Case Closed on the Cold Case Posse


AZ Central

MCSO Sheriff Paul Penzone held a press conference yesterday to discuss his 100 day plan for the department. He said the emphasis would be on crime prevention, training, crimes against children, reducing opioid abuse, and preventing fraud and scams against the elderly. His plans however will not include the Cold Case Posse or  Mike Zullo.

Penzone said the Cold Case Posse is being  disbanded and formal notices are going out to the members that “they no longer have the right to represent this organization or an extension of it”. Ouch!

Penzone made it clear that the days of staging publicity stunts like his predecessor loved to do were over. He also said he put together an advisory task force headed by former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods to look at whether it is viable to keep Tent City in operation or should be shut down.

The disbanding of the Cold Case Posse officially ends the 64 month long investigation in which the Posse  tried unsuccessfully to prove that President Obama’s long form birth certificate released in April 2011 was a forgery.

NBC12 Report on Prenzone’s Press Conference

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2 Responses to Case Closed on the Cold Case Posse

  1. The Cold Case Posse didn’t try to expose. That’s why they’ve been shut down, RC. Oh, and by the way, I am still the forger. Now, my question is, who gets the documents. Not that the Reed Hayes is worth anything since they were given false intel.

  2. The MCSO CCP Facebook page is still alive but the web page has not been renewed since it expired in December. comes up as “Account Suspended” I believe this is the one that was operating before and looked like this

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