I just sent this email to Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Email

Ms Rondeau

Since you will not permit me to comment on your blog I will send you this correction.

Your article titled “Media Continues Blackout of Birth Certificate Forgery Conclusions” contains this inaccurate statement:

However, the White House never released a “piece of paper.” The only item proffered was a PDF image on its website, while papers distributed to reporters afterward were revealed to be simply reproductions of a jpeg image photographed by the Associated Press.

A four page handout was distributed to reporters was at the press “gaggle” conducted by Press Secretary Jay Carney on the morning of April 27, 2011. The gaggle was held before the President spoke. The handout contained these items:

  1. A copy of the Obama birth certificate issued by Hawaii in 2007 to the Obama campaign.
  2. A copy of the letter from Ms Judith Corely to the Hawaii Department of Health requesting on behalf of President Obama a policy waver and for them to issue the long form version of the birth certificate.
  3. A copy of the reply letter from Director Loretta Fuddy granting the waiver.
  4. A copy of one of the two certified birth certificates that Ms Corely carried back from Hawaii.

Upon receiving his copy of the handout AP White House photographer J. Scott Applewhite quickly used his professional grade digital camera to take a photo of the copy of the LFBC and uploaded the image to the AP Washington bureau. I exchanged emails with Mr. Applewhite and he confirmed this sequence of events. His exact words to me were that “I just acted as a human copy machine”. Some reporters also saw one of the two certified copies with the embossed seal that Mr. Carney had brought to the gaggle. Savannah Guthrie from NBC took a photo of it with her cell phone camera. The seal is quite visible.

So your statement that the “White House never released a piece of paper” is completely wrong. I am not sure what you expected the White House to do. Did you expect them to obtain hundreds of certified copies from Hawaii and give one to every reporter?

You also omitted several key facts from the same article. First Mike Zullo’s evidence from the first two press conferences has been debunked. Even he now admits that I and others who contended that the layers and other anomalies that were the primary evidence of forgery presented at the first press conference were instead the result of a normal process of scanning a paper document on a Xerox WorkCentre office copier/scanner.

We also know that the race codes that were the centerpiece of the July 17, 2012 press conference were incorrect and that they displayed a slide that contained codes from a 1968 vital statistics manual. They were different in 1961. This error speaks to the quality of the investigation.

Now after five years of a failed investigation an entirely new theory was presented at the final “press conference” held on December 15, 2016. I placed press conference in quotes because reporters were not allowed to ask a single question. In your article you quoted Mr. Zullo:

“There is no way those reporters left that room thinking this was nonsense. I could tell by their faces. At the first two press conferences, there were rolling eyes, but that didn’t happen here.

“As I said in the press conference, this had nothing to do with politics for me, and we have presented it in a way that we believe is irrefutable and hardly a ‘debunked’ investigation.

“With all of those reporters in that room, the story has yet to be told. They know how damaging it is, and they do not want to report the findings to the public.”

It’s nice that Mr. Zullo could read their minds and know what the reporters were thinking without allowing them to ask a single question.

If you would like to see why the latest theory is also complete nonsense I would refer you to an article I posted last week on my blog.

Overlay of Obama and Ah’Nee Birth Certificates Shows the Latest Cold Case Posse Forgery Theory Is Nonsense

Kevin Davidson has also authored several articles that debunk the theory that items were “lifted” from the Ah’Nee certificate and is releasing more this week on the date stamp angles.

Mike Zullo seems upset the press is not giving him widespread favorable coverage. I would suggest that not allowing reporters to question any of his evidence and calling the media corrupt isn’t a good way to get them on your side. He also needs to know that the media is also aware of several basic facts that suggest this investigation isn’t anything worthy of paying much attention:

  1. This was never an official investigation conducted by the MCSO
  2. No suspect has ever been named.
  3. A person who was on the inside of the investigation from the beginning and left has said it was a sham.
  4. Mr. Zullo is not POST certified in Arizona.
  5. The Cold Case Posse has no track record of solving any crime.
  6. Not releasing the reports from Reed Hayes and FORLabs coupled with the two disastrous press conferences causes one to ask “What’s he hiding?”
  7. The Maricopa County Attorney hasn’t even been involved since 2012 and when asked then said he had no jurisdiction and the evidence presented at the press conferences was mostly supposition.
  8. Hawaii is the ultimate authority on the authenticity of their vital records documents and they have spoken.

It is with good reason that incoming Sheriff Penzone shut down this investigation.
You have my permission to use the information in this email or my article with attribution of course.

Best regards,


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5 Responses to I just sent this email to Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Email

  1. In regards to 3. Actually it was two people don’t forget Deputy Chief Brian Sands

  2. Pootie Tang says:

    I’m sure that Ms. Rondeau will print a retraction of her story just as soon as she reads RC’s email!

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