U.S.history, a county sheriff is investigating a sitting president. The Lord’s hand is in this project.

The point of the story? This project came together flawlessly because it truly was the Lord’s will. I give Him all the glory.

Ephesians 5:11-12 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.”

Brian Reilly
Surprise AZ Tea Party

Old Joe was more than willing to help so he assigned it to his top used car salesman Mike Zullo  who was the lead of the heretofore unheard-of Cold Case Posse. It is clear from what Apraio had say in the movie The Joe Show that Arpaio recognized the political value in doing something to appear to help the Birthers. He eventually used Birtherism to raise millions of dollars towards his 2012 election campaign. It was also to his liking to do anything to delegitimize a President he clearly did not like and whose Justice Department was hauling Arpaio into federal court for civil rights violations against Hispanics.

Now we are one week before real estate tycoon and all around pervert Donald Trump is about to lead the greatest nation in the world. Reports have been swirling for months that Trump has close ties with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump has steadfastly defended both Putin and Russia while denigrating his own country (which apparently isn’t great) and every branch of its government including our military.

Only this week an intelligence report surfaced prepared by a highly respected retired British MI-6 intelligence agent that said that Trump that the Russians have in their possession compromising videos of Trump in perverted sex acts that  including watching prostitute performing “golden showers” in the very bed in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow where President Obama and the First Lady had slept. I mean eeew!

The same report also alleges that Trump campaign operatives met with Russian agents to conspire to interfere with the American presidential election and submarine the campaign of his opponent Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college. If this report  is true Trump and his people would be guilty of treason.

FBI Director Comey in a closed door testimony before a Congressional committee would not even acknowledge that they were investigating these allegations.

This appears to be a perfect time for the Surprise Arizona Tea Party Patriots to again petition the same agency that investigated President Obama’s birth certificate. We know Sheriff Arpaio was a Trump shill so he would not have acted. Fortunately, a new Sheriff just took office who is not beholden to Trump. His name is Paul Penzone. What better way to start his time in office that to act in this time of dire need?

So will these “Patriots” act? Will the Lord once again intervene? Surely this is a more noble cause than a proving a black man’s birth certificate?

I don’t think Mr. Reilly is any longer a member of the Surprise Arizona Tea Party Patriots. He came to his senses and called Zullo’s investigation a witch hunt and a sham. However, since this seems to be a time for action maybe he could prepare another petition? Surely the present circumstances warrant the action of these great patriots!

Pastor Carl Gallups could pray for the Lord to intervene once again and this time not drop the ball like he did last time. On second thought maybe another pastor might have a better connections in that area. We will have a new Sheriff to lead the way. Zullo won’t be there to muck it up either.

I encourage these patriots to act. Time is running out for our great country.

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26 Responses to Will the Surprise, AZ Tea Party Petition Sheriff Penzone to Look into Trump’s Possible Treason?

  1. COMALite J says:

    So, Mr. Brian Reilly straight-up said and wrote that the Lᴏʀᴅ told him that the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate was His will? And yet it turned out to be fruitless and a “sham” “witch hunt” by his own subsequent admission?

    You quoted from Ephesians, Mr. Reilly. May I recommend another passage for you to read? Deuteronomy 18:20–22. It defines what a false prophet is (anyone who claims that the Lᴏʀᴅ spoke to him when He did no such thing), how to detect one (if the thing does not come to pass), and what is to be done with the false prophet (hint: he doesn’t get to keep on breathing).

    Then again, you wouldn’t be alone. Pat “The Lᴏʀᴅ told me that Mitt Romney would win in 2012 and be a two-term President” Robertson, every GOP candidate who claimed that the Lᴏʀᴅ told them to run yet they lost, and so on, would all be right in the stoning pit with you.

  2. It’s funny how god is on you side until it hits the fan. Mr. Reilly left the following comment, which was inexplicably removed a day or so later from the North Carolina Renegades blog. I suppose the Renegades didn’t want to hear the facts that Reilly presented about the investigation.

    Brian Reilly says:
    December 27, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Sometimes, the good Lord takes us in a very different direction than what is expected.

    When I asked for the investigation into the question of the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate, I never would have guessed that the investigation would ultimately shine a light onto the questionable workings and actions of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The investigation that should have concluded in May of 2012, with the issuance of the Obama Verification of Birth, by the state of Hawaii, to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, continued until the recent Cold Case Posse press conference held on December 15, 2016. The fact that the Cold Case Posse never approached the Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney, since 2012, with any criminal evidence also brings into question the credibility of the final announcement made, on December 15, 2016, by the Cold Case Posse, that the Obama birth certificate is a computer generated forgery.

    Previously, in 2012, the Cold Case Posse evidence was informally reviewed by Maricopa County Prosecutor, William Montgomery who classified the Cold Case Posse evidence as “speculation.” The so called investigation, ultimately turned into an apparent publicity and fund raising gimmick for Arpaio, Arpaio is famous here in Maricopa County, Arizona for his political dog and pony shows. In my opinion, the December 15, 2016 press conference was necessary for Arpaio to “save face” as the new, incoming sheriff, Paul Penzone had stated that the ongoing birth certificate investigation would be closed down when he becomes the new sheriff in January, 2017.

    In November of 2016, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his bid for reelection by nearly 13% of the vote, while spending nearly 10 million dollars in the process and outspending George Soros by nearly 5 to 1. Arpaio is now also facing a criminal contempt of court charge for allegedly, intentionally violating a federal court ordered injunction for 18 months. The court expenses up to this point regarding this one case alone (Melendres v. Arpaio) have cost the Maricopa County taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Our real estate taxes have also increased because of the Arpaio court costs.

    For those of you who were expecting different results, I can assure you that I am satisfied that President Obama’s birth certificate data is genuine as depicted as a PDF and displayed on the White House website on April 27, 2011.

    While I don’t agree with President Obama ‘s politics, the truth is, President Obama was born in America. And finally, President-elect Donald Trump is also in agreement with this assessment.

    One thing I noticed was that while Mr. Reilly said Obama was born in America he doesn’t follow up and say that made him eligible to be President. It’s possibly just an oversight.

  3. Folks, I tagged this article as satire in case you didn’t notice. However, I think there is a message here about the hypocrisy of so called Tea Party and the Republicans in general. For example Doctor Conspiracy pointed out this exchange between George Stephanpoulos and GOP Party chair Reince Priebus on ABC Politics Week:


  4. RoadScholar says:

    Mr. Reilly is one of a small handful of Birthers who were able to shake off the RWNJ blinders and see the truth. Maybe a higher power of his understanding DID touch his shoulder.

    Anything’s possible, no?

  5. I am surprised by your “right wing” label for NCRenegade. My coverage of Occupy Raleigh was lauded by them for reporting their viewpoints. I suppose if you do not agree with any material on a site, it can be labelled as you wish.

    • I will stand by the label. Most of the articles seem to be anti-progressive to me but I concede I didn’t read a more than a handful. However, if my first impression is wrong I would be more than happy to change my opinion.

      Maybe you will answer as to whether you removed Mr. Reilly’s recent comment updating his views on the Cold Case Posse investigation or was removed at his request? I just thought it was odd that it disappeared.

    • COMALite J says:

      Tagline of your blog, visible as small italic text in the upper right corner of the home page, which also appears in the HTML Head Title of that page:

      Opinions and Commentary for the
      Hard Tea Party

      Not just “Tea Party,” but “Hard Tea Party,” Sounds pretty “right-wing” to me.

    • Northland10 says:

      “How the Left Really Works”
      Levoy Finicum’s brand.

      Calling it right-wing is mild.

    • No answer on the removal of Mr. Reilly’s comment then?

    • Apparently this DeGerolamo feller is some kind of expert because he started a graphics company in 1986 so he knows the LFBC is a forgery because of the layers in the PDF. Maybe he can explain where the other images like the AP JPEG came from?

      I suppose we can add his name to the list of fake experts. It would be nice if he chose to back his claims with like you know some actual analysis or something. He has gotten all threaty on me over there too.

    • This article will tell you all you need to know about DeGerolamo. He is a big time TeaTard. http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2012/06/14/the-company-he-keeps/#sthash.uI4HLRsH.dpbs

      The article contains some quotes from a radio interview with Judson Phillips:

      “Also on the program was David DeGerolamo, a North Carolina tea party leader and founder of NC Freedom, a state-wide tea party umbrella group.

      DeGerolamo went even further on the program, calling for complete repeal of the Fourteenth Amendment — a broad-ranging amendment which outlines basic rights of citizenship, due process and equal protection.

      Here’s a transcript of the discussion between Philips and DeGerolamo:

      Judson Phillips: ‘Of course, when people talk, three Amendments that really are the only ones that seriously get talked about getting repealed: the 16th Amendment, for the income tax, and we can only hope that happens; the 17th Amendment for having the appointment of Senators got back to state legislatures; and the 26th Amendment, I believe it is. Do you know which one that is, David?’
      David DeGerolamo: ‘No, but I know which one I want repealed.’
      Judson Phillips: ‘Which one is that?’
      David DeGerolamo: ‘I want the 14th Amendment repealed.’
      Judson Phillips: ‘At least modified, but yeah…’”

      Here is the idiot’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/david.degerolamo.7

      • Dave B. says:

        He posted a video the other day as an editorial under the heading “Stop LYING to yourself: The Left wants you DEAD!” Yeah, that “right wing” label just baffles me.

      • COMALite J says:

        He may not be so willing to admit it, but I’d be willing to bet that he’s not all that big of a fan of the Thirteenth Amendment either.

        • The crazy idea that the 14th Amendment doesn’t exist or was not ratified was hatched back in the 1950’s when the Amendment was used to enforce desegregation of the schools. The racists in the South argued that it was ratified by Congress when the South was inconveniently not seated because they were in open rebellion against the United States.. Also, it was ratified by some of the southern legislatures during the Reconstruction period and they don’t consider those legislatures to be legitimate.

          Edit: Of course these deep thinkers like DeGerolamo don’t consider what this country would be like without the 14th Amendment. It is really what makes us a democracy.

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